How we can Make America Great Again

by Silence Dogood


Let’s Get ‘er Done Mister President

Do you want to know, how the next President can actually make America Great again? It’s not going to be easy but it’s a real solution with some real goals, hang on, here it comes:

What “we the people” really need in America is complete reform. An overhaul if you can picture it, our government right through our financial system. It needs to be like restoring an old Detroit Beauty. Our America is looking like a badly neglected and rusted out old hulk. Picture a 1958 Detroit dream car abused and neglected by people for years, people who just did not care about her. It once was bright and shiny, now derelict. Let’s say it is a 1958 Cadillac with those huge fins and those great curved windows of its day.

Our once powerful nation was once a powerful status symbol, but now just a wreck with a blown engine, broken from misuse and the lack of empathy from its owners. The rusted out rockers, and quarter panels barely hang on, her shocks are shot, the drive train leaks, her rubber is cracked, and the glass is pitted or missing, making it hard to see down the road anymore, and her chrome, her chrome has been stolen by predatory bankers, sorry wrecking yards.

Nevertheless, there is hope, if given the right TLC and giving the job to the right men.

Imagine this is America today, not a pretty sight, is it?

after disaster struck

A complete tear down of this car and country is needed, right to the bare frame, we must sandblast it, refit it with all new parts (People, and government), and her bearings need replacing (the Laws she runs on). She needs her seats recovered (with new Ideas), and new tires (A better government) to help it roll smoothly again, and a fresh new outlook clearly staring down the future through bright new windows. With this, she can be made into a beautiful machine again.

Giving our new America, and just the right paint job, and make over, a brand new engine (the peoples attitude) and custom fit rims (our new government).

Ta-Da… our American dream car… We can do it you know!

I am NOT simply talking about replacing the old engine here with a newer one (like this election promises); this will not do for this American Beauty. It needs a complete overhaul to make it into what it once was, we can be proud to roll this off that assembly line like all those many years ago in 1776. That is what we need again in America today, a revolutionary way of looking at the nation again, a new beginning by taking this opportunity this coming election.

Picture your New America, all shiny and proud again!

new america

Get the picture; we can do it, be that young badass country once again with all the newest innovations, and beginnings that we have been missing. What other nation would not want to look up to us again, and admire the United States of America?

This is How to really make “America great again”

The Bi-partisan System is a Fraud

Will this election solve our problems?

This bi-partisan government is just two sides to the same coin; owned by the same plutocracy, so don’t expect much in the way of change from within.

Lets get real here just for a moment. We have been tiptoeing around accusations of Hillary’s alleged treason and even accusations of murder, her email scandals, and many more crimes for to long now. These crimes have been percolating up from the Clinton’s and Hillary’s campaign since, well, forever. Furthermore, we all know that something happened in Colorado with the super delegate fiasco robbing the nomination from Bernie supporters. Where there is smoke there is fire, but the media keeps telling the people there is nothing going on, and she did nothing wrong. Really…

When there is a democratic shovel full of mud continuously being flung at the Trump Campaign since her running, and she has been using the mainstream media as the shovel thrower and her accusations as the mud yet still she is trying to tip the votes away from Trump. Most of these attempts have backfired on her, and I believe it is because mainly it is due to the simple fact that the she the one insinuating these things is a hypocrite. Moreover, as the saying goes, “People in glass houses, should not throw stones,” or something along those lines.

Her latest mud slinging fiasco is so obvious, and desperate that many voters have walked away from the whole circus in disgust. It is becoming like every other presidential campaign in the recent past, and we all know how they turned out, we lose. We are all simply tired of their lies, and tricks, and I have given up on politicians altogether.

An Honest Politician

Think about it; none of us can even remember the last time any presidential candidate in our lifetime if not in all history, has ever kept their campaign promises after being elected. With the possible exception of Lincoln and JFK, but I will contest even they never finished their terms so we are only giving them the benefit of the doubt.

If Trump does win and he surrounds himself with an administration of honest and like-minded individuals, individuals that reflect the voice of the American people, and they cut out the deadwood entrenched in the bureaucracy. Can he still succeed? Can he weed out, and prosecute all of the government persons past and present (Regardless of a party affiliation) those that are guilty of crimes against the state, including previous living presidents and their administrations. Who are equally guilty of these crimes? At what point in time, will Trump become the greatest president that ever lived, even greater then Washington perhaps.

