Is the S beginning to Hit The Fan?

I do not comment much on politics, society and the rest of the world. Generally I think much of this is beyond my control and try not to stress over it. BUT, lately there seems to be quite a bit that I have read or heard and has gotten me thinking.

Let’s begin:

8.1% Unemployment – 8.1% is not anything to get excited over but it is better than a year ago. Isn’t it? Well the problem is how the government records this numbers. The overall work force – those seeking jobs or working – has shrunk. If the unemployment rate was calculated using the SAME overall work force as was in existence in 2008 the current unemployment rate would be over 11%. Yes – 11%!!! The current administration knows this but still boasts of the “moderately” improving economy.

Food Prices – Although not included in the US Governments official inflation numbers – food continues to go up in price. I am really surprised there is not more of an uproar about it especially from those on government assistance. Just yesterday my local grocery store has Bush’s Baked Beans for $2.29 per can. That is crazy. Just a few years ago these could be found for $1.00 a can. Fresh fruit of all kinds is more expensive. Soups are still trending up. Beef is very expensive and out of reach for many folks. Currently lean hamburg runs in excess of $3.50 per pound in my area. I used to by ribeye steak on sale for $3.99 per pound and now a good sale price is $6.99.

Fuel Prices – As I write this fuel prices are dropping rapidly. The volatile prices at the gas pump are not good for the economy as families try to budget their expenses and business sign contracts for transportation costs of goods and services. The thing is – prices come down but they seem to just climb back up HIGHER than previous – then drop back down just not quite so low.Seems like someone is easing citizens into paying  more….and more….and more. Ridiculous that the solutions to reduces fuel prices are out there and this government cannot get their act together for the benefit of the people. So frustrating…….and costly.

Society – In my area a 6 year old kid got suspended form elementary school for 3 days for sexual harassment. This is insanity. There are far too many rules, policies, procedures, and laws governing over what is common sense. Holy crap!!!! I have had my own dealings with the public school system with my 13 year old boy and it makes me so angry the lack of common sense displayed. Don’t even get me going that my tax dollars support this establishment.

Federal Debt – as the US National Debt approaches 16 trillion dollars – politicians will be vocalizing their plans on how to slow its growth and eventually make the increasing number go backwards. Regardless of which party wins the White House what will likely be put forth is a plan to reduce the debt using magical numbers, smoke and mirrors – and the ACTUAL debt reduction will occur at some later date on someone else’s watch. The sad reality: It’s just not going to happen. In order to reduce the debt the government MUST stop spending more than they are taking in. Pretty scientific, huh? They must also cut costs to do this. Those costs that are cut will effect people – like you and me. Social security, unemployment, federally funded medical care, defense – the federal programs related to these and other will have to be effected. Those people effected by those cuts will not be happy and guess what – WILL NOT VOTE FOR  SOMEONE WILLING TO MAKE THE HARD CHOICES. It is just not realistic that the government will do the right thing. Look to take care of yourself.

Weather – I am not going to get in the debate over global warming/climate change. What I will say is it seems like the weather has been getting crazier and crazier the past few years. Seems like the weather is getting more dangerous with larger swings in temperature and volatility.

Government Again – I am sure you have heard about the Department of Homeland Security placing an order for 450 million rounds of .40 S&W hollow point ammunition. Why would the DHS do this? 450 million rounds? I am not sure how many agents the DHS has but 450 million round is an awful lot. I wonder how many rounds are fired annually in action. Two things of note – First is the fact that these are all hollow point bullets. These are expensive and not for training purposes. Second – this ammunition apparently are to be used only within the borders of the United States as hollow points are banned from use by the Geneva Convention. Makes me wonder. How about you?

Israel/Iran/Middle East – The volatility continues as it has for years however many believe the situation with Iran and Israel is coming to a head. As Iran makes their way in possession of a nuclear weapon the threat to Israel and the rest of the world becomes more imminent – especially for Israel. It is just a matter of time before Israel strikes. The significance of military action against Iran cannot be overstated as to how it will effect the worlds economies.

North Korea – North Korea continues to play a dangerous game increasing its military might (as unreliable as it is). Many propose  that if an EMP attack were to take place here in the US it would come from North Korea. North Korea has a submarine fleet and of course nuclear weapons.

Nuclear/Chemical Weapons smuggled into the US? – As many tens of thousands of 20′ and 40′ foot shipping containers arrive in the United States from various foreign ports all over the world one must wonder if undesired cargo may be entering the United States. We all know that vast quantities of illegal drugs (let alone people) are smuggled into this country – why not nuclear, biological or chemical weapons? The video below is a bit old but take it for what it is worth:

Solar Activity – Solar activity has been on the increase with some tremendous flares. Much like the threat of an EMP attack – a major solar EMP event would wreak havoc on life today. 

