Alright, as a Survivalist you probably don’t need me to tell you that your health is paramount to your mission. There are more than 45 million smokers in the United States today and I’m going to try to help you become one less statistic….

Kicking the habit can seem like an impossible task, almost like climbing Mount Everest in nothing but swimming gear. But today I am going to give you some tips on how you can overcome this expensive and self-destructive habit.

I was a pack-a-day smoker for years like many of you reading this right now, but by the grace of God I was able to give up cigarettes for good. Your journey will be difficult, make no mistake about it. But  you can do it if you commit to it 100%.


The first step to quitting like many other habits is to admit you have a problem and then to decide that you no longer want to do what you are doing anymore. The next step is to identify what your smoking triggers are.

Alot of the triggers for lighting up include stress from the work place and home, just being bored or even something as subtle as finishing a meal. Do you know what your smoking triggers are? Of course you do.

Once you identify these triggers it is important to then begin consciously acknowledging that you are about to smoke at these times and for this specific reason.

If you are working a regular job like most Americans do, then this is the best time to start your journey to better health. It is also best to begin at sometime during the beginning of the week between a Monday and a Wednesday.

As you wake up on the morning that you have decided will be your “quit day”, smoke your cigarettes as you do every morning until it is time for you to go to work. At this time, enjoy your last cigarette and leave as you do everyday….As a smoker you may feel the urge to light up before you go into your workplace however, don’t do it today.

Like most employees, you will have breaks throughout the day in which you will be tempted to light up a cigarette to take away the stress but this is where your real challenge begins. As your first break approaches, put your cigarettes as far away from you as possible in your bag, etc.

As the anticipation sets in you will begin to think about going to the place you go to everyday to light up a cigarette, this of course is likely one of your triggers. Go somewhere else today, take a walk or enjoy a nice conversation but make sure you AVOID THAT PLACE!


It is also important to tell others that you have effectively quit smoking as of today. Most likely they will laugh at you when you tell them that you have quit, however you should use this as motivation to commit to the challenge.

During the first day, especially after denying yourself that cigarette during break your mind will start playing tricks on you. Understand that this is inevitable and you must be mentally prepared to fight these uncomfortable feelings. Using vapes will certainly help you gradually quit the bad habit.

Carry on throughout the day reminding yourself of your triggers and especially, you must continue to avoid the place you usually go to light a cigarette. Take it slowly today and try not to think too much past the next break.

If you have successfully made it past the first day then the next step is to get rid of your cigarettes. Do not throw them away, but instead give them to someone you trust like your spouse or a good friend. Tell them to hide the cigarettes from you and make sure that they do not give them back.

This will create incentive for you to stay committed, just remember….If you want to smoke again you will have to replace the cigarettes you have just entrusted to that person.  Continue throughout the week as you have on your “quit day” except you will no longer be allowed to smoke in the mornings.

Quitting during the work week will provide you with a distraction by taking away from your idle time that you would use to smoke otherwise. Take advantage of this and use your time that is normally dedicated to smoking for more productive things like reading, prayer or even just perfecting that survival plan.

As the weekend approaches, your anxiety will probably start to peak since you know you will have free time which might trigger your smoking habit. Don’t worry, if you have made it this far you can survive the weekend.

As you continue making progress, count the days that you have been smoke free as this will provide you with much motivation. Also, be sure to tell others of your progress as well. Remember that all those people you told on day one expect to see you give in and light up again but informing them of your progress will make you see that they were wrong and you can overcome your smoking habit.

The mind tricks will continue during this time and you may start to have dreams about giant Marlboro cigarettes chasing you around but each day you survive you are closer and closer to being free of your bad habits.

Also, as time goes by you will start to see that you have so much more money in your pockets….Just think of all the things you can do with all of that extra money you saved!

After about three weeks without a cigarette, the mind tricks will start to go away and you can start to see yourself being smoke-free in the long term. Your your pockets will thank you and you can now dedicate yourself to your passion in life and quit worrying about how you are gonna pay for that smoking habit.

I hope this has helped all of you smokers out there and I pray that you are able to commit to the challenge. We survivalists are tough, so just count this victory as another notch under your belt.

