Last Entry – #15: SHTF “Go To” Knife photo contest

Here is the last entry in the MSO SHTF “Go To” Knife contest. The best one selected will win a Gerber Machete Pro.


Winner to be announced tomorrow…..

*   *   *   *   * 

By SB:  The knife I choose is the Trail Master by Cold Steel.  Rugged, simple (like me), reliable.  Nothing fancy or high tech, no saw tooth or hollow handle.  I like the clean lines and heft.  It is housed in a kydex sheath with a tek lok.  It will do almost anything I ask.  It is within arms reach every night and sits atop my go to gear during the day.   I trust it and feel a sense of calm when it is on my hip.  No matter how many other knives I buy or use it is the go to in case of emergency.

unnamed (12)





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3 thoughts on “Last Entry – #15: SHTF “Go To” Knife photo contest”

  1. Nice knife! I had the stainless steel version, but ended up gifting it to a friend who did not have a high-quality knife, and who I knew would never buy one on his own.
    I like it’s clean, simple, uncomplicated design.

  2. Lot of pretty steel to look at. I am lucky to own a knife like this one. Hand made with a composite grip. I think blades are like good boots for most of us. The boots don’t ‘fit’ … they don’t go along for the trip.


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