We have all heard of “BOB” bug out bag, “GHB” get home bag, “GOOD” get out of dodge bag, and about a dozen”other” types of bag.  Each member of my family has a “INCH” bag, (I’m Never Coming Home).  

Why an INCH bag, when I live in a rural area, on top of a mountain with a good water source?  Our bug out location is our home, family members from other states will be bugging out to my location.  Just about every home in our area has two things, a dog and weapons and the will to defend and protect our families.  So why have an INCH bag for every member of your family?

There are many good reasons, Roaming Gangs, Rogue Militia Groups, Military Units both foreign or domestic.  Anyone of these in overwhelming numbers could cause you to flee to protect your loved ones.

Redundancy is built into our bags, so that when the SHTF, and a major firefight breaks out, and every thing goes to hell, when the adults are fully engaged in combat, trying to protect our families, and the kids get scared and run for their lives, they may panic and forget to go, or are unable to reach their rally point.  Each child will have everything they need to survive hiding in the woods.

Each child’s bag contains: two knives, bivy bag (camo), poncho liner (camo), water filter, canteen cup and two canteens, 3 to 7 days of food, matches, first aid kit.  The bare minimum for survival.  Teens and adults each have a bag designed for their age, health, and physical condition.  I am the oldest member of our group and my bag is lighter then the kids bag, because I have a ruptured disk in my back, and I can no longer carry a heavy load.

Each bag has to be customized for the person carrying it, there are trade offs to be made based on age, health, physical condition.  The simple fact is that you can not carry every item you would like to have.  So concentrate on survival not comfort.  If you are military age and in good physical condition you may be able to handle a 80 to 100 pound  rucksack, a small child may only be able to carry five pounds.  

To defend our selves, our weapons are layered.  Each adult and teen, will have their main battle rifle, should the rifle fail for any reason, each person will have a pistol as back up.  If the pistol runs out of bullets each person has a large can of bear spray, once the spray is used up, each person has a minimum of two knives and as many as six knives/swords.  My wife has two butterfly swords, she can take your arm or head off in one swing.  Every member of our family except me, is trained in the martial arts in case it comes down to hand to hand combat.

Prepare while you still can, buy one item every payday, it will quickly add up.  

Concentrate on basic survival first, backpack, water, food, medical, sleeping bag,  then guns and ammo.  Once the basics are covered look at long range survival items like heirloom seeds, solar and what ever else you feel you need.

And when the SHTF and TEOTWAWKI comes, don’t let the evil you see around you, bring you down to its level, be a sheep dog, help those you are able to help.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated, stock extra food to help someone that may have lost everything.  Even a seasoned prepper, can lose every thing they spent years stockpiling from fire or the aftermath of war.

May God be with you all.



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  1. Great post John,

    Following your line of thought, I created several buried caches in the woods a couple miles or so from my house. These caches have weapons, ammo, commo, clothing, food, snares, money, and water/filters sufficient for my family to remain in the region or to reach a pre-designated and more remote alpine redoubt. Longer term supplies are cached near the redoubt so that nothing is on site to indicate its purpose.

    The rationale here is to have the means to eventually recon, surveil, and hopefully retake the property. The nearby caches provide a secure well of supplies that need not be carried or even located in the heat of a mad minute forced departure. We have our BoBs of course but with caches, their loss is of less concern.

    Everyone should be making like squirrels. I find much peace in having cached supplies spread out over the region of my normal travels. A properly prepared cache offers more security than the best banking institution and several can provide a diversity of resources.

    There are few better countermeasures to perilous times.


  2. I think, plan and operate somewhat like you guys, John and PR! I have multiple bags set up for each family member.In my SUV, I keep a small “Get Home Bag” with the most basic necessities: Knife, saw, water container/ filter/purification tablets, fire starter, SOL Bivvy, All Weather Blanket and first aid items. Each Get Home Bag is centered around a particular weapons system: Ruger 10/22 Takedown, AR-7 Survival Rifle, Rossi Circuit Judge and Governor revolver. In our house, we each have a Bug Out Bag that contains mostly clothes and food, with a few survival items and tools. I anticipate these bags as a “grab-n-go” item if we were evacuating our home in a hurry ahead of a storm, or disaster like a chemical spill on the highway. The primary use is geared toward staying indoors (family/friend’s house or hotel) away from the danger area. Finally, I have rucksacks for all of us that are set up with camping/survival stuff, if we anticipate staying outside. Our INCH plan would be combining the Bug Out Bag and ruck. Ideally, we will throw the stuff in my vehicle. If we’re walking away from our home, I have a garden cart and a hand truck that converts to a 4 wheel dolly to pull our supplies. I also have a few small caches set up. Forgive me, but I am reluctant to say too much about them on the internet, other than they each have at least one survival rucksack with camping/outdoor items. The thought here is that we may not make it home to get our main gear. Anyway, I hope and pray we don’t need them! GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

  3. Irish,

    The best thing I found about my takedown Ruger 10/22 was the nylon bag. The Bushmaster 5.56mm ‘pistol’ is a perfect fit. I used a black magic marker to subdue the red Ruger trademark and filled the pockets with useful odds and ends. The velcro internal pouches are full of magazines. This whole thing fits neatly into an extra tall paper sack that rests often on the back seat floorboard. The 10/22 ended up ‘somewhere else.’

  4. I turned the Ruger 10/22 Takedown pack into a survival kit as well. I am copying and pasting below. I hope the format is legible!

    2. SLING, PARACHUTE CORD – Military, 550 type.
    3. BX-25 & HC3R MAGAZINES – 3 Each, 1 HC3R, all loaded w/40 grain .22LR. (Outside Pouch)
    4. MILITARY PONCHO – Camouflage, woodland pattern
    5. NAVY SEALS FIXED BLADE – Full tang, 5” blade.
    6. 200 RDS .22 LR – 1x100rd box + 2x50rd boxes.
    7. KNIFE SHARPENER – Coarse & fine ceramic edges.
    8. PACK OF JOLT GUM – Prevent caffeine headaches
    9. SOS FOOD BAR – 3600 Calorie.
    11. MEDICATIONS – 1 Day
    13. PLIER / MULTI-TOOL– with saw (Outside)
    14. LOCK BLADE KNIFE – With case & multi-tool
    15. D-RING – Outside)
    16. M16 RIFLE CLEANING KIT – (Outside)
    17. ZIPLOCK BAGS – For stuff in Survival Canteen
    18. BANDANA – Several uses as bandage, sweatband, water filter, towel, etc.
    19. SURVIVAL CANTEEN – Containing: 10 band-aids, whistle/compass, flashlight with AA batteries, space blanket, poncho, mini pocket knife and a box of waterproof matches.
    20. SURVIVAL CAN – Containing: whistle/compass, box of waterproof matches,candle, surgical blade, 36’ duct tape, 3 safety pins, 5 wound closure strips, 18×12” foil, ziplock bag, 50’ fishing line, 4 hooks, 4 sinkers, 8” snare wire and a survival guide.
    21. EMERGENCY OUTDOOR DOUBLE-SIDED BLANKET – From (Sensible Prepper “Sootch” video)

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