I Miss America…….

A few years before his death, I asked my father if he ever regretted leaving England after WWII and emigrating to the United States of America.  He told me that even with the troubles here (9-11, poor economic outlook, big and growing Federal Government) that he would never go back.  When I ask him why, he simply said “I would never want to be a Subject again”.  I have thought about this statement many times since then and as I have become more educated on our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the freedoms that our founding fathers fought for, I have come to the following conclusion.  We are close to becoming subjects of a new emperor, and by our own actions as well.

america2-230x300Benjamin Franklin once told a lady when asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention of 1787 had given us, “A republic if you can keep it” (Dr. James McHenry, Delegate of Maryland) was his reply.  Have we kept it?  I would argue that we may be very close to giving it away.  People who are subjects are either born into it, or are a conquered people.  Conquered by subjects of their ruler, and thus joining the ranks his conquering subjects.  For decades we have been told that our military is “Making the world safe for democracy”, and yet what is democracy but mob rule, or a ‘mob-ocracy’?  With our current government creating a society dependent on handouts, welfare, and subsidy are they not creating a class who cannot exist without those enable them to remain on the dole?  With open borders, and promises of aid, and assistance to “all” whether citizen or not, the numbers of those who consume yet produce nothing are on the rise.  With a President who has promised to address the immigration issues before summers end, and now decided to wait until after the elections, the deck continues to be more stacked in the favor of those who wish to push us further away from the fundamentals our country was founded upon.  To push us further under the rule of he who would be king.

If the political party of dependency continues to grow, and elect more and more ‘representatives’ who will continue to take from the producers and give to the consumers, does this not create mob rule?  If we are not allowed to confirm that those who are electing these people are even citizens, or we do not investigate election corruption when over 100% of voters show up to vote, are we not essentially surrendering in this conflict and becoming conquered peoples and joining the ranks of subjects?

I recognize that there are those Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and Patriots among us who are willing to go into the breach once more to defend the Constitution, but I wonder at what cost.  To take that step we would have to accept the fact that our highest court of the land has become so lost that they no longer hold the Constitution to be the highest law of the land.  That interpretation is based upon their political views or their loyalties.  We would have to believe that the people who had been elected have abandoned the Constitution and Bill of Rights completely, and that there is no other way to regain our liberty.  Have we come to that point?

If so who will claim leadership of the fight to regain our liberties?  Who would be the first to raise their fist and yell “Follow me!”?  Who could rally people together for the cause of freedom?  We often read about people who are ready to bug out, or who have moved to their isolated retreats because they see the clouds forming on the horizon.  Patriots of the past didn’t hide and try to wait out the battle, but that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.  What if we all head for the hills to let the first wave pass, and then when we finally leave our arks, we find that any good and decent people are long gone, and all that is left is those who willingly surrendered themselves into slavery (FEMA Camps or worse)?  What if we emerge to find out we need to learn a new national language because our debt was such that the creditors simply walked in and carved up the United States into small pieces to divide between them?

We recently learned that the elected leaders are within a hairs breadth of gutting the 1st Amendment with new legislation to make it easier for them to pass laws based on Mob-rule instead of using the republican form of government our founding fathers gave us.  We have been fighting to keep our Second Amendment rights for so long, and if they now can eliminate the First Amendment then it will be much easier to eliminate the Second.  What happened to the George Washington’s, the Thomas Paine’s, the Ronald Reagan’s of the world?  Are they gone?  Is the Great Experiment at an end?  I don’t know, but I do miss America.

I could go on, but instead let me simply ask a question?  “What do we do now, run for this hills, become conquered subjects of a new socialist state, or enter the breach?”

Brad M


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12 thoughts on “I Miss America…….”

  1. There is an article in today’s Yahoo News that says Maduero (Chavez’s replacement) in Venezuela is ordering the disarming of all citizens to “lower the murder rates” in the country. We need to take careful notice of what is going on in this socialistic country, because it is a herald of what is coming next for us if we don’t wake up. The best way to keep disgruntled and disenchanted citizens quiet is to remove their means of rebellion. He is sending the army into the streets and homes to accomplish this folks…. be very afraid!

