I am not Surprised…

The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest. It was written in response to my request for more guest posts for the current ongoing contest as I have not received very many entries.

Summer Rose
October 11, 2013
Well, I am not surprised there is a dearth of guest posts for the writing contest on MSO.  It could be a case of sheer overwhelm and overload. There is so much coming to a head and converging,  and things are changing so rapidly, it is breathe taking.
Where does one focus first?
I have been anticipating this weekend for many reasons. We have the truckers’  Ride for The Constitution. There is the Veterans
Rally around the war monuments. There is the worldwide Rally Against Monsanto.  I live 85 miles from DC and have wondered whether to pile into the car with my T2SDA  (Truckers to Shut Down America) sign in my car and go see history. One problem is that the rain has been nonstop terribly, torrential, (is this an accident?), and I just got back from a four hour round trip to that area yesterday which was stressful enough. In general the traffic is bad. Do I want to go out today and sit on the beltway? Will the sign in my window make it all worthwhile, and make a difference?
Do I call all the local news stations this weekend, and badger them to make this news mainstream? They know exactly what is going on. They have their own plans to twist it all against the protesters involved. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that backfire on them, when the public finally sees how the MSM has not been serving them? That has to happen anyway. Why not sooner, rather than later?
Anyone feel like writing about the Shutdown, Debt Ceiling, Implications? Not me.
Or maybe I should be withdrawing cash from my bank account today and heading to the local coin exchange for more silver eagles. This in itself can be a challenge with silver continually being hammered. It takes courage to break through the intended psychological discouragement being created around precious metals. Call your main stream financial advisor. I guarantee he will practically laugh if you suggest that you might like to withdraw IRA money and purchase gold or silver to hold in your hand. “You would pay penalty and tax to do that? Metals are down 25% ytd. Think again!”  I was at the coin dealer yesterday, and he pulled out his smart phone to show me the invoice for silver that was close to $250,000, for one customer alone. Apparently a 74 year old man had decided to cash out all of his accounts and get completely out of cash. Wow. Great.  A man of conviction!  I have noted that silver has dropped in the last couple of days. That doesn’t matter much on five or ten rolls of Eagles. When you are buying 100,000 ounces,  one has to think that there are advantages to cost averaging. But then, he may be one of those guys taking seriously the fact that we may be waking up one day (soon) and finding our bank accounts have been Cyprused, or the banks are on holiday while they are re-setting our currency. (Did anyone else happen to feel the Panama bank holiday was getting to close to home, recently?) Or the GridEX ll drill has wiped us all out. In any of those cases, that dude will be feeling pretty darn good about his decision, regardless of whatever fluctuations there have been to the downside. He had clearly had it, and was beyond even caring about the price anymore. He wants an asset that he will have in his hands. (I must say, I have to wonder where this guy is going to be storing that stash. Hope he has a smart plan. Not sure I would feel comfy with that down in my basement, and doesn’t keeping it a bank vault kind of defeat the purpose?)
One of my piano students came in last Monday, and she works for the government, for the Park Service. She came in, and from the week before, where she paid me in advance, and was optimistic she might be off work for maybe a day, what a change.
She came in, in tears, her world was clearly being rocked. Our one hour lesson became an hour and a half, as I broke out my super soft as silk rex bunny, and put it in her lap to hold. I realized a lot of people are going to be hit hard with insights and unsettling revelations that many of us have been aware of for a long time. AND IT IS STILL UNSETTLING, every day! For God’s sake, it is a current onslaught, never ending.  Hard to get up and rally, when you find the government may have injected nano particles into the food and water system, and they can now turn on a frequency switch at anytime so that we drop from flu symptoms and die. Even if one takes it with a grain of salt, that’s creepy. And the point is, these days, it all gets so creepy, who’s to know that the weirdest stuff isn’t all what’s really happening in the middle of this huge battle that is just ramping up by the moment? I mean, isn’t stuff just super WRONG right now?
So in the face of all the extremes, it doesn’t surprise me that no one is writing a little gem on canning, re-loading or how to keep the stinkbugs from peeing on the tomatoes. Who cares today, about using lint from the dryer as a fire starter? Definitely not moi.
If the biblical rain lets up, I do plan to go to the Monsanto event tomorrow. Otherwise, I have decided how I want to use my time this weekend.  I will be home praying. Praying like I have never prayed before. Please, God, let there be PEACE this weekend. Keep our protesters safe. Let the points be made.Let there be ears to HEAR.  Let Americans finally wake up. Let the consciousness finally shift. Please let it be possible to have some happy break, with the idea that it will be possible to take back our once beautiful country. To realize that we could be a day or two away from Tiananmen Square here in our nation’s capitol is unthinkable and unacceptable. Yup. I will be down on my knees this October 11,12 and 13. I can’t help but consider these days hugely historic, with outcomes critical.
God Bless the Truckers, Vets, and All Americans participating in changing history this weekend. And PLEASE GOD, May we remember WHO WE ARE and Rise…..

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  1. I could not agree more, Rourke, with this submission…I would love to write a piece for the site, but I am way more focused on what may be coming our way with the upcoming GridEx exercise and trying to be ready for that. I have offered to write more over at @seasonedcitizenprepper and can’t even focus on that right now. If we make it past the GridEx exercises, perhaps I can focus enough to create a submission.

