Let’s have some fun…….

Let’s see what people are thinking.

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Here are a few questions – results should be interesting:



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  1. Really cool Rourke.
    Would be nice to see if there are any conclusions drawn from these findings.
    Perhaps if you could classify the people according to their current living environment (I.e. City, suburbs, country)
    Maybe also by age group and a few other demographics to understand who your readers are.
    Then trend it over time to see if people are improving their skills.
    Yes I work in sales and marketing, so I always want to know the “why”, and not just the “what” of data.
    Again, really cool!

  2. What caliber pistol? I guess I have to pick the Glock in 9mm. The 1911 if a fine gun but ammo is expensive, heavy and harder to come by. I would prefer a Taurus or Beretta in 9mm

  3. On the last question I wish I could have picked more than one topic. I need to work on the firearms trainging, hunting/fishing, and medical. I feel pretty strong with the gardening (even though this was an awful year for me) and the food storage. Great questions keep up the good work.

  4. I don’t understand why people would want to have 1911 during WSHTF. 1911 is a high maintenance pistol, while Glock is almost zero-maintenance pistol. I have Glock 30 and it is best! I know I rather to have .45 ACP during SHTF. It is just a personal preference. 9mm or .22 LR will still do the job as long you aim right.

    AK-47 is very reliable assult rifle to have. AR15 requires more maintenance than AK47. It would be more ideal if we could have a bolt-action rifle because the fewer parts the better reliable it is.

  5. AR-15 all day long. Personal preference I guess. Was trained on it in the military and carried one for a long time. Familiarity is always a good thing. AK’s are nice and rugged but I will take the accuracy of the the AR any day. Again, personal preference. They are not as hard to care for as people think. I would agree with the Glock followers as well. This is just one of the most sturdy, reliable and easy to care for weapons around. Next in the battery would be a .22LR and some kind of long range rifle. Mine is a Tikka T3. Next and last but not least is a shotgun. I own a Benelli. Remington and Mossberg are fine choices as well.

    Good stuff.

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