Infographic: Foreign Aid Around the World

You know…..the government taxes the living $#*% out of us and continues to spend more and more money while taking more and more. It is a never ending cycle of irresponsible fiscal policy that is happening right n front of the American people and there is hardly an uproar. Sure – there are some of us who speak the truth and there are groups (like the Tea Party) as well – but just look at the election results and who continues to get reelected. Pathetic.

Check out this infographic below but be prepared to get pretty frustrated….if you aren’t already.



Foreign Aid


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  1. Yep Rourke,
    I have often wondered about this very subject. The fact is the numbers used in the info graphic are the numbers that the Gov’t uses for public consumption. The true amounts of foreign aid are actually much higher, it’s just like the unemployment numbers and most all other government data… It’s smoke and mirrors, lies and deception.
    If the real truth about the amount of taxpayer dollars spent as foreign aid came into the light there would be a real uproar.
    Sad, just another sign of the direction our once great country is headed. GOD have mercy on us all for we will soon need it!

  2. I maintain that this government has no right to give away my hard earned monies to any nation, business (in the form of bailout) or individual. Charity is the provenance of the church and of the individual. You might be interested in how much this country gave in foreign aid before WWII – and better yet, why.
    Panhandle Rancher

  3. Looking at these top aid recipients, it appears that our spending is line with our current military priorities, along with the ‘winning hearts and minds’ priorities. Not exactly Peace Corps types of spending.

  4. I think that much of our “defense” budget can also be considered to be foreign aid. We provide the shield for many nations, which allows them to save money for their citizens and/or spend it in furthering their own interests. We have provided these shields to western Europe, Japan, and South Korea for decades. We also transfer (give) “surplus” equipment and supplies to out “friends” around the world. This includes weapons, armored vehicles, aircraft, and the like. Although foreign aid may truly be a tiny part of our spending, it still violates the spirit if not the letter of the Constitution.

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