I posted a blurb about a website/information product today and was overwhelmed with negative responses. For those that read the post and visited the site – you’ll know what I am talking about.

Absolutely the website is one big, giant ad – sure. Just like the infomercials you see on TV – the website tries to draw you in to buy their product. Ever watch a P90X 30 minute infomercial late at night or on the weekend? How many of you bought P90X afterwards? Many people have.

Now my point is the method used to attract customers varies due to so many different perspectives out there. What’s important is whether or not after making that decision to purchase if you regret it or not. I wasn’t forcing anyone to buy anything but merely saying that the product was worth looking at.

By the way – I have P90X. It’ a great program. It’s worth the money. I also have the information product from the website I featured in the “blurb”. I think the information was worth the money.

Lastly – a few folks made comments that they felt my showcasing the website changed their opinion of me and ModernSurvivalOnline. I’ll tell you what – if one post about a preparedness information product causes someone to question my integrity and this entire site…..feel free not to return. I value ALL of my readers – even those that disagree with me. Always willing to admit I am not right 100% of the time – but I give it my best shot.

Take care –


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  1. Rourke, you have always done your very best to make sure your readers have the best , current information on the coming hard times and how to survive them. If people take issue with what you have to say, they can always read something else. As for me, I check your blog daily for I always learn something.

  2. I appreciate all you do. I visit several websites, and yours is checked daily. Its in my top 3. You update yours pretty much daily, unlike some others. Presenting opinions is the fair thing to do. When you stop that and only present opinions you yourself believe in, thats when a website starts becoming unbelievable. A famous man once said, ‘ I might not believe in what you say, but I’ll fight for you to say it.’ Or something to that effect. I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say. Take care, -Scott

  3. Rourke,

    There is no such thing as too much information. You do a fantastic job of providing sources for us to explore. No two of us face the same situations or the same need for preparedness for our safety or security. Please do not suffer from the people that do not like what you provide. Each of us must in the end make our own choices. If they do not like what you provide, then they can choose not to do it, complaining if it doesn’t apply to them is irritating and unnecessary. Keep up the good work and know there are a lot of us out here that daily read what you provide for us. Many thanks and your work is appreciated. We should tell you that more often. Sorry.

  4. This, by far, is one of the best sites out there. I’m sure we would all agree that one of the reasons is because you obviously put a lot of effort into it, and that shows! Any time I explore the links, forums, etc for an hour after checking out your post and I guarantee I will learn something useful that I need to know and was unaware of before I started.

  5. If they were offended, that’s their problem. All you are trying to do is be helpful to us. I, for one, am grateful for the knowledge you share with us.

  6. You tell’em John. This is your site. You need to do what you feel is the most valuable at the time. Awareness of information and product is essential to us all. Be who you are brings you in contact with more than I could every hope to know. Thank you for all you do in bring us current and useful information.

  7. I’m interested in learning about ALL of the options out there, and that’s why I subscribe to your alerts. I can’t/don’t always purchase the products, but I still want the information so I can make that decision. Having been a straight commission salesman all of my life, I’m not offended if you or anyone else gets referral fees or commissions on sales of the products/services you show us–that’s how many of us keep a roof over our heads…

  8. Such a great site and to have someone demeanor it, is to bad. How many things in this world can you agree on 100%. Rourke, keep up the good work, I for one enjoy reading your articles.

  9. As bloggers, I think most of us try to be as hoest as possible about products~ and our lives. Every once in a while we back a product/ idea that others just aren’t as passionate about/ don’t like. We have to stick to what we believe in~ regardless.
    Love your blog!!!

  10. I was one of thosebthat said that I didn’t think the infomercial post was up to the quality I have come to appreciate from this site. Never said I would leave for it, but do not feel it was consistent with normal content and a big waste of time to watch a 30 min sales pitch that was intended to scare customers into spending hard earned money. Still like I said in that deleted post, it is your site so post what you want, it was just feedback. I intend to return to the site even if those posts were more common, as I could still find other posts with good info in them.

  11. Rourke

    I read every post you make. You do a great job with content and accuracy. You have made a few mistakes and before or after it was brought to your attention you held yourself accountable when necessary. I have watched the entire PX90 infomercial. I always knew I had a switch to turn it off. The people who were upset today have that same ability. Enough said!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Forget about the haters. I enjoy your posts. Truth needs to be shared and bills have to be paid. Period. People don’t like it, they can go elsewhere. Your stuff is solid with me.

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