How to Prepare Your Storm Shelter

 by Jordan

If you live in an area of the country that experiences extreme weather or suffers from tornadoes like Oklahoma or Missouri then you understand the importance of a storm shelter. A storm shelter by itself is a great resource to have to hide form storms but it can be so much more, it can be also be a store house for the materials you’ll need to recover from the aftermath of the storm.

Here is a list of things to store in your storm shelter now, so that you are prepared for when an unexpected storm comes.



Your food and water supply is number one on things you want in your storm shelter or bunker. When selecting foods for supply you should consider foods that have a long shelf-life. Foods such as, rice, beans, canned fruits or vegetables and other grains or nuts.

Having a well-stocked shelter is most important for when the storm is over. If the storm is severe enough, like the tornadoes that Moore, OK, you probably won’t have a grocery store to go to when all is said and done. So prepare for the aftermath of the storm as opposed to preparing for the few hours a storm might last.

Tip: Along with storing bottles of water you should also store one or more water filtration systems as your water system and plumbing could be out for weeks after a bad storm.


If the storm is severe enough that your house and everything in it is gone then you will be relieved if you thought to store up a few extra pairs of clothes. Most don’t consider the importance of storing away a few extra pairs of pants, shirts, jackets and boots. Also, you should consider storing away a good pair of work clothes and boots for when you will need to navigate through the aftermath of the storm and probably have to help pull people out of wreckage. 

First Aid

Another crucial item to stock up on is medical supplies and prescription meds if you take them. Chances are they will be plenty of wounded people out there after the storm that will need medical attention and like we saw in Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, you cannot count on any government entity to act in a timely manner. Not to mention just the sheer volume of wounded people will likely overwhelm first responders.  Prepare for yourself and others.

Miscellaneous Items Important to Stock

I’ve listed a few more items that you should have on hand. These items didn’t really fir in any of the categories above, but are still very important to have in your shelter.

1.       Cash

2.       Flashlights

3.        Fire source (matches/lighters)

4.        Radio

5.        Toilet paper

6.        Blankets

7.        Batteries.

If you do not have any type of emergency shelter for storms or other disasters then you should come up with an alternative location that you can go that will shield you. Or, find friends and family members that are willing to go in on buying a shelter that you can all share.


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  1. Just as important as workwear would be some good quality tools. A good generator, chainsaw, and gas for the generator/powertool(s) would also be seen as essential items after a big storm.


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