How to Survive as a Young Conservative in a Socialist America

by The Preppy Prepper

Many survivalists are interested in preparing for a variety of apocalyptic scenarios. Are you ready if the electric grid goes down? Have you stockpiled enough goods and ammo to resist a foreign invasion? Do you have alternate forms of currency to trade and barter with when the dollar collapses?

While these are important hypothetical scenarios to plan for, an ever present doomsday scenario has already arrived in America.

Conservative men and women, on college and corporate campuses, and in major cities throughout America live under constant threat of losing their jobs, reputation and freedom at the hands of the unbound hatred of the modern day Left. Most men are only one false accusation away from social and financial ruin.

Conservative has become synonymous with straight (cis), white male. And the straight, white male has been tried and found guilty of centuries of oppression. As a white male you can either renounce your heritage and agree to surrender your position or be targeted.

By the emotional logic of the Left, minorities and women are rightfully shamed for expressing conservative views. Being conservative while black or female or gay is equated to siding with the oppressor and considered a betrayal of one’s race or gender.

Identity politics doesn’t allow for nuances like debate, disagreement, discussion. You are stamped with an agenda at birth, based largely on your race and gender, and your duty, according to the hysterical left, is to carry their socialist agenda forward. You are not allowed to stray from the role assigned to your particular niche or you risk attack and marginalization.

At its core, the Left’s obsession with race reveals a thoroughly racist worldview. They believe that without institutional favoritism, minorities are unable to compete with whites. While the conservative viewpoint encourages hard work, sacrifice and individualism, modern day leftists think that minorities, especially black Americans, can’t succeed without their helping hand.

This is evidence of a savior complex. The Left envision themselves as not only the savior of humanity but also the savior of the planet. Without them minorities will starve and women will be bound and subjugated. The planet will melt! We will all perish without their help.


The Left is unable to point to many achievements of its own. In general, the Left doesn’t create or originate. It criticizes. Their critique of capitalism led to the disaster of communism. Their critique of traditional American culture has led to the stifling dystopia of political correctness. Their critique of common sense gender roles assigned by nature has encouraged confused teenagers to mutilate themselves. The Left doesn’t create, it destroys.

What it would like to destroy more than anything is The Patriarchy. This all encompassing term points to nearly every achievement of the West. Ironically, feminism, tolerance and secularism, are the creations and gifts of the Western Patriarchy which enabled the rise of all this malarkey in the first place. They want to kill their fathers but keep the inheritance.

Searching for logic or reason in the arguments of the Left is futile. Their passions are founded on envy, jealousy and resentment. If the West used advanced mathematics to conquer sea and air and space, well then Math itself must be racist. Either that, or some oppressed minority actually invented math and the white man stole it!

Those intent on tearing down the patriarchy, have no problem using the great gifts the Western patriarchy has bestowed on them such as: plumbing, electricity, modern transportation, satellite technology, computers…. The list goes on and on.

Nearly all modern technological achievements are a result of the Western patriarchy’s centuries long, often anonymous devotion to science, logic and reason. The tremendous irony of using all the advancements of the West to attack and denounce the West is completely lost on these entitled dullards.

Unfortunately at this moment in time, Academia, the Media, and every corporate HR department is under the sway of the leftist mob. These institutions are slowly losing power and influence and alternatives are presenting themselves.

For example careers in the trades – where one is judged largely on one’s ability to get the job done and one’s efforts are judged by objective standards (whether or not the plumbing functions for example) – are flourishing. However, the accepted path of gaining a solid career, mortgage, social life and retirement fund still involves, for many, a path through academia followed by an audition before corporate HR.

Being accepted into a good college and being hired by a good company is no guarantee of success since the leftist watchdogs will keep an eye over your interactions throughout the remainder of your matriculation and employment. One slip up in person or on social media is enough to destroy years of effort. It is literally a matter of survival.

Socialism remains the hope of the young. It offers the hope of an unrealized and better world. Its biggest promise is that we all can live a life of comfort and peace without sacrifice and hard work. Naturally, this appeals to the young. Conservatives recognize this as hogwash, but if they dare to burst the shiny, pink bubble of socialism they will subject themselves to scorn and derision.

This article, is intended to offer some practical guidance for surviving as a young conservative in the increasingly hostile environment of young, socialist America.

Seek out Allies Early and Often

In present day Academia for every single professor that is a registered Republican there are more than ten professors that are registered Democrats. Conservative professors are greatly outnumbered and are likely marginalized by their co-workers.

If you are a conservative college student it is imperative to locate the few like minded professors on campus. Sign up for their classes, request them as advisers, drop in on their lectures. Send them a friendly email and establish a connection. Nobody knows how to navigate the hostile waters of academia better than they do. Seek their advice, and if you find yourself under attack go to them for help.

Avoid Social Media

If at all possible stay off social media. Social media is a trap for conservatives since it is owned, operated and monitored by Orwellian-minded liberals. However, abstaining completely from social media is difficult since it has become a major form of social life.

You are going to have to make a decision here. Do you maintain a bland and carefully curated apolitical veneer or do you enlist as a corporal in the meme war. If you broadcast your conservative beliefs to the world via social media you undoubtedly put yourself at risk of isolation, attack and false accusation.

A recent story highlighted how an applicant to a prestigious college was questioned about why he followed Alex Jones on Twitter. This highlights many disturbing trends. One is that your social media accounts, seemingly an aspect of your private social life, are being monitored by college admissions departments.