Trials for these criminal administrators will be conducted in public for the world to see and their crimes such as Treason, Racketeering, and Dereliction of Duty, and the theft of a nation’s money will be heard.

Finally, the new President will be obligated to rid the nation of PRIVATE BANKING forever. Eliminating the “Federal Reserve,” and take back our nations stolen money from those that stole it, charge all of these crooks with theft and imprison them as other nations have, then create in its place an INTEREST-free and Tax-free monetary system. This will be controlled by the people of that nation, and devoid, of THE CRUSHING interest scam, enslaving this nation for well over one hundred years, stealing our sovereign wealth by proxy.

  • Nothing ever changes: Unless Clinton or Trump start talking about getting rid of the Fed, (Federal Reserve) nothing will ever change in this country unless this private institution is removed for good. This must be the world’s priority and ours as well, so unless we are planning to rid ourselves from this “FIAT MONEY” nightmare of debt, we will have accomplished nothing. Furthermore, without creating a new money system for the United States, an interest free, and tax-free money system, a new currency for the people free of all encumbrances, we will continue to be slaves to this fake money and the tyrants that control it.
  • Prosecute the guilty: Again for the pride of the nation, unless these electoral candidates, and actually prosecute members of our government past and present, for crimes against the people, and in doing so, showing the world for that no matter what, we are not going to take this crap anymore. Do this or we have changed nothing.

Many other nations will follow suit I am sure of this. We must include punishing the guilty for treason and turn over these guilty politicians too other countries to face an international tribunal, for such crimes as illegally invading their countries and mass killing of civilians, and other crimes against humanity. Do this one act people, or America we will continue to have these same terrorist problems in our future. Because we created them.

  • No remorse: Right now, these posers, these politicians, these elected officials are not accountable for their actions. It is imperative that we prosecute them for their crimes. These crimes reflect badly on us and the world stage, we must do this one salient act for the World to respect us once again, and hopefully they will follow our lead, and do likewise in their countries, with their guilty politicians.
  • Rebuild our Corrupt Justice System from within: Unless, our newly elected politicians are willing to suspend frivolous laws held on our law books; laws that serve no other purpose, but to generate tariffs against its own citizens. Unconstitutional laws and codes that have no victims, and are used strictly as a revenue and source of income maintaining a corrupt system (or a hidden tax on its citizens), we will never get out from under this kangaroo Justice system in the near future.

The deluge of tyranny imposed by this judicial system is staggering. Including, but not limited to the privately controlled prison network. Stuffed to capacity by ridiculous use of our judicial system using three strikes you are out laws, and the prison contracts that guarantee a 98% capacity by default. We the people of America are now supporting another hidden tax on the nation by supporting the average cost of $168,000 per inmate/ per year, all profits going to a private prison industry, which also uses prisoner labor to profit on the side. Come on people, don’t you get it yet?

This is a gross misuse of justice, and an obscenity, we should be ashamed of ourselves for being duped into this for such a long time, a blatant ruse.

  • Presidential Balls: No, not the formal dress kind: But, a real president that is willing to take back our government for the people, by the people of the people. Tearing it away from those greedy banker thugs, by force if necessary, (creating a better government once again that our forefathers intended for this country to have), or we as a nation will forever suffer from this one sided plutocracy they have created.
  • All Wars are Banker Wars: We must stop these perpetual wars we are in, the warmongers (the Bankers) who have been using our nation’s citizens to fight, and by stealing hard earned tax money from us in our good name. They use a corporately owned, and military run industrial machine that continually gets us into trouble over seas for their own personal profit. Creating these Wars in oil rich nations merely for personal gain, not only costing the lives of middle eastern civilians, but the lives of our own American children the soldiers that fight there for them. They are stealing billions of tax dollars each year from the people of the United States for their evil games.
  • The Myth of the Energy Crisis: Unless we start actually using simple energy technologies, that are blatantly staring us in the face. We will always be under the corporate slavery of the mass energy suppliers, like the oil & gas industry, and the electrical & utility companies, not to mention the strangle hold of big Agriculture, Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies that control the nation though private monopolies endorsed by their corrupt government.

