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I am very pleased to present the following interview with Jim Drummond – owner of . Jim not only offers some great products – but a good amount of preparedness information as well. Check out his website for more information.

On with the interview:

Rourke: Jim – let’s start this off with one of my favorite questions to ask: How/why did you get interested in preparedness?

Jim: I would say for myself that I have always been interested survival, and considered myself a survivalist. I recall some of my fondest childhood memories camping out with my Dad or Cub Scouts. That was a lot of fun. That carried over to my adult life and as I see the problems with our Government and the threat that exists today with man-made disaster being a real danger. We never know what is to come but it is not looking very good.

Rourke: What motivated you to create

Jim: I created survival backpacks due to my passion for all things survival; I was looking to do something on the internet business wise, so I figured, why not offer Survival Products. I can offer good educational content with my blog and input from others that are survivalist and offer great survival gear to those who don’t have the time to research and assemble their own Survival Kit.

Rourke: Survival and preparedness is becoming more “mainstream”. Over the past couple of years I have seen more and more reports that show “regular” people are storing extra food and buying firearms. Why do you think this is?

Jim: I believe that people of all walks of life are growing more alienated by our government. We do not trust the Government to protect us and come to our rescue during a natural or man-made disaster. One such incident was the handling of New Orleans during the Katrina Disaster. That was an example how not to handle a disaster situation. Then you have the dangers that exist of a man-made disaster such as an economic collapse or another terror attack.

Rourke: There are a lot of dangers in the world today. What do you see the most likely situation which people should prepare – both in the short-term as well as long-term?

Jim: We all sense see the more frequent natural disasters. As I am setting here writing I just heard on the news that Oklahoma has suffered from an earthquake. Just over the past three months there was also an earthquake along the east coast. I would say that short term we are the most in danger of natural disasters. Long term would most certainly be the real danger of manmade disasters.

Rourke: What role do you feel firearms play in preparedness?

Jim: Wow this is a huge topic for me. I am a NRA member and have been for a long time. We have to at all cost protect the second amendment. I feel that firearms are way up there on the preparedness list. You have to be able to protect yourself and loved ones FIRST, all of the prep that you have done is no good if you are not alive to use it. I believe that all responsible members of the household should be not only be familiar with the safe use of firearms but be very proficient with firearms and ready to use them!

Rourke: Do you have an opinion on our current economic and political situation?

Jim: Boy, Where to start?? There was a poll done this past week that said that over 70% of Americans do not like the direction that this Country is headed. I am definitely one of those people. We are losing this country, or no I take that back. We are giving this Country away……to lose something you must have fought for it to begin with. The Federal Government has fought States that are trying to enforce illegal immigration laws that are already on the books. Arizona, and more recently North Carolina are examples of two such states that have taken the law into their own hands because this administration refuses to enforce the illegal immigration laws. Not only are not enforcing the laws this President along with Eric Holder have gone after those states and brought lawsuits to sue those states. I am still not sure what part of the word illegal these people do not understand. If you are here illegally you don’t have any rights.

Rourke: Here’s one: bug-in or bug-out?

Jim: That is a great question and I have heard it from many people. I always use the example of those unfortunate people in New Orleans during and immediately after Katrina. Most thought that Bugging In was what they needed to do, they were just going to stay with their homes and wait the storm out, so they did. What they didn’t realize was that the Levis were going to give way and they would be in a major flood. How many of those people would have Bugged Out if they had known about the flood that was coming. Those folks didn’t have much warning of the coming flood, but if they had I am sure that Bugging Out would have been their first choice.

Rourke: Do you have any new projects upcoming or special announcements you would like readers to know?

Jim: I continue to add information and training content to and hope to add more products also. I have also just launched a Personal Safety and Protection products online superstore that has thousands of great products. I am very happy to bring these items to market with these are items that everyone needs to have. I have made sure that my wife and daughters all carry pepper spray. I even sell Stun Guns that look just like a cell phone. No attacker would ever expect a cell phone to deliver thousands of volts through their body and put them on the ground.

Rourke: Thank you Jim.

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  1. Good interview – a little generic, but given the space constraints probably about right insofar as the amount of info presented.

    As a former LEO and a friend and trainer of a fair number of local, state, and federal cops, I cannot in good faith recommend anyone using a stunner for personal protection. This type of device simply means you have to touch your opponent. Depending on the encounter, it may come to that; but, don’t put yourself in the position where it must come to that. If you want to use electricity for self defense get a Taser. The civilian version is readily available at a fair price, very reliable, provides a stand off distance, and will put down any human in any condition. It gives them a sustained 30 second shock during which time you should drop your Taser and run for the hills (unless of course you feel the need to stay around and see how much fight your now thoroughly pissed off assailant has in him). The sight of the Taser’s laser dot on their body will tend to scare off a lot more unfriendlies than the loud buzz emitted by a stunner, especially in low light conditions when they may believe it is attached to a firearm. Finally, the Taser is silent until activated – why attract unnecesary attention?

    Cops go through a lot of training dealing with force escalation – what weapon to use when and what situations require an increasing amount of force to resolve. Most of them carry a baton, some form of irritant spray, a knife (some departments frown on this as a weapon – too scary), a Taser, and a firearm. Some carry large flashlights and kubotans. Almost all of them double up on one or more of those items. Out of the 1,000’s (no exaggeration) of cops I have come across over the last 30+ years I cannot remember one ever carrying a stunner for personal defense. I am sure there are a few who do so for one reason or another, but there aren’t many.

    • Good stuff Harry –

      I carry an XD .40 on a regular basis. My choice is a pistol however I know a few people – men and women – that are scared to death of them. Options from that point typically run the gambit of nothing at all to pepper spray to a stun gun. I would prefer a taser over just about anything else beside a firearm.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. Unless I am flying or in a courthouse or federal building I have the following on me: Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II (.45 ACP fan), Benchmade Mini Rukus Auto (no longer in production, darn), TOPS Sneaky Pete (Rocky Mountain Scales), Victorinox Work Champ (one of the few models with scissors and pliers), and a Mil Tac Pen (this item I do fly with). I consider the above to be just as normal to pick up in the morning as my wallet, keys, and watch.

    Pepper spray – watch the wind, make certain they don’t have on sun glasses, and (really important) point it the right direction.
    Stunner – hope the aren’t wearing heavy leather or kevlar (most motorcycle jackets will defeat the cheaper stunners) and they don’t have a firearm pointed at you (electricity tends to make ones muscles contract including the trigger finger).

    Taser – 15′ +/- range, laser sight, 30 second sustained jolt, fairly easy to reload, concealable, and legal just about everywhere (though TSA will confiscate them). If one doesn’t want to (or can’t) carry a firearm and has concerns for their personal safety this is the way to go.

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