Important Announcement: Berkey Systems now being sold in California

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New Millennium Concepts has reevaluated their position on Berkey® Products shipped to CA and have made a Decision:

Sales of the following systems are now available to customers in the state of California:

Berkey Light™ 2 filter systems (With or without LED lights)
Travel Berkey®
Go Berkey Kit®
Sport Berkey®
Black Berkey Elements
PF2 Fluoride & Arsenic Filter Elements
SuperSterasyl™ Elements
PF4 Fluoride & Arsenic Filter Elements
Replacement parts

Here’s an excerpt of the communication we received from New Millennium Concepts, releasing the products mentioned above:

As you know we withdrew sales from the California marketplace when their lead free regulations went into affect. At that time it was our, as well as many other firms, opinion that the Lead Free regulations were too ambiguous, the requirements were too cost prohibitive and that the compliance requirements made it virtually impossible for small and medium sized companies, domiciled outside the state of California, to be in compliance.

Since that time however, the state of California has defined with greater specificity the requirements pertaining to this regulation. In reviewing the updated information…we have come to the conclusion that Berkey free standing water filtration and purification systems do not fall within the scope of those regulations.

Although the above-mentioned systems are now available for delivery to our California customers, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. offered this additional information on why the remaining Berkey® Systems (Big Berkey®, Royal Berkey®, Imperial Berkey®, Crown Berkey®, British Berkefeld) WILL NOT ship to CA:

It is important to note that California has other regulations that may affect some of our products. Those regulation prohibit the making of any health claims, such as the removal of pathogenic bacteria, on residential filtration systems. However, they do not apply to water filtration systems for use in outdoor and sporting applications.

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