  2. Sometimes I wonder what it will take and why haven’t we already gone into the breach. I feel it’s a twofold answer. First, I feel most of us, even the most hardened continue to hope for a bright future and are at this point unwilling to loose the dogs of conflict upon our very streets. Secondly, I feel the “tipping” point is when they come for our guns, BUT I think they know that. What do they care if you have a weapon as long as you continue to conform to every other rule they subject you to. All the while keeping the specter of striking down the 2nd amendment alive as a measure of control. I may be wrong, but I fear either way we are in it deep. Something to ponder.

  3. Brad,

    I have to say, your opening paragraph was captivating. I’m not one to read this type of site, and honestly, I consider myself extremely liberal. But I was watching PBS’s recent 10 hour long video series about The Roosevelts (http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/films/the-roosevelts, Highly reccommend at least watching the first episode!) and a lot of what you’re saying resonates so strongly with the our nations history. People like (Teddy) Roosevelt lived by the articles of our nation and personified them to the fullest.

    Then again, you have to admit the world is a different place now. You have to admit that technology has changed the game. People can make money writing their feelings on a blog. The Great Experiment might be over man. But you pose a good question to your readers, because, yes, I do believe it’s time for new founding fathers to step up and help us figure this stuff out. And the people currently in Washington…they are NOT the right people. Unfortunately, you’re right again. Maybe it’s too late and the power is concentrated in the hands of too few.

  4. I spoke with a naturalized citizen from Columbia today (I’m in Houston for the week). She railed against those on the dole and opined the US was losing its national identity by allowing so many Mexican illegal immigrants into the country,


    • Panhandle Rancher –

      The ability to have an educated perspective certainly can provide unique insight. I have hard similar things from many that come from oppresses countries.

  5. Brad, I’m sympathetic to your worries, many share them, and undoubtedly these worries have deepened considerably in recent years. I would like to offer you a few of my thoughts on some of what you raised in your article. 1st, we are still blessed with the America of old, though strained and tattered and with some of its seams showing, America is still the best hope for free people. Yes, I know… we have problems, very serious problems that we absolutely must deal with and they must be dealt with politically, there is no other way. Go with the “breach” and you go mostly alone.

    Brad, there’s no Rebel Alliance hiding in middle america waiting for the 1st shot to be fired. There’s no revolutionary army, and no leaders foolish enough to attempt to lead one if there were. However, there is a Resistance, small but growing, and they don’t care about revolt. What they care about is how much the government leaves them in their check, how high their taxes are, what those taxes are being squandered on, whether they can dare to attempt a better life, educate and raise their family, and if they can make it to retirement without needing to dine on the dog’s food in their later years or die between now and then from a lack of decent medical care. I’m a card carrying member of this group, though frustrated with their lack of incite and involvement, they’re coming around… maybe…

    I understand that politics is a dirty word and a nasty business (just 10 minutes past my own wife complained that she was sick of politics) but it is the key to everything. Get it wrong and you end up as 1933 Germany or today’s North Korea. Get it right and you get our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    There is a fairly sound theory called “The Chill Factor”, It’s mine so you likely never heard of it before… it’s based on the fact that though people may think and respond differently, given motivation, they will join together in a common desire. In simple terms: Take a group of 30 people outside on a Fall late afternoon. The sun is setting and the air is brisk. The lower the sun sets the colder it gets. First just a few start to feel the cold seeping in, but as the sun fades more and more feel the biting cold. Given enough time everyone will feel the chill. I know this is simplistic but…

    There is opportunity as more and more grow discontent with what is happening in this country. There’s no guaranty that we can fix things to our satisfaction, or at all… but what other choice is there?Storm the castle walls and it’s a short and messy end.

  6. @John Gault, I agree with what you said about there not being a Rebel Alliance, Group Think, and especially that these United States of America are still the land of the free and the home of the brave. My hope in writing this was to get people to ask themselves if they are a armchair activist, or if they are willing to stand up and fight for our freedoms. I don’t think we are at the point of open armed rebellion or insurrection, but if aren’t actively trying to help get our country back on course we will be in serious trouble in short order. I believe that if we don’t help educate people and get and stay educated on important matters ourselves, then we are no better than the voter who goes to the polls and plays eenie meenie miney mo (criminal in my opinion). Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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