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Yes – another post about gun control. It is just one of many more to come.

With the impending gun control legislation looming nearby Рthere has been no better time to join the National Rifle Association than RIGHT NOW if you are not a member.

Write your Congressman, talk to your friends and neighbors that are like-minded to do the same – and join the NRA.

We all need to be in this fight together.


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  1. “one loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them” tom jefferson. “governmrnt is not reason,it is not eloquent; it is force. like fire, it is a dangerous servant & a fearful master” GEORGE WASHINGTON. “madam, it is a REPUBLIC, if you can keep it” BEN FRANKLIN. “from time to time the TREE OF LIBERTY must be refreashed with the BLOOD of PATRIOTS & TYRANTS” THOMAS JEFFERSON.

  2. “one loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them” thomas jefferson. “government is not reason, it is not eloquant: it is force. like fire, it is a dangerous servant & a fearful master” george washington. “it is a REPUBLIC, if you can keep it” ben franklin. “from time to time THE TREE OF LIBERTY must be refreashed with the BLOOD of PATRIOTS & TYRANTS” THOMAS JEFFERSON

  3. Please consider the Gun Owners Of America ( as an alternative to the NRA. GOA is the leading NO COMPROMISE gun advocacy group. NRA caves and has actually helped write anti-gun legislation behind the scenes with Washington politicians in the past. The GOA won’t compromise with politicians plus they understand the real meaning and importance of the 2nd amendment (to give the people a means to defend themselves from a tyrannical government) better than the NRA.

  4. THIS week I joined the NRA and so did our son. (my husband already is a member). I also joined the Second amendment foundation.
    We are also attending all local gun shows-we sometimes do-but since
    there are now demonstrators against the gun shows- we need to go .
    Keep on prepping….Arlene and family

  5. I have been a member for years, and will maintain that as long as I live. Tell your friends and family-join the NRA today!

  6. The NRA has become, I am afraid, more concerned with their own survival than anything else- they have , in the past, endored Harry Reid over a real Consevative. Better to join the GOA (Gunowners of America) or here in SC, the Grassroots Gunrights.

  7. joining the NRA is like giving money to the republican party and you see how that made out.
    the NRA should re due it leadership first.
    get someone that thinks straight and talks with sense instead of creating it own fire storm.

    • I disagree.

      The bottom line is the NRA is the LEADING group speaking against gun control. I certainly support GOA as well. To NOT support the NRA because you disagree with some of their policies or their leadership is like voting for a 3rd Party candidate and then being disappointed with Obama getting reelected.

      Thanks – Rourke

  8. I’m a life member of the NRA. I wonder if they will once again throw the black gun owners under the bus like they did in ’98.

  9. I thought this was a preper site where you don`t tell people what you have in the way of arms food water and your base camp.
    So why are you asking us to join the NRA?
    If you get a magazine in the mail someone will know you have guns or are interested in them.
    you put out your NRA sticker on your home or pickup and you advertise
    or wear hat.
    Some will support this but if they come to get there guns you can bet the NRA just like the Newspaper in Conn will tell them who you are.

    • Fred

      Thanks for the comment. This preparedness site does not promote the thinking you mentioned. I am not concerned about my mail-lady seeing a package from MidwayUSA or someone seeing an NRA sticker on my car.


  10. Fred-you make a good point re opsec. As an ex postal emplyee who delivered mail-sometimes the volumn is so great that you barely have time to notice what people get and yet I did find it tough to deliver a few newspapers that were to my thinking -revolting and yet thats the beauty
    of American freedom.
    The amount of junk mail that is sent – others would be hard pressed to know where I stand.I can be a member of an organization and not advertise it.( I have had bumper stickers ripped from my car in the past but I still put them on.) To each ones own. Arlene

  11. Rourke-
    hunting mostly….dear, turkey, trespassers, looters, zombies, things like that. I was thinking about the Savage Axis XP .270, do you know if it’s any good.

    • Prepper X,

      Check YouTube for reviews. I believe the channel “nutnfancy” did a really good review on it that is overall positive for the cost.


  12. Leonard-
    I’m going to but my dad says I should get a modern* one before a Garand but I’m still going to get one as soon as possible. (*manly because it’s heavier than modern guns)

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