21 Medical Kit Must Haves for Treating Gunshot Wounds – Infographic

21 Medical Kit Must Haves’ Brought To You
By ThePrepperProject.com

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8 thoughts on “21 Medical Kit Must Haves for Treating Gunshot Wounds – Infographic”

  1. Exc. inf. One must have training to do some extensive
    medical care. American Red Cross offers some good courses. usually local ambulance squads do also.
    Its important to have two people in a group learn these skills in case one gets hurt etc. If things get this intense many people will die. Arlene

  2. i carry 4 CAT’s in my Blow Out Kit. You have four limbs that could require a tie off, think IED, severe auto accident. For gun shot, you need a possible dressing/chest seal for the exit wound site and a large stomach dressing incase of shotgun blast.

  3. I wonder if anyone has any detailed information on treating gunshot wounds where there is no hospital, doctor, etc. I know that they had common knowledge in the “Old West”, but what information is available today to help out for the long term in a “really bad environment”?

  4. This is a great book to get from Amazon. I am a nurse and recommend it highly. It is written by a doctor and a nurse. It has very useful information in it that is easy to understand. My husband, who is not in the medical field really likes this book and has learned a lot from it. One of the best books that you can invest in.

    The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way
    Joseph Alton


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