Is this what this country has come to?

All over the lamestream media are reports that as a teenager Mitt Romney and fellow classmates held down a boy and cut his hair. Turns out the boy was homosexual.

Is it true? I really do not care.

Did anyone other than me grow up with an imperfect childhood? Was I bullied or picked on as a kid? Sure – it happened. Did I like it? Nope – sure didn’t. Did I ever pick on anyone or bully them. Yup – sure did. I hate to say it but that is part of life and growing up. Life is not perfect and kids can be mean and do things that are wrong at times. That is one of the ways we learn right from wrong.

I am no fan of Mitt Romney  – not at all. What I am seeing is a disgusting bias in the media whereby the question is being asked as to whether or not Romney is qualified to be present based on some hi jinks he MAY have been involved in as a kid.


What I would love to see is the media do some REAL reporting. How about some true investigating as to the wasteful spending in the Federal Budgets? How about some real investigative reporting on the flow of money in and out of the Federal Reserve and who is getting it? How about some looking into the pathetic governmental interference in Massachusetts where school bake sales are being banned? How about a true investigative report on our President and his “interesting” background? How about how the current administration reports false unemployment rates?

Nope – not gonna happen. Most of the public of this deteriorating country is more concerned wth what celebrities are getting divoced and hooking up than what is really important and meaningful.

So – is a possible prank pulled by a teen Romney really all that important?

It’s really a shame.


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  1. John, I totally agree with you! The media has become an out right joke. They report on the most off-the-wall stuff now days. I could care less about how Whitney Houston died and care a lot more about our foreign policy with Iran or about getting our troops out of Afghanistan than about who is going to be on Dancing with the stars this season. I want to know more about where my tax dollars went or are going than all that other crap. The Lame Stream Media has lost their way. I personally don’t care what Mitt Romney did as a kid. I was picked on as a kid and I turned out fine. I do remember when the media did actually report the news. I guess I just dated my self a bit huh? I guess I am just wondering when our country is going to do something that is actually news worthy again.

  2. Sometimes I wish I could just leave the country during elections.

    We all have done things we are not proud of, it’s part of growing up. If you say you haven’t, you are a liar and don’t deserve office.

  3. Cracks in the Washington Post story on Romney’s ‘pranks’ emerge

    Tweet [Image] Email This Article Print This Article
    A question emerges in reading the Washington Post piece on Mitt Romney today: How can Romney’s old pal Stu White tell the Washington Post that he has “long been bothered by the Lauber incident” — and then later admit to ABC News that he was “not present for the prank” and “was not aware of it until this year when he was contacted by the
    Washington Post”?

    This is curious.

    The Washington Post story reports: “I always enjoyed his pranks,” said Stu White, a popular friend of Romney’s who went on to a career as a public school teacher and has long been bothered by the Lauber incident.”

    But ABC News, says: “White was not present for the prank, in which Romney is said to have forcefully cut a student’s long hair and was not aware of it until this year when he was contacted by the Washington Post.”

  4. Oh man do I ever agree with you Rourke.
    The new channels report on want most people want to here.
    Also tv shows dancing with tis and that, talent shows? and all the other stuff.
    It must be me I just do not find any tv entertaining.
    Man the marketing people are doing a good job.
    I must say I do like a lot of old tv shows movies..
    And some commercials are ok. I was in advertising for many years.

    The lamestram media suck, Nothing else happens all day??
    I come home from work and the evening news is almost the same
    as the morning news.. I really only need to watch the new every few days..
    I do not think cable or satellite is worth the money, do not have it. I use certain web
    site for my news..
    I would rather read a book or work on somthing around the homestead..
    Anything but tv. even weather they try to make a big idea out lighting..
    Lighting happens.. Although I do feel for the tornado and victims
    of the bad storm..

    I am 57 and schools would do battle with each other all so of stupid stuff.
    In fact we had a scuffle with some people whom are in washington now.
    ( they were in a different school district.) Gee I wound if it should be news..
    Bulling, fighting & drugs were just the way it was in the late 60’s..
    I grew up in a big city school system nobody batted an eye., You learned how to survive..
    And the drugs well.. The folk that did the back then were very mellow no problems usually!!!!
    I don’t know I think the would has become a bunch of whines.
    Also they will attach girl scout cookie next.

    The lamestream new really ruffles my feather.

    I will get off the soap box now.. gotta go to work..

  5. This is just another sign that our great Republic is becoming the fading republic. I was bullied as a 12 y.o. and after a period of time found nothing else to do but go against my Mom’s direction of not fighting in school- I had enough and fought back. Does that make me a bully? Will that now be grounds for my employer firing me? Whatever happened to standing up for what is right? Have we all forgotten or are we waiting for the “really big” thing to push us over the edge?
    We will have to summon up the same will, gthe same commitment and bravery as our forefathers had and sacrifice our property, wealth and very life to enter the fight. They did not have the media and government teaming together to smear them if they spoke out. I hope we will have that courage when it is needed.

  6. Amen! The media is sooooo aggravating! So is apathy. It gets frustrating when I hear someone say, “I don’t get into that stuff” when it comes to politics but they keep up with American Idol like it’s the most important thing in the world! I just don’t understand some people’s priorities. Great article!

