Let me know your thoughts……

I am considering getting involved with another website and would like your honest opinion.


Here is the premise:

      Visiting the site would bring you to fictional journal entries from 39 year old Jack. Jack is a prepper who decided to start writing a journal to pass onto his family when he gets older or passes on. He also wanted to record life’s events as a way to organize and clear his mind.

The site and Jack’s journal entries would tell a story. This would be a story starting off with entries about about work, relationships, preparedness, and current events. Within a short period of time Jack’s entries describe concerning world news which has him begin to increase his preps.

Approx two weeks from the start of his journal Jack travels to his 20 year High School reunion. The are reasons as to why he does and doesn’t not want to go. A distant past relationship is the main reason. The evening of the reunion – in the darkness of the night – the United States is attacked in a manner that will change everyone’s lives forever. 

Jack is 150 miles from home with limited supplies. He has to try to travel back to his home across roads he knows will be much different than when he came. He also will have a passenger with him, a passenger who he had once thought he would never see again for the rest of his life.

So – basically the website would read like a book. The story would feature action, preparedness gear, drama, excitement, and even a little romance.

What I want to know is would this be something you would be interested in reading? I know prepper fiction is very popular now and this would be totally free.

Let me know your thoughts.


Thanks – Rourke

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76 thoughts on “Let me know your thoughts……”

  1. Rourke, I know I would be interested in reading Jack’s story. It might also provide another good avenue to introduce prepping to our friends and family. Do you have the time to add another website into your life?

    ~ Sandy Taylor

  2. Sounds Interesting. I like survival fiction as long as it does not turn into an anti government rant! It turns me off pretty quick when it starts down that path.

  3. Sounds like it would be interesting. If it’s something you want to do, give it a try. The absolute worst thing that could happen is you decide you don’t like it after all. Some one once said, “It’s not the chances we take, but the one’s we did not take that we regret most later in life.” Heck, I’m already wondering what are his limited supplies? What high school did he attend, and is he balding?

  4. I think it sounds quite interesting and an overall good read. I like the follow the adventure type of story.

  5. I think you should do it. While there are other such sites and even twitter streams out there now doing something similar. Your premise is completely different.

    And when you are done with the story, turn it into an ebook and sell it. Self publishing has become more and more common as an alternative way of getting published.

    Good luck and I look forward to the story.

  6. Go for it, John. I think it would be interesting if it is kept mostly secular and the romance was minimal. Survivors kind of killed itself with those two issues.

  7. Rourke, it sounds like a hell of a good idea. (Sadly I didn’t think of it first!!) I would tune in every week to read it, although I already ready your blog on a daily basis. I say do it!

  8. Sure why not. There’s been a few blogs already (woman named kathyinFl) who’s written some great stories that revolve around prepping. Ron Foster has written some good stories that involve prepping and getting home on foot from a EMP, I’m always up to see how some people would use their gear to get home in case of a TSHTF event. Heck, if anyone knows of blog prep stories – list them (if it’s ok with Rourke).
    Go for it. The little writing I’ve done has really opened my eyes on several glaring facts of preparedness that I overlooked. Especially the whole getting home from a certain distance. It can’t always be prefect weather conditions and running gun battles like in many ‘stories’.

  9. Yes… please do it… I would love to read something like that everyday, plus it’s an excellent way to learn. thanks rourke

  10. You’ve probably seen the Union Creek Journal web site – a slightly different premise, but very well written in mostly journal format. It’s a very interesting format, but I anticipate it would be hard to add background information using just the journal format (UCJ does not, they write as a regular book for those parts).

    Good luck and let us know where to find it. I’ve read nearly all of the entries in UCJ as off-line text grabs since I came at it late.

  11. Good idea, a good fact based fiction in a daily or weekly blog format would not only be fun but very informative. I applaud all the sites out their for their great work, but a little pit of fantasy bases in what may become our reality is always welcome.

  12. Why not follow your dream of writing! If there is reality mixed with fiction then there may still be a learning curve for us.

