Umarex EBOS Fully Automatic BB Machine Gun Review

Just in case of a zombie squirrel attack – I have taken steps to prepare to protect my family. Introducing the UMAREX EBOS fully automatic BB machine gun.

The EBOS (which stands for Electronic Burst of Steel) is just plain fun! Running at a cost of a little over $100, this airgun provides a lot of fun and a decent amount of protection against zombie squirrels for the money.

Umarex EBOS BB machine gun

Here are some specifications:

  • Built-in 24 round magazine
  • 1, 4, or 8-shot burst
  • Powered by 88g CO2 Tank
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries
  • High velocity – 540 fps

The built in reservoir holds between 300-400 rounds. In order to fire the gun – there is a spring loaded “magazine” that you charge with 24 shots by pulling back a spring loaded lever. BB’s fall into the space opened by the spring. Once the space is full – you release the spring and the BB’s fall under tension to provide for secure feeding.

The gun is turned on and off by a simple switch on one side. Additionally there is a switch which you move to select between single shot, 4 shot burst, and 8 shot burst. On the other side of the gun – another switch allows you to choose the cyclic rate. 3 positions allow a selection of  300, 400 or 500 rpm.

The UMAREX is powered by an 88-gram CO2 cartridge. The 88-gram cartridge is not the typical smaller CO2 cartridge which is normally thought of when it comes to air guns. This cartridge can power the EBOS for more than 300 shots.

Umarex EBOS BB machine gun in hand

This is a simple to use and really neat air gun to shoot. In firing over 400 shots so far – I have had no problems at all. I have had a few observations:

  • Accurate – the sight radius is very short – however I had no problem shooting accurately at 30 feet. I plan an addition of a red dot sight which I believe will not only increase accuracy –  but the ease of target acquisition. I am going to have to use a riser on the picatinny rail in order for the red dot to clear the BB reservoir.
  • Fire rate and performance – The cyclic rate is adjustable for good reason. If firing a fast cyclic rate in 8 shot burst or 4 shot burst over and over again – the CO2 will get cold and velocity will decrease. This can be very noticeable. I had good luck shooting single shot as well as 4 shot burst set at 400 or 500 rpm. As long as a second or two are allowed between bursts – the gun does very well.
  • Velocity – Velocity is decent – it is what it is. 540 fps is not going to bag you a large rabbit – that is not what it is for. For fun and target shooting – simply awesome.
  • Build– The gun feels fairly durable – although I would not want to drop it on concrete or get it wet. Electronics are involved – so water certainly would not be compatible.

Overall – this gun is great fun to shoot. Spraying out BBs at over 500 fps into a target with the tactical looks and feel of this air gun is simply awesome.

Highly recommended.

Take care all –


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3 thoughts on “Umarex EBOS Fully Automatic BB Machine Gun Review”

  1. Looks awesome Rourke. You always find a way to have fun while being practical! lol I know there are a lot of squirrels in S.C. that are runnin’ for their lives right about now.

  2. All joking aside, this would be an excellent way to teach younger family members about firearms without too much risk to themselves or others.



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