 About this so-called Energy Crisis: I contest that for far less then what our nation spends already on war and utility companies, or infrastructure, and those failing nuclear generator stations that the environmentalists are always bitching over. We, the American people could supply every single home and industry in this country with an individual or community self sufficient, and super-efficient personal, cost free energy generation-system merely by using current technologies that are available to us today. I would certainly agree to use my tax dollars on a free energy project wouldn’t you?

I cannot imagine what our brilliant young minds can come up with using new technologies to build small-scale and cheap energy systems for an entire nation of people. This would allow us to get rid of the nation’s massively unsustainable utility infrastructure and free up nearly a quarter of your paychecks. Not to mention eliminate Black out threats and rate hikes, along with freeing up a quarter of your household incomes.

If only we were allowed to be in a truly free market economy, we could do this. We might even develop energy concepts of such brilliance to end forever the strangle hold our tyrannical Energy companies have on our utility systems around this nation. Lets give our great American ingenuity a chance, and create ideas without government subsidies’ or threats of corporate copyright infringement the frivolous lawsuits used by these criminal cabal to stifle any new ideas. Let us stop backing companies that sit on technologies that could save the nation billions in wasted energy, and encourage these new ideas to come out once and for all as the once proud nation we were.

Answers on How to make America Great Again

We can ask a real President to do this you know, if we actually mean it! Not by lobbyist or corporate favoritism either, that is for sure. First, this new president will need to realize one simple fact (and we the people need to RELEARN this too.),

“WE the people, ARE the sole owners of ALL the resources of this nation”

Not the banks, not the out of control politicians not the Federal Government, not the huge multinational corporations that have squandered our resources out from under us forever. They are, ours, the citizens of the United States, we own it all…

Can you imagine, finally creating a money system that gets tax revenue from the sale of the nations natural resources (Like Alaska does). Further, implemented when our resources are sold to other nations outside of the United States. Moreover, creating revenue from the internal commercial use of these, “our natural resources,” by taxing the commercial profit and commerce gained from the corporate sector and not by taxing the people’s income.

Sounds strange, a system that maintains itself by only taxing commerce and inherent resources, how can this be done?

Here is our way to do it

We would have a Nation that effectively harvests its own resources for its own benefit, as one would pick apples from a tree, continually bearing fruit. Tending it, pruning it, and feeding it, watering it for growth, we can begin to actually protect our renewable resources while using them as a tax base for our country’s revenue and for the benefit of the citizens only.

No more 100% private owned natural resources; out of the control of the people. From now on all natural resources would have a National and State tax associated with them regardless of where they came from in the United States. Also using this rich market of the US people will cost you if you bring resources into the county when you are not a sovereign citizen. The Mines & Minerals, the oil & Gas, Agriculture, Forestry, and international money brought into the country, as investment will be taxed also. Native Corporations would still be the owners of there commodities, as it stands, but all raw resources of the country would have a tax or royalty imposed to support the government and the national and state level. The infrastructures, the government, the social programs will be maintained without taxing the people directly, meaning no more income tax. Taxing for its people; from are our sovereign resources that is your resources, and our resources that are currently being stolen by private industry, sold back to us or exported off shore by corrupt corporations. Our resources leaving the nation by hook or crook and sometimes using simple offshore banking methods, it is happening every minute of everyday and going on for decades now.

These resources are being stolen without the benefit to us without being taxed for the nation; that is taxed for your nation and for us the true owner’s, as it should be. This method of taxes would produce real growth for the country and then that revenue could be rolled back into the State, the country, its citizens, for hospitals, and roads, and schools, and infrastructure. Remember taxes would be far less then they are now, because we got rid of the Federal Reserve, and the FIAT MONEY DEBT. No more supporting foreign owned banks.

Remember my Lemonade Stand example:

Imagine this, taxing the nation’s commodities (Resources), by imposing stiff tariffs on all export of our country’s wealth, in what ever form it takes. The profit leaving this nation will then be taxed, and can generate enough revenue to run the governments and rebuild the failing infrastructure too. We can then stem the tide of lost jobs heading over seas as well with this. This self-sufficient country in the mean while will stop the exodus of jobs over seas, by taxing foreign influences at whatever rate we see fit, because these are our resources being stolen, our nation’s resources, and ultimately that ends foreign theft of jobs and resources.

