INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Ways Paracord Can Help You In a Pinch


10 Ways Paracord Can Help You In a Pinch

Information Courtesy of: Backdoor Survival

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  1. Your infographic has a serious error- Paracord (550 Cord) [i]will[/i] rot. Actually it degrades when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Also, if not properly dried when wet, it will break easily.

  2. Your sponsors ads are laying over your article on ten uses for paracord blocking the pictures and some of the text. I’m using iPad.

    • Hi Thomas –

      Yeah – that is a problem with the ipad, Kindle and some others that set the width of the web page to a fixed measurement. You can click on the graphic and follow it to its hosted site and probably few it there.

      I did shrink it down by 20% but on my Kindle it is still doing it. Can’t make it too small or you wont be able to read anything.

      Thanks – Rourke

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