  13. I like the idea…Using Fiction to get across prepping skills and ideas is a fabulous idea. I have been recently reading Zombie Survival guides it provides food for though (no pun intended). It reads better than a survival manual…Good Luck, and I can’t wait to read what is in store.

  14. Yes, I know I would be interested. I’m always looking for others who are preparing and listening/reading their stories and how they came to their conclusions. Thanks for the info you post!

  15. Interesting concept – give it a shot and see if you can withstand your critics fusilade of barbs, darts, and lack of literary appreciation.

    IMHO, most of what has been published to date is amateurish and written to glorify the author’s personal beliefs and philosphy rather than to provide something entertaining and perhaps instructional. Hence, your competition is relatively low in quality and your efforts may shine all the more brightly.

  16. I would definitely read that. It would be great if the site works with google reader since it would be very easy to keep up with new posts.

  17. I vote yes! Some time ago a fella ran a site that was similar. Just enough each week to wet the palet for the next weeks post. What happened to it………. it dried up and…………….. Sounds like a good read Mr. R.

  18. I would enjoy it very much! I am actually working on a similar idea but from the point of view of a college kid getting home after a disaster. I say go for it!

  19. YES, please put the story online ASAP.
    I really enjoy your web site.. keep up the great work 😉


  20. i like the idea myself. i, personally, would like to see something like this written from the point of view of someone who is much like the common folks among us instead of someone who is on an unlimited budget. its just a suggestion.either way i would probably read it. sounds interesting.

  21. Dear Rourke:

    Modern Survival.com is absolutely one of the best survival sites there is.

    My questions for you are:

    1. Will the high quality of this site go down?
    2. How will you find the time to juggle things out?

    And no, i will not waste my time on fiction.

    Time is short enough surfing the web for truth, and facts, amongst all the garbage.

    i take no ones words as fact.

    i research things out.

    i try them out if i can.

    If something works for me and i have made the decision to incorporate it into my skills/or add something to my gear etc., then it was worth it, and just might save lives.

    i have no time for fiction. i have no time for t.v. except for nature shows, and the odd science show.
    Once in awhile a good movie.

    i work all the time, long and hard, most every day to pay the bills, remain out of debt, pay my taxes.
    i work hard to buy the best gear/weapons/tools/supplies i can.
    i come home eagerly waiting for my email updates from fine sites like Modern Survival…
    i surf the web thru Stumble upon, voraciously consuming information, and unfortunately, spitting out the garbage…

    Please understand that what you are doing, and have been doing with your Modern Survival site,
    is honorable, vital, interesting, fascinating, and believe me Sir, it will saves the lives of many!

    Please continue to make Modern Survival even better. Keep your energies here. Please keep and stay focused!

    Let those writers like many of those in Hollywood/T.V.-land WASTE their time living, and writing
    their FANTASY rubbish.

    Fine minds and great teachers like yourself, may i again suggest,
    hopefully will always continue to be great, and continue doing what they are greatest at!



  22. I’d definitely read it. You’re blog’s already on my RSS feed, so would either automatically receive or join the new website RSS. I think if is struck a balance between usefulness, without too much inner turmoil and drama (we guys, at least, aren’t in to too much of that) I think it would be good. Of course, some of the trials and mental consternations many folks go through would be good to see, to validate and help us work through issues that anyone who decides to be self-sufficient will experience.

  23. I think thst this would make for a very interesting read, be informative,thought provocative,and entertaining.

  24. Sounds like a good book or website story. I’d probably let the story pile up and then read an hour’s worth at a time. Everytime we take on a new prepping task we need to be able to balance that with the rest of our “real” life.

  25. Great idea. I read a zombie/post apocolypse type book in this format and it was great. I’d love to read it!
    DO IT DO IT 🙂

  26. If it reads anything like “One Second After” by William Forstchen, then it would be very intriguing. Forstchen’s book pulled me right in to the story line. I would say “do it.”

  27. I think it would be a really fun thing to read! Your excerpt got me interested but I want to make sure that Modern would not be closing down right?

