Hurricane Sandy causes havok…..


As I write this Hurricane Sandy is generating chaos in the New England area, including New Jersey and New York. One reader (Sara) from Massachusetts sent me the following pictures and I wanted to share.


The following pictures are before and after photo’s. It is hard to tell…..that’s kinda the point.



Thank you Sara for sharing your photo’s. These were taken in the same spot in Sagamore Beach which is in Buzzards Bay, MA right near the Cape Cod Bridge. I have a special connection with the area as I used to vacation there with my parents when I was a mini-Rourke.


Listening to Fox News, the announcer was discussing how the power was getting shut off to part of New York City and those residents would have no water, no refrigeration, no elevators, etc. Goes to show you that preppers aren’t as crazy as many think.


Take care all – 


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  1. Rourke, we are ok here in upstate NY but many are w/o power. Intense winds and storm-lots of tree damage.
    Thanks for prayers everyone. Arlene mini Rourke- that s cute. Exc idea re RV.

  2. Thing is Rourke, they look at us like we’re nuts until it hits the fan. Then they go scream at the store employees, the gov’t for things that the should be responsible for, and yet these very intelligent people. When “Loma Preata” earthquake hit my ohana was ready, When Chevron caught fire and the Chem-cloud was released we were ready (my mom called “do you guys have gas masks”)I told her we had one for ea person in the family and she was shocked, and not to worry we were an hours drive from there. When things like this happens somewhere it really validates what and why we prepare and be self reliant. Better sit prepared then stand in a long line with an empty water jug or an empty basket to get some food.

  3. Funny how nobody questions the squirrel why he’s putting up nuts for winter, yet we’re assumed to be nuts for doing the ‘same thing’.

  4. We’re not only all nuts, but potential terrorists, in the common view – “Why would you EVER need gas masks??? You must be building WMD’s in the spare bedroom …”

    Ummmm.. because I have a large commercial printshop/bindery 4 blocks away, a factory that makes highly-toxic commercial cleaning chemicals and a huge fiberglass fabrication place about about 15 miles away in one direction, and a formaldehyde-generation plant about 20 miles in the other, with a railroad track that transports chemical tankers to them and between them, about 2 block away from my house. The job-requirement question at most of these facilities is “Who’s your probation officer, and think you can get your GED?”. You don’t even need that much to get the driver’s license to pilot the vehicle that doesn’t notice the flashing red lights and slams into the tank car.

    Sorry if my view of my neighbors is a bit jaundiced.

  5. I keep thinking that preppers in NY and NJ and the Mts in WV are much better off than those who did not listen to the weather predictions and who failed to stock up. This is a good example of weather disasters that undoubtedly will continue -intensifying as time goes on….Arlene

  6. My family was in Alabama for a wedding on Saturday. We were planning on a few days at Disney this week. The storm changed our schedule. It took about a day and a half, but we made it home alright. We did not hit bad weather until Sunday night, right as we crossed into Virginia on Route 81 North. We sat for 2 hours on a James River bridge due to an accident a few miles ahead of us. That terminated the idea of making it home in one day. Anyway, although we drove through some high winds and torrential downpours, we were very fortunate with storm damage in our area. We only lost power for a few hours Monday night (actually, early Tuesday morning). There is a lot of damage locally, but our house and most of the neighborhood were unscathed.

  7. Irish 7 glad you are all home safely. Arlene

    PS As a beekeeper I am wondering how all the NYC beekeepers bees dealth with the storm-imagine the losses were great

  8. Irish 7 and everyone- I agree we need to all help regardless of unions,politics etc. Folks here in upstate NY are
    sending supplies,donations etc. as fast as we can.
    Next northeaster is coming in late Wed-Thurs -this pattern seems to be becoming our “normal ” .
    God bless us all….. Arlene

  9. Thanks, Arlene. Although we were blessed with very little damage in my neighborhood, many in the overall area (NE PA) are still without power. We just got back from church an hour ago, and there was no power (or plumbing) there, either. We had some lights from generators, but for the most part, the church was lit with candles. The priest opened the service with “Well, it is still a step above the catacombs” (reference to the early Christian Church in Rome, that had to worship underground). We witnessed line crews along the ride to Mass (about a half hour’s drive). Pennsylvania owes a debt of gratitude to all the power company personnel that drove up from the South. I read that some crews that made the long ride up to help were rejected (in New Jersey, NOT PA) because they were not union electricians. How stupid is that? I bet the folks anxiously awaiting the power to come on don’t care about union credentials. I hate when politics interferes with recovery. No matter which side of the aisle that you are on, during crisis and disaster situations, we should come together as Americans.

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