Sure, you have been told that taxing these foreign companies is going to cost us revenue, and that imposing tariffs against over sea investors will scare them away. To friggin’ bad, we will not need their money after ending the FED, and creating a tax-free currency; do any people actually believe we cannot make a two-dollar T-shirt here in America? Besides if, you were paying attention I said we are getting rid of income tax and the Federal Reserve. This means no more national debts, and at least 40% more liquidity in the US market will be freed up. Therefore, T-shirts could be $12 a piece, and no one would care, if you had 40 % more money in your pockets to spend, and imagine if the Energy monopoly has been cured too. This form of economy will determine the true free market value of goods. We will no longer need to regulate the market any other way.

So, this is what I propose we do; no more, middlemen stealing resources from our nations coffers. Ending the term “Global Economy” what is simply a business phrase used by Bankers who have taken advantage of an artificial vacuum they have created in a nations resources, and stealing resources from somewhere else to sell to them.

Let us say, nation “A” asks nation “B” for some resource it needs. This is currently being done by the IMF and Central Banking system insisting that Nation “B” who has been supplied with an IMF loan and is now in default, must sell said resources to nation “A” at a reduced price dictated by the IMF or CFR or whom ever. Usually, this is when the IMF imposes a strict repayment policy on the loan of some third world infrastructure they help build that the nation did not need in the first place. So, nation “B”, suffers and/or the CFR, using The Central Banking Cartel money pressures it into the deal and does so by some back room shuffling with both nation “A” and “B” stealing any other resource thrown into the mix as loan collateral. This is done out of public sight, and usually outside of international laws too, and using financial markets without the public ever knowing what is up. Then the acting third party middleman Wall Street Traders skim the profit with prior knowledge called insider trading getting nothing but cream from the transaction.

In layman’s terms: This is when Billy owes Joey 30 bucks, and Joey tells Billy that he must pay up or else. So Joey makes a deal with Billy, you know because he wants to help out, and he knows someone that will buy Billy’s baseball glove for $20 bucks, and he takes Billy’s glove, sells it to Sammy for $15 bucks, and keeps the difference. All the while Billy still owes Joey the $30 bucks plus accruing interest, and Billy hasn’t even made an interest payment yet either. Only the Globalist usually are dealing with Diamonds and Cotton from Africa, Oil from the Middle East, guns from anywhere and everywhere, and cheap labor from China or India instead of Billy’s ball glove. See, not so hard to understand, it is as simple as a lemonade stand. This isn’t called LOAN SHARKING when nations do it to each other either, only when you little people try and cut in on their business.

In addition to this new world shell game, we have the middlemen from our past, using the international clearinghouses, and export loopholes. Now armed with their newly found power they have now re-acquired these markets, and are killing the nations of this world today, but the Central Bankers love it, it’s a yard sale of natural resources out there.

Your Recourse

Not all is lost, we Americans have some recourse through the Constitution, if the President fails his duties; our recourse is already in place. It is the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, because these are the nation’s true safety valves against tyranny, we can use these tools to free the nation and save its National Treasures (the nation’s Resources). These magnificent documents (US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights) give the people the power to succeed, against any tyrants. If we only grab back our government now before it is to late, so do not hesitate any longer; we can win back this country, and faster then you might think too.

What many do not understand because we are told the IMF, and the World Central Banks are an American run institution. They are not… they are controlled by individuals outside of any government, and are bent on controlling the world markets globally. These Bankers and their minion are not beholding to any nation but their own greed for power. Even money isn’t their objective, power is, power over everything, and everyone. They simply use money to get it.

What’s Next

After ridding our system from this debt and these bankers, our natural resources are to be taxed as we see fit, and by taxing these resources, we can support ourselves without borrowing money from a privately controlled bank. We can create the money ourselves using resource backed national currencies. We get rid of the Federal Reserve, and default on their fraudulent debt.

