Independence Day……

I wrote this a couple years ago. Still holds true today……

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays and this one seems even more meaningful.  I have always identified July 4th with the signing of the Declaration of Independence; declaring freedom and independence from the control of Britain across the ocean.

Why is this Independence Day so meaningful to me? Just look at what has happened to this great country in the past decade – just the past several years.  Over 200 hundred years ago the settlers of the original 13 colony’s, tired of an over-controlled dictatorship of the British kingdom declared independence to be able to set a new course, a new path towards freedom and fair representation. On July 4th (or a historically close date) Adams, Franklin and Jefferson among others signed the Declaration.declaration.of.independence

What would they think today? What would they think of the massive taxes placed on almost every conceivable venue of business and commerce? What would they think of the rules, policies, procedures, and other governing “requirements” that most any citizen must accept and follow to do – well, most anything? Want to start a business? Permits, fees, taxes, licencing. Want to buy a car? Licence, sales tax, property taxes, insurance, inspections. Want to buy a house and land out in the country? Will you every truly own your property? If you do not pay your property taxes every year the government will take the land from you.

What if the government decides that for the greater good a road should go through your backyard? In many states their are laws stating the government can force you to sell your land to them. You will have no choice.

What would Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson think of the “freedom” we live in today? I think they would be appalled. Asking them their opinion on whether or not they would support the government REQUIRING citizens to purchase healthcare insurance – I suspect they would frown being appalled at such an idea. Numerous examples of governments overbearing efforts at control over citizens can be found easily. Towns requiring kid’s to get a permit to set up a lemonade stand is just one example. Another is the ridiculous laws preventing restaurants from placing salt on tables to “protect” us from ourselves. New York City’s recent efforts to control the size of drink cups to be filled with soda is just another intrusion on our freedoms.

Does the government not have better things to do with our tax dollars?

So this Independence Day I am looking at the United States of America with no less patriotism than ever before. I am also looking at the future with a realism that most just won’t stomach – this country is heading downward and I just do not see any method for a reversed course. I am motivated and am doubling my efforts to reach my preparedness goals to be as INDEPENDENT from the need of anything related to government as possible.

Enjoy your Independence Day!



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  1. 8 times I swore an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic. I now often wonder about the domestic part.

  2. Unfortunately, if we continue to do nothing about Obama and the leaches in Congress, all your preparedness goals will mean didly when they pass a law against you efforts and come for your stuff. WE will have truly lost our independence if we, the people, continue to collectively sit on our backsides and wait for the government to fix itself

  3. Ah, yes. The good old days you never knew.

    President George Washington mustered a militia larger than the forces he led in the Revolutionary War to do armed battle with American citizens in an effort to solve a tax problem.

  4. Cheer up Rourke, the “fat lady” ain’t gonna be singing anytime soon…. I got her gagged and tied-up in my basement. Happy 4th everyone!

  5. Everyone in this country needs a good week or 52 weeks of repentance to the lord Jesus. I am saying this because ” China owns the Federal Reserve” and your tax money also goes to them. This is true. So if this is tru and it is. then we all must have pissed off the god of Abraham that used to”Used to ” protect us all,
    So we all need him (the lord) he can do all things. No one with a gun is going to win against this world order of bankers that have destroyed the constitution.

  6. Ricky and all. I agree we must stop the unpatriotic lies and unlawful manipulation that are occurring in the White House and its appointees. Marshall law will be our worst problem.
    The Lord will guide us and protect us if we bring all of our issues to Him. -and takeArlene the quiet time to listen for inspiration. Discernment is a mighty tool. -along with our preps.Arlene

  7. With the climate changes and the increasing storms and volcanoes, tidal waves ,fires and floods ,droughts etc. all governments will be so busy struggling to help citizens survive that they will not have the resources for war. Should we can an EMP from the sun or another country we will be in crises mode. Enjoy the blessings of every day and do all you can to
    be prepared -the terrorists are planning something big soon=probably over NYC. Arlene

  8. Arlene,
    Do you honestly think that the government is doing all of this prepping, planning, and training just incase? Obama`s agenda is to permanently be in charge. Martial law is the only way. The way I see it, even tho the Lord will guide us, we still have a duty to perform and that does not mean storing beans and rice only. We have to remove the bad government and replace it with a good one. We must get back to God and the constitution. Not just some of us but all freedom loving Americans.

  9. I am with you, Rourke! Our Forefathers are rolling over in their graves, to see how greedy, power hungry politicians have ruined our Constitutional Republic. Current leaders have twisted the original intent of the brilliant documents that laid a foundation for this nation. I think the 2nd Amendment has been a frequent victim of self serving Presidents and Congressional representatives. Attacked just as much is reference to God. This nation was built on Judeo/Christian values. If we are to save the country from falling victim of the Globalist/Communist/Socialist movement, or prevent it from Moslem takeover from withing, we need a return to Judeo/Christian FAITH in our hearts, and guns in our hands. Barry and his Marxist/Moslem minions know this. That’s why they are constantly attempting to demean organized religion and always looking for ways to take our guns!

  10. Gunner-k, I also an oath to the Constitution more than once, I no longer wonder about the domestic part happening but when it is going to happen. Rourke, keep up the good work.

  11. Ricky,Yes I agree. Obama is acting like a malevolent King and he needs to be dethroned- impeached immediately. We have been prepping since 1997. When I meant was that there are many variables that can cause localized or world crises very quickly. Arlene

  12. Arlene,
    Just to stay on the Obama subject for a little longer, Who is going to impeach him? Congress, fat chance. they are all in the same boat. Enuff said from me, best of wishes to all.

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