Infographic: Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Courtesy of comes this Infographic representing a basic checklist of preparedness supplies to stock up on in case of a disaster.

A lot of times these types of checklist appear to be very general in nature – which is the intent. Often looking at these lists ideas will be generated and sometimes even something┬áthat was totally forgotten will be realized.

Here is the Emergency Preparedness Checklist Infographic:




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1 thought on “Infographic: Emergency Preparedness Checklist”

  1. Thanks Rourke- good basic list. Today I bought more canning jars and lids that were on sale.
    What skill are any of you learning that is new ? I signed up for a quilting course today that will go for 6 weeks,We will learn hand stitching and machine stitching so I will let you know how it goes.
    May you all have a good and safe Labor Day weekend. Arlene


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