We will live far better then anyone in the past two hundred and forty years has ever dream of, for instance taxing our resources we can glean the true wealth of this nation as promised by our forefathers. We can roll the benefits back into building a better Cadillac or Nation if you prefer, without a Federal Reserve Bank, and their debt based economy.

This taxation scheme alone may not eliminate sovereign taxes all together, and right away, but if we can include commercial sales tax for the use of these resources within the nation or without. We can eliminate income tax all together for the people. There will be tax revenue enough by gleaning all we need from the internal commercial use and profit of these resources by foreign investors and its corporate citizens. Commerce in this new nation will flourish, because of benefits of a reduced tax burden on its citizens, and these home based (Local or National) corporations will be cut even a bigger tax break as long as they are solely operating within the nation. Local companies will also be considered a National Treasure by this new government. Thanking them for supplying American jobs and their products to the nation, and only taxing on their profits at the time of sale of their wares or services. Guaranteeing real business growth on profits only, meaning less up front costs to any start up companies.

National growth will come from also using tax money gleaned through foreign investment into this new and rich country, your country the profits will be taxed heavier on any money coming from foreign venture capitalists outside of the country, and only American citizen that own companies will have better tax breaks, not the foreign owned business, and there owners. All off shore loopholes will be closed. Actually, there will be no longer any need for off shore banking, as the cheapest place for American money will be here in America again, we will become our own off shore haven.

Get Rid of Income Tax

Can this really be done?

Money out of Thin Air: First of all, we can easily run this nation with the resource and assets we have available to us, and without imposing personal income tax on its resident citizens (i.e. income tax). First as stated earlier, we do this by eliminating the Federal Reserve. (This is paramount to taking back the country) It is an illegal privately owned FIAT Money System of debt and taxes without representation; and any contract that is without consideration is not a binding contract. We do not owe these crooks anything anymore; their so-called interest on that borrowed money (National Debt) is a fraudulent banking scam and not a legitimate contract. Simply put, without a true “consideration” on their part as in any legally binding contract agreement, it will not be considered a binding agreement to the parties involved. Furthermore, simply because we have been fooled by these crooks for over one hundred years now; does not mean they have a set precedent either. Fraud is Fraud. They owe all of that interest back to the victims (The citizens of the United States). That is right one hundred years of interest payments is due the American people.

Here is proof of non-binding contract regarding the lack of consideration on their part. It cost The Federal Reserve Bank nothing at all to create “money” creating it out of thin air, and therefore this does not meet the criteria of consideration in a binding contract. This lack of consideration on the part of the Federal Reserve Bank means “no consideration, no contract”; and in the eyes of any court in the land, we owe these bankers nothing. This debt is not real, it’s a fraud perpetrated by the Central Banks of the world.

More on the private debt scam: They have been extorting money from the American people for well over a hundred years and it is a crime. (Actually it is a crime, under any contract law anywhere, because if one party knowingly takes money from another party with out due consideration they are committing fraud.) Those bankers who are behind this scheme need to be brought to justice, and punished for it too. Confiscating any assets accumulated by ill-gotten gains, i.e. our interest payments for one hundred years.

Furthermore, our nation’s natural resources being abundant enough for the entire nation’s future revenue and growth. After we get rid of these Banking crooks, and their fake debt, we will once again enjoy the fruits of our nation’s labor, like picking apples from a common tree. This proposed resource tax will be implemented on a sliding scale according to renewability of the resource and its end use, and internal commercial use of said resource and will be at a reduced rate for our own citizens’ benefit whether commercially or privately. We share the wealth equally.

So Cheer up Citizen: Once we control the revenue from these resources, and get rid of this crushing fraudulent debt, we will never be treated as slaves by our own government again, and we will never be owned by the controlling Elite ever again either. This current regime has usurped our government by fraudulent banking practices, and our forefathers’ dream, that is your dreams, has been stolen from you. It is time to take those dreams back, and the opportunity is quickly approaching with this coming election.

thomas jefferson quote

Why is, actually eliminating taxes not a bigger issue in politics today?

Because the politicians are in on this scam too, that is how the elitist enslaves you, which is how a corrupt money system works.

