I hate mosquitoes!!!!!!

Olive Drab ThermaCELL

Here in the hot and humid Southeast – mosquitoes are plentiful and can grow very big. I once saw a mosquito carry off a small cat. Yeah……they get big.

When conditions are right just being outside can be miserable. I had heard from some hunter-friends about something called a ThermaCELL. With the weather turned warm and time outside on the increase – I decided to pick up one of these devices as an attempt to wage war against these nuisances.

Olive Drab ThermaCELL

I ordered a ThermaCELL from Amazon.com along with a refill pack. Certainly not cheap – but if it works it will be worth it. I absolutely hate the smell of mosquito spray. The package arrived approx 6 days after ordering.

Opening the box I found the ThermaCELL and was impressed with the build/quality of the device. I read the instructions (yes – I am a man and I actually read the instructions). I installed the butane cartridge as well as the scent pad – flipped the switch to “ON” and pressed the ignited. I could hear the butane running but was not sure if it was lit. After a few minutes I noticed a orange glow when looking down into the unit from the top – it was running!!!!

That evening I went outside to try out the ThermaCELL. Sitting on the patio I placed the ThermaCELL on a table to see the results. Mosquitoes were flying around my garden (recently watered) as well as near my rain barrel which is located on the edge of the patio. Within approx 10-15 minutes – there were no mosquitoes on the patio around my wife and I – NONE! I was pretty impressed.

Now – for full disclosure – it had no effect on the stupidhouse fly’s that were buzzing my head as I tried to eat my supper. But for mosquitoes – it had the desired effect.

Since then I have used it numerous times and it has worked well. If it is windy out – I could see that it may not have the potency as the wind will carry the scent away.  Of note – when I say scent – it is orderless to humans and animals.

$24.75 plus FREE SHIPPING at last check. Holster are available as well. For more information follow this link: ThermaCELL Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent Device .

Take care all –


Camo ThermaCELL


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  1. Please let us know how long the cartridges and pads last. If we want to purchase this, buying a year supply would probably be a good idea. I noticed the refill had four cartridges and 12 pads. Are the cartridges refillable or throw-away?

    • Each cartridge comes with 3 pads. I have found the pads last approx 3-4 hours. The cartridges – about 12 hours although I really haven’t kept track.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. That sounds like a very good idea. It has been exceptionally wet here this year and I suspect that the mosquitoes will be rampant this year. Here in the rockies we get small ones put they sure do pack a punch when they get you. I will have to look into getting one before they start to come out in force.

  3. I have used a Thermacell in New Brunswick, Canada while bear hunting and it keeps away the black flies. Although the burn time is a constant, the wind conditions will affect how long the repelling effect lasts. I got about 6 hours of bug free time, but my hunting stand was well shielded from the wind.

    One caution though, I had a friend ( on the same bear hunt) who was using his Thermacell while sitting under a tree umbrella. The smoke collected under the umbrella and he ended up getting light headed and slightly sick. The fumes can be dangerous when in an enclosed space.


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