Morale Decay – Society is falling and falling quick. I remember sitting in US History class in school and learning about events covering 200 years. I look back now just 20 years and see how this country has changed. Sure – there have been tremendous technological “advances” however the “way of life” and how people live today is disappointing. I believe that society is decaying in its morale’s and that the decaying is increasing in speed with each passing year. It’s really a shame.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

There are many other negative indicators along with a few positive ones that are pieces of a much larger puzzle that when all put together…..create a need in me to prepare.




Oh, by the way… answer the question of which this post is titled –  my answer is “Yes, started long ago”.




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15 thoughts on “Is the S beginning to Hit The Fan?”

  1. Great post Rourke. I think I agree with all of it. One thing you may have over looked is China. Their Military is only getting bigger and better equipped. They are rapidly increasing their Blue Water Navy size and capabilities. They are working on ship killing missiles to neutralize our Carriers. All are very concerning things to add to your already long and concerning list.

    I agree that we are slowly being made comfortable with paying more and more for gas. It’s like when someone plays really loud music and cranks it up to 30 and we all scream, it’s to loud turn it down. So they turn it down to 20 and we say, aww that’s better. Then they crank it to 40 and we scream so they turn it down to 30 and we say, aww that’s better. Repeat over and over.

  2. Getting interesting!

    About the DHS and ammunition. That is a 5 year term contract with the option to purchase up to that amount of ammunition over 5 years at a fixed contract price. It does not mean DHS is purchasing 450 million rounds of ammunition only means they have that option. DHS does have mulitiple LE agencies under them including Federal Protection Services, DEA, ICE, Border Patrol, and Federal Air Marshals to name a few. While I can not confirm it right now, it seems I saw it somewhere that they train with the same ammunition they carry unlike local LE which has to use cheaper FMJ for training. After all they do have a bottomless budget. Also for the hollow point issue that was The Hague Convention of 1899, not the Geneva Convention.

  3. The only thing I can say is get out of personal debt ASAP and continue to prepare for the coming economic collapse. I truly believe no matter who is in the WH, we will have an economic collapse within the next year or two and as far as I am concerned I don’t like Romney much and Obama is wolf in sheep clothing. I will vote for the lessor of two evils, however, it won’t break my heart if Obama gets re-elected. Here is my thought process on that; if Romney gets elected and we have an economic collapse…who will get the blame? Romney! If Obama gets re-elected than I hope he gets ALL the blame because he should shoulder, objectively about 65 percent of the blame. Ultimately, “We the People” are responsible for this mess. We voted for these idiots and now we will pay.
    I put my faith and trust in God and I feel he is telling me, like many of you, to prepare for this upcoming economic collapse. There is just NO way that we can get out of this; we are past the point of no return.
    A retired Grunt

  4. This is so scary, Rourke. A good article though that makes me think. How is this wee-one ever going to defend herself and her little child? I barely weigh over a hundred pounds and will be a sitting duck. I’ve never killed anything in my life, other than a random bug here and there. I do have a husband who is a hunter and a darn good shot, but how in the world do you begin to prepare to defend yourself against fellow human beings…mentally as well are physically? Where can I get free handgun training?

    • KM –

      I am looking to answer your questions – which are good ones – in a future post. I hope other readers will feel free to respond as well.


  5. Although l’m in the UK we here are suffering the same problems with unemployment, rising food prices and fuel prices, restrictions on personal freedom as you are in the states. I also see a moral decline here with ridiculous laws being passed and perpetrators of crime being given more attention and help than their victims.

    This UK has become, a country where, like the states, the rich are getting richer and the poor are being screwed by politicians.

  6. Yes, it is already hitting the fan… seems like it’s been slowly, sneakily slipping into it for a bit now… trying to catch us off-guard! Those who prep feel it and are either prepping faster/ better or paniced. Those who don’t prepare seem less aware than before~ almost like they are dancing faster around satan’s fire. Just sayin…

  7. You are so correct its not funny. $178 use to fill my cart, top and bottom at Sam’s Club. Now I have almost nothing in my cart for $178.

    All the Government stats. are an Illusion!!!

  8. The unemployment numbers are actually worse than you think if you add in two more factors. Persons like myself that are self employed that cannot collect unemployment. I do get some work, but 80% percent less than I did 7 years ago. Now I know this is controversial, but think about all the migrant workers that do not have jobs and cannot collect because of their legal status. If you were to add those two factors into the unemployment rate, my guess would put unemployment closer to 15%.

  9. Rourke, I could not agree with you more. You hit it all right on the head. I try to tell people to just look around but they tell me I am just being alarmist and I worry about things too much. What I really want to say to them is that they are idiots and they have been programed very well.

  10. I read some place and I wish I could remember where it was but basically it said that true unemployment is some place between 40 %and 50% It did a good job of breaking things down like those out of work receiving unemployment . those forced to take early retirement at a greatly reduced rate . the entitled ones . the ones who’s benefits had run out and were no longer looking for work . those on social security because of being laid off from work but not strictly forced into early retirement . The homeless and so on .
    As with anything on the net take it with a grain of salt but seems more true than not .
    Robert W


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