Left-handed or Right?

I am left handed for most things that I do. Just recently I began doing common everyday tasks using my right hand – and was amazed at how difficult some things were.

Tonight when I made myself a bowl of Cheerios I carried the bowl into the living room with my right hand. Of course – I usually use my left. This is really not a huge feat but felt very weird. Why am I doing things with the opposite hand? The reason is simple: Some day I may have no choice but to utilize the opposite hand to perform certain tasks.

Why be forced to use your other hand? Well – the most likely cause would be some sort of injury. Whether it be a break, sprain, severe laceration, or some other significant injury – having to perform a variety of tasks with the opposite hand could prove very frustrating.

Ever tried zippping up your pants with the opposite hand?

Ever brushed your teeth with the opposite hand?

Have you ever tried to shoot a pistol with your opposite hand?

Ever hammered in a nail with the opposite hand?

These are just a few examples of tasks that you may find rather difficult to accomplish when you use the non-traditional hand. For me one I do something a half-dozen times or so I usually will begin to get the hang of it. Other tasks come quite easy (hammering nails, pistol shooting, using a fork and spoon to eat, and punching).

One particular skill that I am really struggling with is shooting a long gun right-handed. Very difficult. I am left-eye dominant and aiming with my right eye is proving difficult at best.

Skills are one thing that I need to improve in the most when it comes to my Preparedness System. Being able to use either hand for most tasks is one that is easy to work on and costs nothing.

Give it a shot.



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7 thoughts on “Left-handed or Right?”

  1. Rourke- Hoping you had a good Fathers Day !!! Good post.I once had a severe injury(training a young colt) on my right side and couldnt use my shoulder or hand/arm for a long time.18 months of pt.Yes I know how hard it is to try to do things with ones other hand.Good for you for trying. Arlene

  2. Rourke, I too, was born left handed and because of living in a right handed world ( schools, factories, ect… ) I have become quite adapt at doing many things right handed. This allowed me, 30 years ago, to a job welding on an assembly line and years later, I was paid more as I was faster than most, welding both left and right handed. I found about six years ago that I can shoot a pistol rather well as a righty, to my surprise! I did not even think of trying before that. Comes easier to some than others, so I’ve heard.

  3. My father was extremely ambidextrous, I was born left handed. My first grade teachers insisted that I be forced to be right handed. As an adult, I do some things left handed and others right handed. Some I do not do well right handed, like writing, my cursive writing is barely readable. At 78 I am still not so sure that forcing a child to switch hands is a great idea. Some of my grandchildren are left handed adults and doing well in this world.

  4. Using your weak hand is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will do. Back in 1982 when I went to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, we were not allowed to use our dominant or gun hand for anything but shooting. Your gun hand had to be free at all times. We also had to learn to shoot weak hand, which was a real challenge for me because I don’t aim well with my non-dominant eye. The only way to get beyond this is to practice constantly, but ultimately it could save your life.

  5. I am left handed too, but do many things right handed, and I am left eye dominate. my daughters started life left handed but changed to right handed as they grew, however they are left eye dominate hmhmhm. learning to shoot from the weak side is important, you never know when your going to need it.While I can shoot well from my right side, I am aware that I am a tad slow on sight acquisition. I keep an eye patch in my kit just in case I need to take along shot. I remember qualifying with an UZI, the selector switch is on the left side right above my trigger finger knuckle, I had to reach around with my right middle finger to manipulate the selector. It was no big deal. Funny thing is I can’t cut with left scissors to save my life. Like (Duncan) I can weld, solder, saw with my right hand. I learn to do many things with my right hand to keep my gun hand free when I was working back in the day. Many south paws will wear there watch on the right hand as opposed to the left wrist like right handed people, this is of course not absolute.

  6. I am right hand dominant, when I was in the 9th grade I broke my right wrist and also my right thumb. Had to do most everything left handed. Jump forward ten years, I wanted to start using my left hand more, I started to color with my left hand. Today I can do quiet a bit left handed, I still haven’t tried to shoot long guns left handed though.

  7. I am left handed and right eye dominant. I had extremely poor vision in my right eye (left eye 20/30, right eye 20/550), so I shot pistol and long gun from the left. After having Lasik done on my right eye only, the vision improved to 20/10. It took me a while to realize I was right eye dominant, but now I shoot rifle right handed. I’m learning to shoot pistol right, but I’ve developed a pistol stance where I shoot left handed but focus right eyed. It looks awkward, but it works. Instinct will always have me draw from the left, so If i ever do carry it’ll be to draw on the left; but practicing right is beneficial (especially if I have to draw while diving.


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