Infographic: Bug Out Bag Checklist

I enjoy looking at some of these “infographics”. Infographics can provoke thought  and educate – but there are some pretty ridiculous ones out there as well. Infographics can be seen on all kinds of things like container gardening, survival skills, food storage, firearms, first aid, camping, shooting, hiking, backpacking, household frugal ideas, etc. The one below on creating a bug out bag I thought was pretty good so I figured I would share.

Any thoughts on “Building Your Bug Out Bag”?




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  1. One thing most people leave off is stationary, envelopes, pens and stamps along with a contact list. You may want to let certain people know where you are and are going. The USPS has plans to continue delivering mail and maybe they can. Even if they can not, everything there is useful except maybe for the forever stamps but they can always be used if shit doesn’t hit the fan.

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