Lessons of Ferguson


The recent news media have been covering the anarchy in Ferguson, MO due to a Police officer shooting and killing an eighteen year old male suspect named Michael Brown.  There have been numerous conflicting stories regarding the shooting, since I was not there to witness it myself, I will not attempt to pass judgment on anyone involved.
There is however several facts I know to be true.  The first fact is a young African-American man was killed.  The second is the local population is angry and is rioting in the streets; the third fact is the Police are struggling, but will maintain control.


The first lessons we should all take from this; there will always be a group of people who will look for a reason to use violence to do whatever they wish.  This group has been conditioned to think they are entitled to others’ profits and no matter what transgressions are committed, no punishment will be forthcoming. This is not a racial thing; it is a social-economic thing.  The local Quick Trip store which was looted and then burned completely to the ground had no connection to the shooting.  The store just happens to be located in the area, just as other local businesses, nothing more.  Still, the local thugs thought it was justified to smash the windows, steal everything they could carry and then set it on fire.  There are additional confirmed reports of thugs driving in from other locations to join in the looting, and senseless damaging of other businesses people have worked so hard to build a life and provide for their families.

The local city Police Department has been overwhelmed with the rise of violence form not only residents, but from large masses of protesters from other municipalities.  The MO State Police as well as the St. Louis County Law Enforcement has been called in to help qualm the destruction and violence.  These forces arrived in full battle-rattle gear and armored vehicles.  From the pictures I have seen it appears the military has arrived ready to wage an all out war.  Fortunately, the larger County LE Force, complete with Armored Personnel Carriers have been ordered to vacate the area, and to take their fully armed battalion of troops as well.

There have also been reported that the news media who are covering the riots have been tear gassed and threatened to be arrested by the local Police.  This sounds like something from a third-world country, not here in America.  With a little deeper research, I was able uncovered the fact that the outside reporters had set up their media offices in the local Mc Donald’s to work from.  After setting there all day, and not ordering any food, the Manager of Mc Donald’s asked the reporters to leave.  When they refused, the Manager contacted the Police for assistance.  The Police then arrived as normal and asked the reporters to leave peacefully.  When the reporters refused, the Police advised them if they failed to leave, they would be arrested for trespassing.  As far as the reporters being tear gassed, the reporters again refused to leave an area where the Police announced they would be using tear gas to disperse the gathering crowds.  So, I don’t think the reporters were singled out or targeted.  There news media would have you think they themselves were under attack, thus progressing the story line of “The Police are out of control”.

With these chains of events, I have gained new knowledge that I feel is alarming to all US citizens.  Most of the people who are at tentative to their surroundings and current events already are aware of these facts, but it is on full display in Ferguson, MO.  First, there are those who look for an excuse to cause chaos, damage and steal.  And why should they not feel this way?  The court systems are nothing more than a revolving door where criminals are never held accountable for their actions.  After all, they are society’s victims.  Second, the Police are not concerned with the welfare of the population; their only mandate is to maintain control at all costs. The authorities are more concerned with how the nation will view their actions, or their inability to maintain a peaceful community.  If the community looks peaceful, it is peaceful; no matter what underlying issues are present.  This is what we get for electing managers and not leaders.  My fear is what happens when the authorities view law-abiding citizens as a threat to their idea of a peaceful community.  The third lesson, the press will mislead and lie to the masses if it makes for a good storyline, even when the reporters themselves know it to be a lie.  This has been happening for more than 20 years.  But not many people noticed, or cared about it.

Train hard, train smart,

Wolf – Contributing Editor
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  1. There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from all this chaos. One lesson is that there are large numbers of people who are not the least bit interested in fact finding. Judgments are made on preconceived notions and long implanted prejudices, and justice carried out with a hangmen’s noose. From the pulpit of a Ferguson church Al Sharpton said that “America is on trial”. But from everything else he and others like him say, the trial is long over and we have been found guilty on all counts. All that’s left is our punishment. We are witnessing the thumbs pressing on the scales of justice, and we are being told it’s justified. And we are witnessing the clash of reported facts. The media plasters a 5 year old picture of Michael Brown and calls him a kid. Then we see the video of a 6’4″, 292 lbs Michael Brown strong-arm robbing a store minutes before being shot… it smells from both ends. Another lesson; the militarizing of the police force. Everyone acts so surprised, even those who signed off on it. This is a glimpse of our future, there will be more of this… a lot more, it won’t end peacefully, it’s not going to be pleasant.

