4 thoughts on “Infographic: Tips for EMP………”

  1. As a licensed telecommunications specialist, I can tell you that some of the items in the list are reasonable, and some are ridiculuous. Simply hanging metal without proper grounding will do nothing to protect against an EMP attack. Likewise, trash cans, filing cabinets and so on that aren’t properly grounded will provide no protection. Faraday screens do not shield or block EMPs, they shunt the energy in an EMP away.

    BTW, LEDs, solar panels, and ballasts in flourescent bulbs will fry in an EMP as well. It would be a real good idea to have at least one incandescent flashlight handy.

  2. Always read that a unplugged microwave makes a good protector against a EMP or Solar Flare – any thurh to that?

    Not the biggest storage device but better than nothing.


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