  7. Is this what this country has come to?

    Is this what our country is coming to?

    There is a cadre of Communists who with the financing of Banksters push these sorts of people to the forefront of society. They are there to disrupt and distort our lives.. The LAMESTREAM Press? Their Enablers.

    The objective is to distract you and I and set us not against the internationalists and elitists working towards Americas distrution but to set us one against the other… to misdirect our efforts and attention.


  8. Rourke,
    I try to read all your post, this one commands a comment. If any of you out there will read it. I am 65 & have spent a good part of my adult years in advertising. I, of course must say I agree with you 100%. At one time I lived in Sanford, Fl & watching the recent events there reach national proportion & reduce our judicial system to a popularity ratings contest due to the media circus is absurd. HOWEVER, believe it or not the power still is in the hands of we the people if we would only stop our apathy and respond effectively. But sadly we do not. The only way to effect change is to follow the money. One voice is only a whisper. A few in harmony is a song. But the multitude in outrage is a shout loud enough to be heard. It is so very simple it has always amazed me how little the population is really willing to commet to make a change. How many folks could you get to agree with you? Did you take time to make a note of the products the TV station or publication you saw the disturbing story on was advertising? They spend the bulk of your own disposable income that you give them for those products on the advertising to get you receptive to complie with what they want you to believe. Whether it is a product or canidate or way of life. As a Prepper many sacrifices have had to be made in order to be able to afford to prep. How many of your favorite products are you willing to give up & boycott & tell them that is what you are doing, & how many others are you willing to get to follow you in order to effect a change? The Advertiser controls the media! Period ! We ourselves give them the money & the power. It has nothing to do with class. It has everything to do with mass marketing. Clear up to & including the selection of the President of our country. How many times has any one you know yourself included complained, not to your peers, that is easy they think like you do, but instead to the guy that hold the check book. Trust me with a loud enough, direct voice, they will listen. They only support the bottom line. Anyone that has EVER sat through a high powered sales meeting surley knows this. Frankly Prepping is actually as a movement the very first proactive step in that direction. It is beyond any shadow of a doubt taking money away from some other luxury & putting it towards a more benificial future. But to effect a dramatic change to be part of preventing a social collapse as a unified voice you would have to pick a product, a program and stop using it. Convince everyone else to do the same. Trust me there would be absolutly no Budwiser on the shelf if everyone suddenly stopped drinking it. It is perhaps the most difficult thing in life to be ethical & stand up for our core beliefs & values. I look at the things I like & marvel at how little I am will to compomise & look the other way when those very vendors support a program or news report I disagree with & yet because I know how to effect a change it makes it worse. More than once in my lifetime have I walked away from an advertising postion because I could not support the editoial philosophy of the publisher. Yet I have always found it difficult to be willing to give up shopping at a discount when I know, if, as a country we would only support Made in America alot of our problems would be on the way to more solid ground. So the next time this happens pick something important. Start a Ripple. Turn it into a Movement and Change the Tide.

  9. Excellent post, John. We are becoming a spoiled, dumbed down, narcissistic nation deeply suffering from an attitude of entitlement, lack of a strong work ethic, and a desire to do little more than be entertained by living vicariously through the antics of so called celebrities. We are being taught and conditioned to be a nation of sheeple.

    Linda’s reply was also very insightful. Taking things a step further, most folks agree that more than anything else, brilliant use of internet marketing by Obama’s campaign staff got him elected. The Internet is an extremely powerful tool for change. Viral Marketing is a specialty for many folks these days. One of the things we can do is start petitions to reach a lot of people fast and make sure our voices are heard LOUD. is just one site that offers free online petitions. Google “free online petitions” and you will find several sites offering the service. Set up the petition, send the link to your e-mail contacts, post it on facebook and tweet it. This helps the search engine spiders know it is there and with ranking it.

    For example: “This is a petition to ask company X to not advertise on Channel Y due to horrendous programming know as Show Z. We protest the dishonest, biased, and skewed way that the 2012 Elections are being presented. We can no longer support Company X or Channel Y morally or financially if Show Z is not cancelled or held responsible for their blatant slander, muckraking, and lack of journalistic integrity. We will boycott all products from Company X and all programming on Company Y until this is resolved.”

  10. 100% agreement! I would really like to know:
    How many Americans actually “see” this activity ?
    How many “see” but don’t care ?
    How many are oblivious ?

    as usual, great post


  11. good article. try going to a catholic school back in the 50s-60s and being redheaded and lefthanded. the nuns were the bullies. i was hit, humiliated, and called names by nuns who were afraid of me for being lefthanded. they used to believe we were possessed by the devil. no like your “right hand man”. they even criticized my parents for allowing me to stay left instead of being changed to right. what bull…..

    the media has ruined the news for me. i watch nbc and cbs to get a middle of the road picture because they are so different. still biased…but different. ive noticed im on the computer much more than i used to be and just turn off the tv. neither obama nor romney are fit to run this country….except into the ground…which is happening quickly now. im sorry to say it but im glad im in my 60s and not a young person in this age of lies and hypocracy. i am sorry it will be left to all you younger people to do all the heavy work of turning this country back into what it was and what it can be again.

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