  2. Although I don’t disagree with your overall point, the police are not acting “normal”. Removing the squatters in McDonald’s is certainly “normal”, but the (likely biased) news footage we’re all seeing is not that of a “normal police response”. Based on what we do know about the original shooting, it sounds to me like the bullet recipient earned everyone of those holes and the officer likely acted both legally and morally correct. But, that doesn’t excuse the out-of-shape officers dressed up and equipped like a squad going into to take out an Afghan warlord anymore than it justifies the idiotic protesters who are trying to make the original event into something it is not. I also don’t think they’re “militarized” – the military and especially the special forces, which they are trying to emulate, are leap years ahead of these guys in terms of training and knowledge on how to deal with a hostile group of civilians. The police were NOT like this when I was growing up, and they look an awful lot like the standing army our founding fathers warned us about.

  3. My point was, that during a cnn interview from Ferguson, someone behind the “reporter” was holding up a sign…ISIS IS HERE……

    Moment of pause, to let that sink in just a little.

    we have seen footage of Someone “ISIS” probably, video taping out side the white house saying they will break our cross ect…So was it “ISIS or ISIL”? Who knows, but the Nation of Islam is there and we know they communicate.

  4. Being ex-military i agree with one person that said when we rolled in during an actual war we didn’t roll in as heavy as the Ferguson PD.

  5. Growing up my father was in both local and federal law enforcement. I remember reading through his training manuals from one of the federal alphabet agencies and one main topic was about keeping your cool and being professional at all times. I remember this same topic being heavily covered as Operation Desert Shield turned into Operation Desert Storm. This due to the prospect of demonstrators and media showing up at our base. I wish that this was still a valued quality, but these days it seems that there are so many videos out there of law enforcement loosing their cool, or the Federal Government taking over local law enforcement investigations before the investigation has even begun. I also see certain groups/individuals stirring the pot of discontent and starting the trial by public opinion before all of the facts have been presented. All of this under the guise of civil rights, yet it is heavily one sided on which particular groups civil rights have been violated.

    My message to the folks protesting in Ferguson would be, “Go home until ALL of the facts of the case have been identified. Then lets see how our JUSTICE system handles the case. Then and ONLY then can you know if there is something you need to protest or needs to be addressed.” What happened was tragic, to be sure, but right now they are all going off “Half Cocked”.

  6. Brad M, good points. One wonders if the manual has been updated and changed from “always keep your cool” to “always look cool”…

  7. I really don’t think the majority of policemen have changed. Tactics have changed and so has the criminal element. If a gang of thugs break into someones home, they are willing to kill police in order to escape with their loot. Shouting “Police – Get on the Ground” no longer works on the criminal element. They will try to evade by running or shooting their way out. No doubt law enforcement needs upgraded weaponry, ballistic shields, and bullet resistant vehicles just in order to survive. Drug dealers are installing unbreachable doors that allow them more time to hide/destroy the evidence. It never ceases to amaze me how folks will complain about the area they “Choose” to live in. Freedom in America allows you to move and travel across many State borders without permission. Find a place that will accept you, and become part of society. If Ferguson Missouri is such a horrible police state, move to East St. Louis or Chicago where you will have even more opportunities to excel.

  8. Regardless of what happened between Brown and the cop, and keep in mind, no cop regardless of how incompetent would just come out shooting unless provoked, there is an underlying theme here.

    My question is, what happened to provoke the cop. When I was coming up in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s, we knew just about every cop on the force in the small town I grew up in. There was a mutual respect. It was an everyday affair that we saw and had an opportunity to meet them on the street and talk with them. They especially took time to talk to the teenagers. Admittedly, I saw this in a segregated Southern town. But, we had both black and white cops, all of whom we interacted with on a personal level. I can remember one night I was out with a buddy and we were bad, we were drunk. No two ways about it. I won’t mention cop’s name, but he stopped us. After a stern talking to, he told us….”get your butts home or I’ll call your dad.” That’s the relationship we had.

    It seems today, there is a big divide. It’s “us(cops) against them (civilians)”. Today, I’ve read that you need to be cautious when simply talking with a cop. Supposedly he is always on guard looking for something. The wrong word of emotion, you could be looking at the world from the back seat of a squad car. Supposedly, the fear felt by some police departments are exhibited by the bulk up with military equipment. They apparently feel that they are constantly under attack.

    There is a way around this. We need to get back to cops on the beat interacting with the town. I wonder what would have happened if Michael Brown had grown up in a town where this was the environment. Save the SWAT teams for the situations that truly require the force.

  9. Now I have to wonder what would happen in our largest cities if the SNAP cards defaulted. I was in St. Croix after a hurricane. The local politicians threw open the jail cells and abdicated to the mainland. Riot and insurrection happened. It is very predictable.