Name me any cash rich business with margins as wide as the United States, any that you know of that needs a second income to keep their business afloat. That is what taxing the people of this nation is. A viable business supported by your labor as a second income while the profits are stolen from the back door. We are supporting what is obvious, to any true blue American businessman; a cash rich business; a viable enterprise that is being skimmed of its profits, the courts call this embezzlement. Your government is being controlled by Central Banks, and their minion corporations, embezzling the nation’s wealth, and they have been doing this for over a century now, but not any more if we stand up to this, and use the constitution as it was designed to be used.

You have been duped into using our nation’s labor as a second income to run the business of America while the profits have been stolen by the Federal Reserve of foreign Bankers and the Global Banking system, and by any means possible to bleed the nations dry.

Wake up America, the people could have lived off this residual income from our resources, since our beginning. We are the richest nation in the world, believe it or not.

You still do not think we can live off the revenue of this country’s resources, all right, here is some more to think about.

I propose that anything less than a tax-free nation that is living off the nation’s wealth is theft of the peoples labor and future. This Lack of liquidity currently in the market can be easily circumvented by ending the FED, and exploiting the resources and our nation’s intellectual “know how,” and implementing new renewable energy policies.

So where did all our tax money go before we figured this all out?

Who cares, its all fake anyway, lets prosecute these scoundrels, and move on. We can redistribute all of their ill-gotten gains back to the nation, by confiscating their wealth foreign or domestic and begin again.

Taxation is theft (in any country)

I know I am repeating myself, but I really want to drive home how easy this can be done. We have established that the nation’s interest payment to these crooks at the Federal Reserve is theft, and that the Interest paid is a perpetrated lie used to make you a slave to a corrupt government, this is not a government for the people by the people of the people. Nevertheless, it is a government bent on enslaving you using taxes as shackles and we can use constitutional laws as the keys to these shackles.

We will no longer be slaves to their system, it as simple as that. These fake elections just perpetuate their lies even further, by insinuating that things around us will soon change when they will not. We must force our president into doing our bidding not the other way around. The controllers, the bankers will still be in control, and we will still be enslaved by their fraudulent debt if the President fails us.

To reiterate, if you owned all of the resources of a nation, I am sure any one of you people could easily make enough profit from MARKETTING THOSE RESOURCES to run this nation debt free. Such as adding export, taxes too eliminate the foreign influence over our resources, and you would do much right there. Therefore, as the new President, you would go very far by using the revenue from the nation’s resources for running government, our military, our health care, infrastructure, and pension plans. Even the worst businessperson in history could not fail if they owned all the resources and had no debt payments to build this great business called America again.

Slavery is still Alive and Well in America, and around the world

Money Slavery is still Slavery. Even though the plantation owners have white washed the practice of slavery, by having moved the slaves off their plantation and into subdivisions, and ghettos, it is still slavery. Debt is our shackles, and taxes are the chains. We slave away sometimes working for the company store, nearly half the year before we pay the new slave owners enough to keep some scraps for ourselves.

You doubt a tax-free nation is possible do you. Imagine keeping every dime you ever earned for you and your family.

The Future is yours:

A tax-free money system is not a new idea: During President Lincoln’s time, he tried to implement a new interest free money system, for he wanted a tax free money and he called it the green back. Here are the rumblings of the foreign banker elitist of that time; a Europe newspaper article, owned by the bankers of London who were in power then as they are now.

Excerpts because of Lincoln from the London Times 1865 regarding his new interest free money policy:

“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”


Now do you believe how powerful this would be?

For the Layperson, allow me use my famous Lemonade stand scenario again here if I may. If you owned a lemonade stand (A troubled Nation) called America, and it was the only Lemonade Stand allowed to operate in that neighborhood (The United States). You (the Citizens) owned the stand and all the lemons, and all the water, and all the sugar, and anyone outside of your neighborhood had to pay extra to enjoy your World famous Lemonade. I suspect that any one of you could imagine this. You would not only allow a break in the price of Lemonade to everyone in your neighborhood (the Citizens), but you could also sell it cheaper then anyone else too, no more foreign competition.

