Information and Prepping…..Part 1

When developing preparedness plans – information is something that is often overlooked. Obviously learned skills are a must – however having references to learn from as well as to assist in teaching others is very important.

There was a book series years ago called The Survivalist written by Jerry Ahern. The series was about a guy who prepared for a nuclear war and had an underground shelter in the Georgia Mountains. Much of the first several books involve the main character searching for his family. In one of the books there is a very descriptive walk-thru of the shelter. Of course it held all the typical items – weapons, reloading equipment, food, water, extra clothes, etc. The one item that really stood out was the information. Shelves of books, manuals, and documentaries that were stockpiled to teach the children of the future.[Note: In the book the world pretty much ends after the nuclear war – meaning no schools, no classrooms, no college.]

I have been accumulating survival related information for over 20 years. Currently I have most everything backed up onto one of my computers external hard drives. I also have numerous USB thumbdrives as well as CD’s and DVD’s packed with information.

My Survival Library is massive and varies in content. Subjects range from gardening to weapons – I believe this information could become very important and having the ability to access it during a survival situationĀ is challenging……but not impossible.

I feel like I have gotten pretty good with this system – so specifics on my system will be forthcoming in Part 2.

Obviously this blog has many free survival & preparedness downloads – help yourself.

Take care all – Rourke


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  1. I should get my stuff together when it comes to storing electronic data. Maybe a dedicated external hard drive. For grid down stuff I am pretty good. Got lots of various Army manuals and pubs on small unit tactics, survivability, survival etc. Kinda just references for work but I make sure to keep some at home. For other info I buy books that seem useful and then read and store them. They vary widely but I have a decent little collection going.

  2. What’s your plan for maintaining access to your electronic storage during an EMP situation? Electronic storage is cheap & relatively easy…but I get nervous about being able to access it as time goes by, fuel runs out, recharging equipment beaks down, etc.

    • You are correct and I have numerous books and manuals that are printed or bound “just in case” I cannot access my digital info.

      Part 2 will cover more specifics as to accessing the information after TSHTF.

      Thanks for the comment –


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