  10. The first fact is wrong… he was a black man. I am sick of this hyphen American BS. You are either African or American… unless you hold dual citizenship which I am pretty sure only a small handful of blacks in this country do.

  11. Cletus,

    Is was no less an august presence than Teddy Roosevelt who railed against the ‘hyphenated Americans.’ He was speaking out against the German and Irish – Americans of his time. There is little that really changes.

    Me, well I’m an American but so are Canadians, Mexicans, and Argentines. According to my passport the country of my nationality is the United States of America.


  12. While it’s true that none of us know all the facts, when you see an animal waddling, quacking and shaking its tail feathers, more likely than not you’ve got a DUCK.

    Obvious point #1) – Average-sized cop with no disciplinary record or history of aggressive or prejudiced behavior.

    Obvious point #2) – 6’4″ 292lb young black man shown on video just minutes earlier committing larceny and simple assault (which taken together is a forcible felony).

    Obvious conclusion: Cop’s story is righteous, black’s story sucks.

    It ain’t rocket science.

  13. As a retired Texas judge and retired federal agent, I have little doubt that AG Holder will somehow encourage the grand jury to indict. None of us were likely there. None of us were eye witnesses. I’ve seen too many sure things fail the test of trial to jump to conclusions. Having so said, I’d be sure surprised if the cop wasn’t in fear for his life. Speculation is fun when we aren’t directly involved. The Grand Jury as preliminary finder of fact is on the spot. How I’d love to be the foreman.


  14. PR, agreed, Holder’s reputation precedes him, for good reason. The Officer’s play by play of events has seeped out, it seems a far more logical explanation of events than the already partially dis-proven 4 accounts which claim it was “execution” like. Its also been all over (CNN, Christian Science Monitor & the like) that the police have 12 eye witnesses who corroborate (in part or whole)the officers description of events.

  15. Also, we are witnesses to the transformation by the usual suspects and some of the media of Mr Brown. It started by showing (and still), a 5 year old picture of a baby faced 13 year old Mr Brown. Now come the descriptions of a gentle giant with a caring soul. Next will come the rundown of all his charitable ways….. he’d help anyone… dontcha know. Then will come that he was -no less- a modern day “Lennie Small”. He didn’t understand his own strength, he viewed the world through child-like eyes, he thought officer Wilson wanted to play -cops & robbers-. It’s going to be quite the show…

  16. I watched Mr. Sharpton yesterday. All that mourning for a burglar whose ways finally caught up with him. Only in the United States.


  17. I pretty much agree with all the above statements in the above artical except 2. First and foremost I disagree when you say it’s NOT a racial issue and it’s more of a poverty issue. I have yet to see a all white “Poor” neighborhood loot,pillage and plunder their own neighborhood because of “Injustice”. Two- the militarization of the Police force.They don’t have Apaches on standby,They don’t have mortars,tanks and are not responding with overwhelming automatic weapons fire after being shot at,having maltolve cocktails thrown at them. I just read one of your articles that said you were tired of the PC BS and call it like you see it. Well I believe most Americans see the Ferguson riots for what they are. It’s about payback for Whitey…

  18. Ga Patriot, I fully admit that you make some good points on the militarization of our police force. I think mixed messages are being witnessed. We see police in military gear, replete with bullet resistant vests, AR-15s and armored personnel carriers. And we watch in puzzled disbelief that these very same protectors stand beside there military vehicles and do nothing other than watch as droopy drawer’d hooligans pillage then burn quick stops, cell phone & liquor stores and wheel shops. Business owners call for help to save them from hoards of half naked, gun and club wielding “gibs me dats” and no one shows up. ?

  19. “… businesses people have worked so hard to build a life and provide for their families …” Well, not just for THEIR families. For the people of Ferguson! I’m quite sure those thugs, if they are from the area, will one day complain that they can’t buy cigarettes or drinks late at night, because … there is such a dearth of outlets. However, take this a few rungs “up the ladder” and you land directly where these thugs, had they had a chance to get a college degree, would have done the looting. They might, for example, have invaded Iraq and without cause set shops and people on fire, smeared them with depleted uranium so they will have birth defects for generations to come and destroyed the livelihood of millions. They don’t even care if those that suffer are in the same church as they are. So the Fergusonians really did what is “de rigeur” in the ruling classes. Throw the first stone, “civilized” societies.

    • Maureen –

      There is no relationship between US foreign policy and actions of the government and the looting in Ferguson. This was about an ignorant populace brainwashed into believing a non-truth – and reacting like two year old’s told they couldn’t have a cookie. Racism certainly plays a role which the thugs showcased so well.

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