  2. Summer Rose, you shouldn’t be surprised at the number of those who feel the same as you, it’s a large number, and ever growing… how could it not be growing.

    I don’t invest in silver or gold but in the precious metals that encase fruits, vegetables and various meats. In the future I can’t say whether an ounce of silver or a 15oz can of pear halves will be worth, but I can guess which might be worth more to me.

    It has been said that the future is made by those who care for it. Note that it doesn’t say that the future is made by those who care -about- it, but by those who care “for” it… big difference. I suspect that many more will be forced to care “for” it in time.

    I take considerable comfort in this: Grasp strongly those things you hold dear and shed from your life the complexities of the world around you. Live for your dreams and wake up every morning smiling and thinking “another day in paradise.”

  3. I do not know what tomorrow holds, I can’t even speak for today.

    But I do know WHO holds tomorrow, and HE has not abdicated from HIS Throne. Nor shall HE ever do so.

  4. Summer Rose- take heart- you are not alone!! there are thousands of us out here, who, although we are not as articulate as you, feel the same, have the same worries, and wonder the same things- we must continue on.


    I started prepping within the last couple of years primarily for the next earthquake to hit the California’s bay area. I have started saving food and water and plan to bug-in if my house is still standing after such an event.

    Lately my concern has changed to what other crisis will happen before any quake. Over the weekend I went to a local prepper event to listen to an instructor from a survival school. Most of the information was more of the same, but two sections mentioned in passing caught my attention. The main one was urban warfare. The group I am in has done a class on swords and long knives up to 36 inches. While this was helpful it didn’t cover shorter blades most often used in urban settings. The main reason was no one felt qualified to teach it.

    I can only speak for myself when I say my concerns these days are how to survive any initial violence, how not to be rounded up since I don’t have any bug out options and how to recognize the signs of SHTF before it is too late so I can do last minute prepping by removing what I can from the bank. Let’s face it, if you don’t survive the initial phase of the crisis all the prepping in the world won’t help.

    When I was growing up the idea that countries could go bankrupt was fiction; so was the idea that I might have to defend myself and mine against our own government. There was a stat listed on the tv that there are over 300,000 preppers in America. I believe the number is much greater when you count all of us that have not had the resources to go big with our preps. But most of all I would like to think it will be surprising how many patriots will come out of the woodwork when the time comes.

    I don’t know if this gives you any insight as to why your contest is getting a lot less participation this time around. Like I said I can only write about myself, and lately I have been scanning the news and the multiple sites I follow trying to determine if ‘it’ has started.

    I would like to thank you and the other site providers that have shared your knowledge and allowed others to share theirs. This has given me hope that we will be able to take our country back from those who are more concerned for themselves than us.

    God bless all preppers and America. We will overcome, God willing.

  6. I thought about Summer Rose’s post all day at work today. Her post, along with others, as with many comments (including mine) display that many with heavy hearts worry about us, our country and our future… with good reason. I do have confidence for this countries bright future. Briefly.. this is why. This country has faced and overcome threats from outside and inside before. “This country” is not some abstract, it is US and always has been. Despite the debate about how to secure the things we care about, I believe most people believe and care about the very same things; Liberty, freedom, rule of law, and to a more personal note, how high are my taxes and how badly are they being squandered, can I earn a living and will my kids have a fair shot at doing better then me, can I make it till the next payday without having to eat the cat’s food, will I die from a pin prick because my healthcare system is overburdened by an overweight, inept and corrupted government…. and other such stuff. Things may appear to us to be heading (freight train like) in a bad direction but there’s hints that the tide is turning, small and purposely ignored by some, but they are real and growing. Irregardless of what the pinheads on MSNBCNN and the other Ministries of Propaganda outlets imply, I am not part of some dreaded insurgency bent on destroying America and kicking orphans to the curb (and neither are you). I am a believer in the promise of America, my father taught me about what America stands for, what being an American means. He didn’t teach me talking points, he taught me his deeply held beliefs, which were taught to him by his father, and his father before him…. all believed in it and served in the military… defending IT. I don’t know if we will see a turn for the better in 2014, or if the engine of state will continue to tick over ever more slowly until long after I’m gone before the people have decided that they’ve had enough… but I’m confident it will happen, and sooner rather than latter. Short term I will continue to bitch and stockpile ammo, not for a military style campaign against our own government… but to defend against looters. Our government officials are greedy, Orwellian paper pushers, they are more than willing to send kids off to far away lands to kill 3rd worlders, but sending these same kids into fly-over country to kill their parents neighbors would be suicidal. They know as well as I that we own most of the guns, and that many in the military and pretty much all the veterans are on our side. I know what we need to win this fight and it’s not more boxes of ammo in my gun room, we need fighters skilled in DC tactics who can take a punch and give two back. We need some players who believe in our ideals and are willing to butt heads and fight like they mean it….. we’ve got a few already…. we need to send them some reinforcements….. you game?

  7. JohnGault, I agree with you 100%. My parents did what they could to give me a better future than they had and it ain’t happening…and I worry about my kids and grandkids…it isn’t about us overthrowing the gooberment or anything like that…but things have to change…We need to return to our roots…G_d is where it starts…guns are a part of it…and being part of the prepared is what is gonna get us thru…and Kathy, you are right…you need to be prepared for whatever situation your particular area may face…weather is our biggest concern, and we have prepared accordingly.

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