Islam’s Shocking Statistics…

In last week’s article, I gave you some pretty eye-opening videos and arguments to why Europe is dying, however, I forgot to do one thing: to give you some cold hard statistics about Islam.

These aren’t estimations. They are STATS from verifiable sources and I encourage you to write more stats in the comments box below if you have them.

Muslims have a high fertility rate of 3.1 (source 1, source 2), with the replacement level being 2.1. Christians are second at 2.7.

Japan’s Muslim population is only 0.08% of the population, many of them being Indonesian (which seem to be a lot more peaceful than Muslims living in N. Africa, the Middle East and Europe). Yet, we don’t hear about any gang raps or any terrorist attacks in Japan very often, do we now?

Nearly all Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) and most in Iraq (91%) and Pakistan (84%) support sharia law as official law. (source).

^^ This right here is the most unsettling of all, keeping in mind that many of the rape-fugees who flooded Europe

Let’s add a somewhat milder statistic to the mix, for those who still foolishly believe Islam is good:

Many Muslim countries don’t like ISIS, except for Pakistan where most people declined to answer (source). Not that it makes a difference.

According to BBC, the most migrants applying for asylum are from Syrian, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq and Albania. (source). But here’s the kicker:

  • Albania is a European MUSLIM country. 54% of Albanians are muslim
  • Kosovo is a muslim region. According to this map, the vast majority of them are muslim

It appears that the appetite for migration from those who are of Muslim faith and are fairly close to civilized countries is big.

According to the German Federal Employment Agency released in October 2015, 81% of “economic migrants” are without formal qualification. (source). I wonder how exactly are they planning to enrich the economy.

Sharia Law and Jihad are older than the United States. (source 1, source 2).

The world’s Muslim population is expected to increase by about 35% in the next 20 years (source).

Rapefugees entering Europe in 2015 were 75% men (source). The source quotes the UN refugee agency here but the link has been updated to reflect 2016 figures. At the time of writing this article, there’ve been 80,000 arrivals in Europe in 2016 in a month and a half, only 46% of them being men.

Only 2.7% of the Syrian refugees who came to the US over the last few years are Christian. (source) There’s been no statement from the “president” that I know of.

Zero. That’s how many Christians are left in Mosul after ISIS chased them out our killed them. (source)

70% of Muslim prison chaplains teach an interpretation of Islam that runs contrary to our values (source)


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  1. You start letting them in, you will not be able to stop the flood! Obama needs his army! He probably has enough recruits to start now. They are in every state according to the FBI and Janet Lynch says we are not allowed to “keep an eye on their activities”. Figure Obama to nominate her for the Supreme Court. That will be the final nail in our constitutions coffin!

  2. This is a planned invasion of the Western (Christian) World. The Moslems, their Socialist allies and the Liberal media can field any lie they want (Europe needs workers, Multiculturalism benefits society, refugees of war, etc). WE KNOW BETTER! Note that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are NOT accepting ANY refugees! Why? THEY ARE ALREADY ISLAMIC NATIONS!

  3. March 31, 2016 For you own sakes, learn the truth about Islam and Sharia Law, Jihad, EVERYTHING! Evangelist Pastor /Rick Warren has at least 5 publications you can read online and purchase regarding this corrupted so called religion begun by an insane renegade warrior and survivor of the murderous Catholic Crusades against any peoples that did not embrace catholicism! Muhammed was not a prophet, but he was smart {one might think so…} and claimed he was a prophet [as described in the books of the Old Testatament…] >and worshipped a ‘god’ he called Allah! He was ‘clever’ enough to oppose Jesus as the Savior > Christ “the Anointed One” ,. but only a ‘man’ ……and the world is now inundated with a population whose mind > to this very day remains >>> diseased by Muhamed’s revenge and hateful mind . READ, > WATCH VIDEOS ONLINE by RICK WARREN – learn from HIS work and experience …. UNDERSTAND all of this with your own good sense and a thorough knowledge of our GOD and His Only ///begotten ///son JESUS reconciled with the Truth especially given in God’s 10 Commandments as well as given to His Prophets for us to study and live by. Words and instructions that will guide your selves, families, companions and neighbors through ALL of the forth coming Tribulation surrounding Christians on GOD’s EARTH. Marana tha ! Jesus

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