Interview: Brian Howard, author


I am very fortunate to score an interview with Brian Howard, author of When Things Go Boom.


I have recently download a copy of Brian’s book onto my Kindle Fire and have not had a chance to read it yet. I am looking forward to it.


On with the interview………
  • Brian, can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am first and foremost a husband and father of two teenage boys. Also I am an unapologetic Christian, a military veteran and a conservative who believes in the values that made this country great, before it strayed way off course.  I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling around the globe and I have always taken a keen interest in current events. In addition to these things, I am a consultant on disaster preparedness and run an organization called DPTaS (Disaster Preparedness Training and Supply). I conduct preparedness evaluations, training, supply acquisition and often participate in speaking engagements to educate others on the importance of disaster preparedness.

  • What got you involved in preparedness?

Like many others, the events of September 11th were a real wake-up call for disaster preparedness. However, I had actually been preparing even before this event. I guess it was related to my military background and always being aware of the need to prepare for the potential unknown as best I could. Another even more intense wake-up call came with the events of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. This should have shaken everyone’s confidence in the government taking care of them in an emergency. If that didn’t wake people up, then I would hate to imagine what it will take.

  • What motivated you to write the book – “When Things Go Boom!”?

When people became aware that I was involved with the subject of disaster preparedness, I was constantly approached by people who said things like, “I would like to prepare but I don’t even know how to get started or what supplies to buy.” or ”I don’t have time to do all the research into what I should get, can you help me?” I wrote this book for them. I want to help all who are really interested and willing to take steps to get prepared now, before it is too late.

  • What type of information is provided in your book?

The book is divided into 7 main areas of preparedness. These include:

Personal Defense/Safety
Medical/First Aid

Each of these chapters is then broken down into techniques, tips and supply checklists.

  • The world seems to be an increasingly dangerous place nowadays. What do you see as the most likely threat my readers may face and need to prepare for?

Wow! There are a lot of things which could literally collapse the world as we know it like a house of cards. However, we must always keep in mind that any of us at any time could be vulnerable to a small localized disaster situation, whether that be fire, tornado, hurricane, flood, earthquake, etc. These alone should be reason enough to take prudent measures. In today’s world the event of a nationwide or even global emergency also needs to be taken seriously. Economies are connected globally and those are prone to collapse as we have seen with Greece, Spain, Portugal and others. Global conflict such as could occur from an attack between Iran and Israel could trigger multiple scenarios, none of which are good. Resources are also strained globally. And of course then you have the rare potential for things such as solar flares, asteroids, super volcanoes, etc. There is just way too much to discuss here. Let’s just say we are living in extremely fragile times right now.

  • What is your opinion on the need to have have firearms as part of a preparedness system?

An absolute must. If you don’t have a gun, get one and learn to use it. You can rest assured the bad people will have them and they will be looking for victims to exploit in any crisis. Protecting yourself and your family needs to be a top priority. Oh, and make sure you have enough ammo too.

  • What’s your opinion: Bug in or bug out?

Always prepare to be mobile no matter what. If you end up being able to bug in then that is great; but you may not be able to decide that fact. So prepare to be able to travel if necessary. A state of martial law, an evacuation order, or any other imminent threat could cause you to have to flee. Always, always prepare to be mobile just in case. And if you can be mobile with all you need within 1 hour, then good job. Sooner is even better.

  • There is a movement among some in the prepper community to create a total lifestyle change involving selling most everything and relocating to one of five Northwestern states (American Redoubt). Any thoughts on the need to do this?

This is a tough one and obviously a highly personal choice. The reality is that disaster can occur almost anywhere. There are a lot of variables, none of which we can 100% predict. I would say that if you can move away from large metropolitan areas, that is a good move. When things truly go bad, large urban environment are going to get real rough. That is all I am going to say on relocation. Use your best judgment and do what you feel led to do.

  • If you had to choose a percentage of income that should be dedicated to preparedness – what would you advice?

You do what you can but this must be done with a sense of urgency and priority. If you try to string out basic preparedness over too long a period, you may need it before you have it. So push hard to get a reasonable level of preparedness as quickly as you can and then steadily contribute to that preparedness over time. It is a continual process but get at minimum a 3 month level of preparedness as quickly as you possibly can. Also make sure you cover all the primary areas of preparedness, not just focus on one. Cover all simultaneously and continually build upon that.

  • Do you have any other projects or anything that you would like for my readers to know about?

I am in the process of writing several more books on the subject of preparedness, diving deeper into several areas and giving steps that people can take right now. I am also writing a fictional work that deals with current events and possible scenarios and follows a family through many real potential situations. This will come out as a series of books with some great characters and hair raising twists and turns.

  • Thanks Brian for doing this interview.

Thank you very much for the opportunity John. It was a real pleasure and I look forward to getting to know you better.

For those looking for more information on Brian, please visit his website – (link removed, site seems to be gone).

To check out Brian’s book, When Things Go Boom! – click HERE.

Take care all –


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