Its time to stock up!!

Every year when October rolls around and the air cools a bit I can feel it. I feel an above average need to put a few things back. I think this comes from growing up in the North with the harsh winters. As preppers we put back guns, food, and water often in large quantities while sometimes missing out on other less obvious items.

I have put together the following list of items that should be put back now – if you haven’t already:


This list is not complete by any means. What have you put back lately?



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10 thoughts on “Its time to stock up!!”

  1. Thanx, I have a crank radio/flashlight. But I do need more TP, leaves will work but.
    I have 4 hunting knives. All have a paracorrd handle. Plus another 1000 ft in my box.

  2. I feel pretty good as I look at that list, only a few things we could use more of that are running a little low in storage. We opened several #10’s this weekend instead of wasting an hour going to the grocery store. I always add whatever we open to my amazon wish list, makes it really easy to keep track of when it’s time to reorder.
    Winter is certainly coming fast, 33 out this morning but a nice 75 this afternoon.

  3. Since late September I have been replacing the moisture absorbing packets in my ammo cans. It is quite a project, considering I have multiple storage locations! Without my Excel spreadsheet, they would be very difficult to keep track of. I tried to rotate some other items at the same time (cigarettes, medications and coffee), so as to limit access to my cache points. Ammo purchases CEASED when my boy started college. University costs are staggering, 12 grand per semester! To make matters worse, disability payments for dependents END when your kids graduate high school. Even though they cost you MORE in college, your children are no longer considered dependents. My wife has been pressure cooking food: applesauce, peaches, chicken, ham and the bi-products of the meats (chicken and split peas soup). I have serious concerns with the Russian military presence in the Middle East! This could terminate our “Petrodollar” deal with OPEC and collapse our economy (if the Arabs stop dealing in only US dollars). One last item: DON’T FORGET YOUR PETS WITH YOUR PREPS! We picked up several large bags of cat food on our last trip to PetSmart. In a crisis or disaster situation, you DON’T want to feed your pets valuable table food!

  4. Put back three 5 gal buckets of rabbit pellets, couple of containers of Kerosene oil for my perfection heaters, canning up soups, stews, pricing cords of wood right now. I found out the hard way that squirrels like salad, they wiped out my butter crunch and romaine and damage my Kale crop in two days. Butternut and Acorn squash are doing great. Getting in on the pumpkins for their seeds and for meals. Checking our inventories.

  5. The lists seem to be mixed..

    I have Stores for Home:
    Ditto on the canning. Honey (6 gals first year for my bees, double hives next.. thinking Meqade :)).
    Check and conditions rechargeable stuff for solar .. Power-plant conditioning.
    Cycling med stores if needed. Kicking off a Hothouse project I’ll doc on YouTube. Designing a Root/Storm Cellar Safe Storage and power free climate control).. converting a bed room for now .. Wife Unit 1.0 unhappy .. no upgrades to 2.0 required 🙂

    Then there’s the EDC, 3 Day and BoB. Inventory and swap out’s cross the board for cold weather. Swap meds and fire gear… Cotton to wool (warms wet). Check filters.
    Sleep systems and personal Bivvies are a challenge for me I need to correct. (Any suggestions?)
    Considering including a store of pool shock .. thoughts ?
    I still have a long way to go

    • We bought a couple of the one man TCOP Eureka tents in the woodland camo pattern. Both were new for about $150 each online. Very rugged, blackout capable, but they are on the heavy side if packing/hiking. Perfect for the trunk, motorcycle or a midpoint cache somewhere to layup and regroup for awhile undetected. Had a motorcycle cover made out of matching woodlands camo with the idea we could get off the road and stealth camp while traveling if needed. I’m currently trying my hand at the hammock camping idea with a new BlackBird hammock from WarBonnet. Surplus Patrol sleeping bags are a great bargain if you shop around.

  6. Badger359. deer also love those things, last year Bambi devoured my small plot of potatoes, ate the leaves and stems down to a two inch height.


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