This cheap lemonade would also allow your neighbors (the Citizens) to have more spending money in their pockets (That is called Liquidity in the Market). We all would enjoy the benefits of this fine lemonade stand, and the other businesses would benefit from all that extra money being spent in their stores too. You (the Citizens) are the president of this neighborhood’s lemonade stand so you could probably parlay the excess lemon resources into more money for the neighborhood too, perhaps adding a new homemade fudge brownie product for the people (the Citizens) if you wanted. I am sure you (the Citizens) could simply sell the extra lemons outside of the neighborhood to other neighborhoods, to help free up even more of your neighbors (the Citizens) financial burden, and thus growing the neighborhood (The United States), and the GNP even bigger. This system would allow there to be no debt hanging over neighbors’ heads anymore, like in that dark past when neighborhood bullies controlled the money. Maybe a new neighborhood president could commercially franchise the lemonade stands, throughout the entire neighborhood, allowing its neighbors (the Citizens) to directly profit from the new wealth of their renewable resource, the lemon trees (Allow free Commerce). As long as the profit from these other stands was taxed and used to promote better neighborhood upkeep, like the planting of more Lemon trees along the boulevards, and larger sugar cane fields, and a neighborhood water pump for better community and health.

No, I am not talking about socialism either, so relax. Remember the government is simply the lattice we grow on, not the weed control as it is now. This is how to manage resources of one of the richest nations in the world, and by using those same riches, simply to help the owners (the Citizens) to live freer, and better then ever before.

So why are we failing today at this basic business premise today?

Simply put, we are being lied to, everyday and in every way_ that is why. You are a citizen of one of the richest nations on earth, so start acting like it.

What Donald Trump needs to do, to be elected President that is? Is first stop election fraud, and then implement these ideas once he is in power. However, will he?

His first obligation to the people is to get elected this is done by ensuring a fair voting system is in place before the election, and then we can VOTE for whomever will give us the best opportunity to free this nation from these tyrants that are controlling our government now. Otherwise, the only other option left to us, the people, is nothing short of using the constitution to tear down these corrupt administrations, as so many famous intellectuals have noted from our past.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

john f kennedy quote

Ask yourself this: will any of these candidates Clinton or Trump use their position; (if they make it into the Whitehouse) to take back the power from those who currently control it and reinstate the United States to its former glory, a true republic that we can be proud of. The one our founding fathers envisioned for this country. The one that our fathers fought for in those past wars…

On the other hand, will these candidates continue to use the same old system that we are under the control of now? Allowing, these tyrants of the old world-banking families, to use this nation as modern form of slave plantation. It does not matter what color you are, or what race or creed, we are all slaves to the Fiat Money System. We citizens of the United States are caught inside their system today, they designed it over the decades, since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established, and it does not resemble the original vision of a free nation guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

Interest free money creates liquidity in the market

The more money available to an economy; the more liquidity in the system, and the more wealth, and jobs to go with it, this is how to create a truly healthy economy

What are the chances you can suppose anyone of these candidates can make these reforms?

Who knows, but if WE CAN FINALLY BEGIN this change in our government we might be able to change this cluster flux, once and for all, and create real change for this nation.

Reintroduce a government for the people by the people, and of the people, a government that all of us could stand behind again with pride.

Dare to Dream…

Power to the people… from the practical prepper

Authored by Silence Dogood


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    The main core of the problem without sounding prejudice is that America was founded and ran by European stock. Today, we are a minority and by the next election, you will never see a Republican conservative president. If you look at the crime statistics you will see that African Americans hate us to the core and will vote more radical. You can see the race war starting now. When was the last time you bought a product from a country in Africa or the whole continent. Never unless its a natural resource. You follow me. Theses minorities will vote even against their whole best interest in a Tribal mentality. They hate the white man, and that cant be changed. A race war is enviable. Sad but true. The country need to break up into 3 or 4 countries, and the constitution needs to be discarded.

    As our National deficit balloons even with Trump who is being handed a no win financial situation, we will declare bankruptcy. That’s when the s–t will hit the fan globally. the dooms day scenario is close.

    Best of luck friend, and I hope I’m wrong for my kids sake.

  2. Oh so true. If only the citizens of our countries (I’m Australian) had the intestinal fortitude to read this wonderful document, realise the predicament we continue to be in and stand up for the good of our countries. Why should 5% of the worlds population own 95% of the money in the world. That’s a wake up call in itself for f…k sake.


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