The student wasn’t questioned for posting disturbing tweets himself or retweeting Alex Jones, merely for following him. The student was subsequently rejected for admission.

A society that valued freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of thought, or just Freedom in general would revolt against this type of thought monitoring. But America has taken a step in the opposite direction. Alex Jones was banned from all major social media accounts and recently banned from PayPal. He has been pilloried in major media as a proponent of hate.

So this student, who brought forth a lawsuit, is now struggling to defend himself. This is nearly impossible as he has now been condemned as someone who follows a confirmed proponent of hate. Or do you dare disagree with the findings of Facebook, Apple, Twitter, PayPal?

Social media is certainly a trap and better off avoided. Or do you dare to risk it all to become the next ‘alt-right’ celebrity defying the regime?

Consider a Pen Name

If you enjoy expressing your opinion and engaging with others in political debate on social media, you should consider using a pen name. While Facebook engages in identity verification, platforms like Twitter are more relaxed.

Set up a burner email using one of many free encrypted email services. Invent a new name for yourself, upload a picture of your choosing (have fun with this step), and blast your opinions to the world without fear of repercussion.

You won’t be fooling the NSA, but you will keep the average nosy classmate, admissions counselor, or HR intern in the dark.

You’ll have to commit somewhat to a clandestine lifestyle at this point. The moment you brag to friends about your cool online alias it will be compromised and you’ll have put yourself at risk.

Also, nothing online is truly anonymous. If you ever plan on running for public office you should expect to have every tweet you’ve ever posted dug up and scrutinized by your opponents.

Migrate to Rural or Southern Locations

If you’re attending a secular college or living and working in most major cities you’re likely going to be outnumbered. The majority of city dwellers are liberal democrats or are dependent on government assistance. Your political views will not be welcome by the majority.

You can either live a somewhat clandestine lifestyle or leave the city behind and head to locales where conservative opinions are held by the majority. Increasingly this seems like most of rural America and much of the South.

Conservative, Christian colleges offer an alternative to the liberal utopia of their secular counterparts.

The difficulty is that many jobs are in urban areas that are traditionally Democratic strongholds. If you have to live in these areas, then behave as you would on a college campus. Seek out allies, limit your social media profile, and carry on.

Dating While Conservative

These next few paragraphs are really tips for young men in general, since they involve the tightrope walk of courtship in the MeToo era.

If you find yourself dating a young lady, you’re going to need to retain a degree of skepticism towards your interactions with her. Unfortunately, you’ll have to amass a certain amount of hard evidence to defend against any false accusations of harassment, stalking or assault.

Society has placed a dangerous weapon in the hands of young women, many of whom are not capable of handling this weapon responsibly. That weapon, we all know, is the false allegation.

On a college campus, a young lady holds the power in her fingertip to destroy a man’s life. All she has to do is point the finger. Years later, after the smoke clears and the dust settles, and the lawyers fees are paid, some men may return to a semblance of normalcy. But many anonymous men have had their collegiate careers destroyed, and their lives forever altered, for no other reason than a scorned women felt like doing so.

Ladies, if you are reading this, take heed – one day you may give birth to sons.

A conservative man is at a much higher risk of suffering from a false accusation. This is because the Leftists routinely malign conservatives as the party of white, male oppressors. In their twisted mind, the truth is inconsequential to their desire to destroy a budding member of the dreaded Patriarchy.

So with that in mind, save her texts. If she texts you that she’d like to meet up for coffee or drinks, or that you’re welcome to stop by her place after class, or that she had a great time last night, take a screenshot and store the text in a hidden folder on your phone or hard drive.
If she sexts you or sends you naughty photos, save them. Don’t show them to anybody. Just keep them for insurance purposes.

If a few months pass, and things turn south as they often do in young relationships, you’ll have some evidence to defend yourself against any false accusation.

Become a Clandestine Conservative

The way Leftists demonstrate their political views is to gather in a parade, muck up traffic, shout slogans, dump trash everywhere, and then run off to congratulate themselves while low paid civil servants clean up their mess. The way conservatives demonstrate their political views is by leading successful and productive lives.

If you truly want to express your conservative views then work hard towards holding down a job, starting a business or raising a family. While the leftists are out in the streets banging on tin cans and demanding attention from the media, you can keep your head down and plug away at your goals.

When the leftists fail to achieve anything or produce anything of value they can always get jobs in academia. Meanwhile, you’ll have built a life of quality in which you can take pride.
This may be the best path forward for a young conservatives to take.

If you wish to tangle with the leftist hordes in the public square you’re going to have to be prepared for doxing, character assassination, violent attacks, hate mail, and all the other tools they use to spew their hatred. At some point, this could lead to open hostilities and civil war. If the left keeps on instigating these attacks it just may come to that since decent people will eventually be left with no choice.

But for now it’s your decision. There’s a reason, after all, why quiet conservatives are referred to as the silent majority.


With the media constantly pushing the leftist narrative and professors serving diligently as useful idiots it’s going to take a great deal of restraint and commitment to maintain your conservative principles without losing your mind.

Know this, by the time you make it to your thirties, many of the outspoken leftist women will either jump ship or face a future as lonely cat ladies. So long as you persevere you’ll win out in time.

Winston Churchill is credited as saying, “If a man is not a Socialist at 20 he has no heart, but if he remains one at 30 he has no head.”

Good luck.

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