Judge your fitness level….

Everyone has different capabilities and levels of fitness. Some of us are actively trying to improve ourselves and our capabilities – while others consume massive quantities of food while sitting on the couch while growing to maximum density.  Health, quality of life, and living as long as possible are major reasons for my efforts in fitness. Preparedness is a certainly factor as well.

So – what is your fitness level? As stated we all have limitations and restrictions. Some have physical limitations(injury/disease/age) while others have mental restrictions(laziness/lack of willpower/lack of confidence). Some have just let themselves go and need to get back at it.

What follows is a workout that I am challenging readers to do at home, at their gym, Crossfit box – wherever. If you cannot perform this workout for whatever reason – do what you can and post it here. The point is not to create a competition between us but to challenge yourself. Be proud because whatever you do is more than 99% of people out there.

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Ryan – if your reading this – how about you and your readers participate? Max – you too. Senior – come up with your own if you are up to it.

Here we go……

Complete as fast as possible:

– Run 400 meters

20 jumping jacks

20 sit ups

20 push ups

20 air squats

– Run 200 meters

10 deadlifts – your body weight

10 overhead press – 95 men/65 women

10 power cleans – 135 men/95 women

50 foot bear crawl

– Run/Row 500 meters

– Do the above TWICE!!


Hey – I will do this myself and maybe even videotape it and post it on MSO. Believe me – I will be sucking some serious wind doing this workout while others may breeze through it. Substitute and scale exercises as needed.

Like I said – do your own thing if you cannot do the above for one reason or another. Think you can walk a mile? Go for it! Haven’t done jumping jacks in 20 years? Give it a shot! Hell – go up and down the stairs at a local mall.

Bookmark this post and come back to post results and see what people are doing. I plan to get mine done over the next few days.

Have fun!



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  1. Love it, simple and to the point … add in the spice of spiritual and psychological (the will to live) and you have it made.

    I wish someone would make up a test for us seniors though … I haven’t that fit since I was in my 20’s-30’s ;-}

    Although I do get more of a workout now that I have moved to my rural homestead …

  2. just as soon as I have the knee surgery maybe I can work this in. As is, nothing resembling running or even fast hobbling can be attempted by the worn out frame.

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