I can see it coming…..


I can see it.

I can see the countless stories of kids lemonade stands being shut down due to local governments requiring permits. I can see towns fining people who back into their driveways rather than pull in to expose their license plate. Of course the town officials must make sure that all vehicles are registered and not left just sitting in the home owners driveway.

I can see tax bills arriving to the “owner” of every single piece of property  across the nation. If the taxes are not paid – regardless of the amount – the property will be taken by the government which sent the bill. I can see people getting fired from their jobs for exercising their 1st Amendment rights due to “political correctness”. Recently a police officer was fired for wearing underwear displaying the Confederate flag.

I can see Chaplains in the military losing their careers for refusing to carry out same-sex marriages which is against their religious beliefs. I can see a nation celebrating the “courage” of a sports legend changing his gender meanwhile soldiers missing limbs from IED’s not only survive but thrive to compete in extreme sports competitions.

I can see a school in North Carolina who forced a student to remove the word “God” from a poem she wrote. I can see schools who allow teachers to form groups of black-only students whereby white-only groups are disallowed.

I can see an invasion of this country being carried out with little being done about it. Both sides in Congress state they want to stop illegal immigration yet nothing is done and the invasion continues.



Sheeple is a term used to liken people to sheep, a herd animal. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical thinking or analysis.   They undermine their own individuality and may willingly give up their rights.



I can see a teacher in New Jersey getting fired for giving a student a bible as the student did not have one…..and wanted one. I can see an evil, pathetic white person killing 9 black people in a church and pictures of him are seen holding a Confederate flag. I can see the Confederate flag being banned and ridiculed more than the person who committed the awful crime. I can see stores banning the selling of the historic Confederate flag while they continue to sell items(Nazi flags) that are offensive to many.

I can see a country where bills are passed in Congress before they are even capable of being read. I can see a country in which the Congressional representatives represent special interests and corporations rather than the people which elect them.

I can see volunteer Chaplains at a police department in Charlotte, NC being told the word “Jesus” is banned from their speech while on government property. I can see a Federal government who is not allowed to link Islam with terrorism due to the love the President has of Islam.

I can see a country which the White House is lit up with the colors of the rainbow after the Supreme Court decides that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. I can see a White House that was neither lit up with the colors of the American flag nor sent any representatives to the funeral of hero Chris Kyle.

I can see banners and clothing that states “Black Power” however if you criticize that clothing you are called a racist. I can see a country in which a group of students at a college are told to “move along” by security after passing out copies of the Constitution……on Constitution Day.

I can see a country where a cloud of false and biased informed travel across its shores daily via the Liberal mainstream media. I can see a country where the Sheeple believe most anything they are told via the Internet, radio, or TV media – and have no rationale as to the possibility that the truth may be something quite different.

I can see a country where it’s more and more obvious that neither political party offers real solutions and Liberty has become obsolete – and undervalued.



1. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.


Folks – a line has been crossed. We have reached the precipice. The attack on Liberty and those who believe in the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers started over 230 years ago is well under way. Our way of life is changing and not for the better. Government is overspending by trillions of dollars putting us all in debt as well as our children, grandchildren, and even our great grandchildren. Our government sends millions and millions of dollars overseas to countries that hate us and then continues to overtax Americans here.

Let me make this simple:

It’s “WE THE PEOPLE”. WE are this country – not the politicians or the government. They are supposed to work for us and not rule over us. They are supposed to follow the Constitution – not trample over it.

Freedom is slipping away from us but let me say this – WE are strong. When I say “WE?” I am referring to Patriots – people that love freedom and believe in Liberty. We may have our differences but I firmly believe that when it comes down to it Patriots will band together to defend the Constitution and fight against those who are destroying this country.

I have said it before and do not have all the answers but those of us who are like-minded and are preparing for what is coming need to network. When the collapse starts we need to be there for eachother.

So – I can see difficult times ahead. Times which may pit American against American as sides are chosen. One side you have the Patriots which believe in Liberty, freedom, and individual responsibility – while on the other side you have those who believe that government is required to provide equality to all and it is the duty of government to make certain that no one is in need. I hope it can be avoided and representatives will be elected to make the hard decisions required to get us on the track to being great again.

What can you see?













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13 thoughts on “I can see it coming…..”

  1. Do we truly own our property/home? I thought it was controlled and ruled by city/County/State governments. Put a sign up purporting your 1st Amendment rights, and see how long it takes for some A-hole to file a legal complaint against you, trifling on their rights/views. Why are only Anglo-Saxons referred to as Americans? If your from another country of a descendant of a foreign country, you place that country ahead of American. Did our forefathers claim to be British-Americans? A flag is but a piece of cloth used as a rallying symbol. Will a rainbow flag become hated because of what it stands for? I never thought the SCOTUS would lower their constitutional standards to accommodate a separate society. ISIS has more propaganda to support their causes now!

  2. I can see the time for talk ending, and the time for action coming. . . . we can talk all the way to the gas chamber or internment camp. . . . . I believe there is no way politically for change anymore. . . if you think there is still hope/time for a change via the ballot box, you are either blind or living in a dream world. the few politicians that still have any stones are few and far between, there are not enough of them to make a difference.

    • Rick – lets hope that a few of those that have the stones get elevated to the position of President. At a minimum that could slow the collapse down and provide more time to prepare and network.

  3. We must all pray harder My heart is also very heavy and all that you have all said makes sense. WE mUST
    elect someone as President who will honor our Constitutional rights.
    What the h is wrong with this Supreme court-they are just out of control.. Arlene


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