Interview: YouTube’s ThePatriotNurse

It is my honor to provide here a written interview with YouTube’s – ThePatriotNurse. I have been watching her videos for a couple of months now – and she is providing some excellent and very much needed preparedness information.

On with the interview…

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how did you became interested in survival/preparedness?

I have been a nurse for 4 years, and in that time have worked in Orthopedic, Inpatient Psychiatric, and Labor and Delivery– So I guess you could say I’m a Jane of many nursing trades! 

In 2008, I watched the documentary “The Obama Deception” by Alex Jones and came to a fork in the Road.

After delving into research regarding our global and national economic interworkings, I decided it was time to have a Plan B. Thus I embarked upon the path of modern survivalism/prepping. 🙂

What motivated you to start making YouTube video’s specifically dealing with medical issues after TSHTF?

I started my YouTube channel because I saw that there was a tremendous lack of medical prepping information.

Nobody was REALLY covering much else besides gunshot wounds and glitzy, glamorous medicine– especially on YouTube. Making videos was my way of contributing to the Prepping/ Survival community.

It has taken on a life of its own now! So you could say I wandered into the briar patch!

Are you involved in preparedness in your own life in any other ways – such as food storage, gardening, firearms, etc?

I take a holistic, multi-faceted approach to prepping. This involves frequent weapons training, food preparation and storage, canning, pickling, and dry-packing.

I garden each year, and I also try to keep sharp on my nursing skills and learn new ones. Weapons training is becoming an increasingly larger part of the mix. It is wise to be prepared for a myriad of contingencies. 

Where do you see the survival/ prepping community going and what trends will take it there?

The key question that the prepping community faces currently is in how it will be defined. Will it be defined by stocking STUFF, piles of gear and useless crap without a knowledge base to support it?

Or will we seek to be more than just fringe-element consumers bent on amassing piles of survival-junque? This is a key moment for us.
The American Prepping mindset (currently)  seems decidely consumeristic to a fault. We believe that our sheer amount of stuff will impart survival capability.

We store huge quantities of food, ammunition, gauze, and seeds thinking THAT will save us.  Many folks have 100,000 rounds ammunition, an arsenal of guns…and NO TRAINING…none.  This is insanity to me!

Let me give you a relevant illustration to prove a point.

I have a stethoscope that I use every day at work…It is a very good stethoscope, one of the best made. I have plenty of spare parts for it, keep it in prime condition, ensure it is stored in the proper environment…

BUT..the stethoscope does me (and my patients) NO GOOD unless I know how to use it– intimately.  I have to know what I am listening for, know where to listen, and how long.

Firearms and weapons training in general is much like the stethoscope.  Pulling it out and givin’ it a whirl every now and then is NOT ENOUGH to make me proficient.

I need to know it and how to use it like the back of my hand.  The same is true with weaponry. To make this a reality, I encourage folks to seek out training from a good school of their choice.

What is the #1 preventative measure after TSHTF that people can take to prevent medical situations?

CLEAN water.  You can probably go a while without getting shot, contracting pneumonia, or encountering zombies.  However, you won’t last very long without water.

Thirst will drive humans to do stupid things, including drinking contaminated water.  Don’t let that be you!  Get a reliable method to purify your drinking water.

Are there any herbal/natural treatments that you feel can assist those that do not have access to antibiotics?

Oil of oregano, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Tincture of Elderberry, and Echinacea seem to have good reputations at this point.  Herbs are kind of hit or miss but, in my opinion, I would use these before antibiotics.

If improperly used, antibiotics can do more harm than good. To me, It is wise to employ less invasive measures first.

I am also a huge fan of nasal saline irrigation (snorting saltwater) for sinus infections.  Works wonders!

Thank you thePatriotNurse. Is there anything you would like your viewers and my readers to know?

I am just a nurse.  I am no different than anyone else out there!  We tend to make heros out of people in our minds, but each individual has the capacity to succeed in at least one area.

