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BOB Trip

For those waiting with bated breath, here it is. It’s not exactly Man v. Wild, but then again I didn’t have any support staff helping me out (last Grylls dig…I promise). I apologize for not getting more videos, as the batteries went out MUCH sooner than I anticipated. The backpack I used is a Lafuma Mont Blanc 60L. I did not do an exhaustive inventory of everything in my bag, but if enough interest is shown I will pull it apart and do a list. In the video I tried to just hit the high points. As an added bonus to the vest I spoke so highly of, all Eddie Bauer clothing has an unconditional lifetime warranty (I am a former employee). The down is premium 550 fill and some of the best available in the price range of mere mortals. If you can’t tell I’m a big fan of down in general. I am open to suggestions for further videos, and please let me know if you have any questions about the video or the gear used in it. Enjoy!!


Sic Semper Tyrannis

Jesse James, Editor-at-Large



Gear Links:

Optimus Crux Lite: Optimus Crux Lite Camping Stove

Jetline Z Torch: JetLine Z-Torch Dual Flame Fluid Insert Torch Lighter

Katadyne Vario: Katadyn Vario Multi Flow Water Microfilter

Equinox Tarps: Equinox Egret Tarps (8 x 10-Feet)

Gerber Axe: Gerber 31-000913 Sport Axe II High Performance Axe

Snowpeak Ti Cup: Single Wall Titanium 600 Hybrid Cup with Hot Lips by Snow Peak

Waterproof Notebook: Rite in the Rain Tactical Pocket Notebook – Desert Tan

SAS Survival Guide: SAS Survival Guide 2E (Collins Gem): For any climate, for any situation

Lafuma Mont Blanc: Lafuma Mont – Blanc 60 Backpack

Eddie Bauer Vest: Eddie Bauer Classic Down Vest

Infidel Patch: Infidel Arabic Tactical Patch – Multicam


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  1. Very good. I commend the author for putting his gear to the test. I would be happy to get my family to “ruck up” and walk for a few miles. We go camping at least once a year, but we take so many additional items, I never even open my bug out bag or survival backpack. I can appreciate how hard it must be to film and work at the same time. I guess that’s why Bear Grylls cover ground on his show and Les Stroud stays put. I don’t hear real well (mortar crewman drawback) and I walked away from the computer for a few minutes as my kids were going to bed (the family that prays together, stays together). Consequently, I did miss parts of the video. Did he talk about his firearms preference? Perhaps weapons were prohibited where he was camping? That part always interests me. On a separate note, I feel compelled to say that I admire anyone that can sleep in a hammock! They were very popular with my fellow paratroops in Central America, where the ground is covered with sharp objects, like thorns from black palm. Or worse, all kind of poisonous critters. I admit, it is probably safer off the ground. I just could not sleep like that. Anyway, I enjoyed the article.

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