    • Jennifer –

      No -nothing would change with MSOnline. It would be a totally different site.

      Thanks – Rourke

  28. Mr. Rourke
    Only speaking for myself of course; my time is limited and already has a lot of demands on it. I personally would not read the journal even though it may be very interesting. Thanks for your site and the great information it provides. Dennis W.

  29. I think this is a neat idea, and I would be interested in reading the story. The one concern I have is this a continous “soap box” type story that goes on for months and months, or even years at a time, or, is there an ending? I personally like a story that has an ending within a reasonable time-frame.

    • HC –

      Good question about the ending. I suspect there would be an ending within 6 months or so – maybe – and then start another one.


  30. Sounds like an interesting read. I am enjoying the information on your website. thanks

    ps my answer was “dry pretty soon, i think” but your capcha (required) wouldn’t let me try to be witty.

  31. Rourke, Honestly I would rather read Jacks journal in a separate way. Time is of the essence for prepping.As prepared as we are I now when the time comes that I will have omitted something and wish I had been more thorough.I have concerns now ploughing through so many responses that arent direct re prepping.Theres a place for everything and I enjoy the fiction of crises also but not together. You do a great job. Thanks. Arlene
    PSIt will be interesting to see how others view this.
    What is your reason for considering this collaberation?

    • Hi Arlene –

      It would be on a separate website – not on MSOnline.

      Why do it?

      FUN!!!! I think it would be interesting.

      Thanks – Rourke

  32. Sounds like a good plan to me, we get your always welcomed thoughts on preparedness and survival fiction too.

  33. sounds like a great idea, I always like reading prepper drama. I always learn new stuff or ideas I’ve never heard about.

  34. Mark me down as one (1) yes. Would love to be able to read this story.
    Oh and a big thank you for your website!

  35. Sounds interesting. As an avid reader I always enjoy a good story. If I can learn something from it then that’s a bonus.

  36. Count me in… I’d love to read it. Sounds like you have some great ideas for plot, character, details, etc… I’ll be looking forward to it!

  37. Rourke,

    I would probably not be interested in reading something like this. I do not go in for the “Journal” style of book writing. If you want to write a book/ebook then do so. I doubt that style of writing would appeal to me.

    By reading the replies it sounds like a large percent of the responders would be interested, so in light of that I say do what makes you happy. If you have gone to the trouble of making this post them you obviously want to write this ebook kind of thing and your viewers seem interested.

    It’s not for everyone, it’s not for me but if you want to give it a go then do it. I hope MSO does not suffer because of it. This site is a great resource.

  38. Rourke,

    Either you have decided that getting any sleep at all is an over-rated luxury or you have significantly increased the size of your office staff. 🙂 Sounds like a cool idea though. Let me know if you need any assistance.


  39. Yes, it sounds interesting. My 50 year H.S. anniversary is this year. I won’t be making the 1200+ mile trip.

  40. Although it might be interesting I also do not have the time or desire to read fiction, even if there might be some good information in it. But as long as it doesn’t interfere with the running and upgrading of this site, I think there are enough people out there that would enjoy it and might get something useful out of it.

  41. You have my attention! Sounds like a daily short “episode”. For those that dont agree, maybe you could put it on another tab like the guest post and amazon store, those that want to can read it, and if we miss a couple of days, it would be easy to catch up.

    I say go for it, nothing ventured-nothing gained, if it doesn’t work out… what’s the loss?

    Thanks for your hard work


  42. Definatley don’t have the time to read fiction in this day and age. I really wish I did though. I am never opposed to peoples creativity and like reading snippets here and there.

  43. I say those that don’t have time to read fiction don’t have time to relax and unwind, and should perhaps consider it. It sounds like an interesting story you have there, and I’d love to see it. I do a lot of my own writing when I’ve a mind to, and I always encourage creativity.

  44. I’d read it Rourke. I am envisioning you on the front cover with Fabio-esque hair flowing in the wind saving a damsel in distress! Make it so!


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