Find your “prepping niche” and build on it.  Mine is nursing. Yours may be something else, but make it work for you!

ThePatriotNurse YouTube Channel  can be accessed HERE. I highly recommend it.


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7 thoughts on “Interview: YouTube’s ThePatriotNurse”

  1. Great interview Rourke, I watch her video’s all the time and she has a very matter of fact attitude toward medicine. I like that attitude. It makes what she teaches easier to follow and she cuts through all the bull. Glad to see she is getting exposure outside of her video blog. Thanks for the info.

  2. Are there really people with “100,000 rounds ammunition, an arsenal of guns…and NO TRAINING”? Of course if you never practise, you do have the advantage that your stock has no shrinkage due to consumption.

    I am curious as to what she thinks of as adequate training. There are numerous historical instances of non-professionals being effective in combat against regular troops. It is also generally true that much of how the military trains is not particularly relvant to skirmish combat between people armed with nothing other than small arms. A lot of police training is relevant, but they are forced to take risks (taking and accepting prisoners) that are not a requirement for civilians.

  3. I am happy that professionals will contribute to the body of knowledge and welcome nurses and doctors who can help us in our planning and possibly our first aid. I disagree that things like “Oil of oregano, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Tincture of Elderberry, and Echinacea” are of any value. Recent extensive studies of echinacea have shown it to be of no value what-so-ever. Most of these so-called “medical herbs” are pure superstition. They will harm you in two ways: 1) they will drain you of money that could be spent on viable options. 2) They will prevent you from seeking real science based help. People die everyday because of “snake oil” abd other fomrs of bogus treatment. It is not helpful to reaffirm these things. I hasten to add that of course we all need vitamin C and D but we do not need supplements of these and in fact too much of a good thing can be bad for you. But my response is not about the occassional mention of a legitimate vitamin rather it is about the continuing fiction that herbs and supplements can treat diseases or prevent diseases. They cannot. I fear that Patriot Nurse has been caught up in the PC world where it doesn’t pay to offend any special interest group but when anyone in who works in a medical field tells me to take echinacea or zinc to ward off a disease the hairs on the back of my neck go up and I go searching for a science based health care alternative.

    It’s important to add that no one in this country can tell you or advertise that one of these supplements or herbs can treat or cure a disease and sell you the product. If they do this they will go to jail (as they should). Our 1st amendment (which I love as I love the 2nd amendment) does allow us to pretty much say whatever we want. We can make outrageous statements that are clearly untrue and it is protected speech. So indeed you can claim that Laetrile will cure cancer (even though it doesn’t) but you cannot sell it our use it to treat cancer. Please recognize the difference between our constitutional right to say something untrue and truth. If you today get enough vitamin D or C from your diet then taking additional vitamin D or C will do nothing for you. Almost everyone in the U.S. except those who believe in self limited diets do indeed get the RDA of vitamins and minerals and they do not need the expensive vitamins and minerals the health food stores sell. And they certainly will not cure anything!!

  4. I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years. I see much abuse of medicine by doctors who are “urged” by pharmaceutical companies to use their products. Like patriot nurse stated, there are many treatments and medications from years gone by that we need to use once more. Tea tree oil is one with many uses. I have personally use it on burns and within 5 minutes, the pain was alleviated. Colloidal silver solution is another. It is one of the few medicines that is affective against MRSA, a highly contagious and hard to cure staph bacteria. This is factual. Many others are out there from years gone by but no longer used or rarely used. The old ways had a lot of truth to them.

  5. Rourke,

    I would love to do that. Maybe a little later. I am still investigating the old cures vs the new cures and it is mind boggling.
    When I get more info available I would be glad too.

  6. Nurse??? you’ve barely made it out of school! and none of your work experience is applicable to survival training…what are your qualifications to be able to post this information with a clear conscious??? Wilderness training? ED? EMT?…have you ever even witness a trama…this nurse wants to know?


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