-Akil N. Jones


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  1. Very good essay.
    I have quit a few times for a year or more and stress always brings me back.
    I fear the only way I would ever quit is if I were put in a chemical coma for six months.
    Regards, D.

  2. Good article. One thing I would like to add. Both a coworker, a friend and myself quit smoking because of hypnotism. It won’t fork for everyone, but it does work for most people. I’m glad I quit when I did. Marlboro was $3.50 a pack, now it is over $9.00 a pack.

  3. Quit using the patch.
    Then became addicted to the patch.
    Leave it on when you go to bed.
    Take a trip and never leave the farm.

  4. Sadly, I have quit trying to quit. Been smoking for 60 years. Tried gum, patches, hypnotism, you name it. Two things I did learn were; I can’t be hypnotized and subconsciously, I don’t want to quit. The only way I’ve been able to cut down on smoking is to chew. Better on my lungs, but not the heart.

    Sorry! I wish I could be an inspiration for others, but alas I cannot.

  5. Here is what I did to quit, and it worked, without a massive amount of stress and angst.

    Avoid alcohol and sugar, and I’m not kidding. Do not have anything containing sugar – fruit, juice, candy, gum, chocolate, milk, NOTHING. Also DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. Both of these create the same physical sensations in your body as the craving for a cigarette, and you will cause yourself undue “withdrawal” symptoms which could lead directly to failure. I also suggest going without caffeine for at least a couple weeks, if only to help break the coffee/cigarette combination habit.

    Don’t eat the first day; just drink plenty of water. Eat very lightly the second day, drinking plenty of water, and be sure to avoid sugar and alcohol. Begin to get back on a more normal diet the third day, still drinking plenty of water. The idea is to wash the nicotine out of your system very rapidly. By the end of the week you can get back to eating what you normally eat – BARRING SUGAR AND ALCOHOL.

    Totally eliminate sugar and alcohol from your diet for at least two months. Ok, at least one month. Also, keep yourself distracted mentally whenever cigarettes cross your mind. Just mentally switch channels. Do some extra household chore like dusting, even if nothing needs it. Just don’t dwell on cigarettes, to help break the mental habits.

    You can do it!!

  6. I enjoy smoking. I have NO desire to quit. I realize that tobacco is bad for one’s health. I make an adult, conscious decision to smoke regardless. I am not suing anyone if my bad habit has negative consequences. You make your bed in life, and then you lay on it. I stock tobacco products just as I keep beans/bullets/band-aids. I just opened a carton from 19 DEC 13 last night. We have some canned tobacco and rolling papers put away as well. Some preppers believe cigarettes will make good bartering material. I don’t see myself trading my smokes away, though. We bought some cheap whiskey for that purpose. I don’t begrudge anyone that quits smoking! More power to them! I wish them good luck. I do find it highly hypocritical that society is reducing restrictions on marijuana, while turning up the heat on tobacco users. Of course, we don’t encourage our children to smoke ANYTHING! However, I think there is a HUGE difference between cannabis and tobacco.

  7. I quit, it will be 3 years this October 29th. In August of 2011 I got the H1N1 flu which turned into walking Pneumonia by early October 2011 I was able to stop smoking because I physically couldn’t without coughing my head off. Once I was weaned off the nicotine, the next step was to eliminate the habits.

    I tried the e-cigarettes I was a menthol smoke so I got the weakest nicotine cartridges I could, I found that these were too strong and eventually I stopped all together, the e-cigs helped with the habit of holding a cigarette, since they are not the same size and weight. Also you can’t smoke an e-cigarette like a regular cigarette.

    The good news is my wife e quit 6 months later. I didn’t become an anti-smoking advocate harassing everyone…you have to want to quit. If you aren’t ready then you will not succeed.

    On a more serious note, in October 2013 I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. I was told that his could very well have been caused by smoking …of all the ingredients in cigarettes that are poison Napha is probably the worst. I’m OK now superficial tumor, simple surgery removed the tumor. But for the rest of my life I get to have annual Cystoscopy’s (if you don’t know what that is think of Colonoscopy but going in the urinary tract to look inside my bladder…while awake using only a local)…
    I hope everyone that quits very much success…..1 hour at a time.

  8. Happy Clinger – Avoid beer, coffee and milk!?!?!?!?! You just removed all my reasons to get out of bed.


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