How to Buy Body Armor on the Internet

How to Buy Body Armor on the Internet

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When thinking of buying body armor on the Internet, you have to consider several important things. The intention to buy body armor means that you’re seriously worried about your personal safety. Whether you’re a regular walker through a hazardous neighborhood or hold a position that can put your life at danger, the armor you purchase must meet the highest quality standards and comply by the international protection levels.

How about eBay or Amazon?

Both eBay and Amazon are globally recognized on the web as the two top marketplaces. They have grown to become the largest marketplaces, where you can purchase almost anything in the world, even cars. People sell tons of pre-owned things around the entire world, but there are as well a lot of new things that have never been owned by anyone. Thus, if you want to buy a brand new item over the web, you should go to either Amazon or eBay. If you also want to save on the purchase, you can go to eBay and win an auction.

There are various types and shapes of body armor that varies in prices. Therefore, you can just find any kind of body armor in either Amazon or eBay, but it’s important to remain cautious. There are several “don’ts” to consider, prior to making a final decision.

The “Don’ts” of Buying Body Armor Online

At first, don’t ever purchase from sellers that have a bad feedback or are new to the web store, because you can never know, what to expect from them. Dealing with a seller that has a bad feedback, you just face tons of risks of becoming another unhappy buyer, leaving a negative feedback, and basically spending your hard-earned money for nothing.

There are as well places that you don’t want to go to and buy body armor. Amazon and eBay are not the only online marketplaces. Never buy body armor from Chinese stores or sellers. While it’s a magnificent country that has millions of great people, things sold by sellers from China are too often of bad quality.

These are probably the two most critical “don’ts” of buying body armor on the Internet.

Consider Protection Levels

Let’s move on. As you may have already heard, there are particular protection levels for both bullet proof and stab proof body armors. US National Institute of Justice rates bullet proof armor, rating it from Level I to Level IV, totaling six main protection levels. UK House Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) rates stab proof body armor, totaling two stab protection levels. Everyone wants to have the highest possible protection level, but it’s important to note that with each next protection level, the armor becomes heavier and bulkier. In case you aren’t an army person, who’s always exposed to gunfire attacks; it’s just a waste of time, if you consider the highest protection level armors.

What Is the Conclusion Then?

Before you make any final decision, you must define your exact body armor needs, considering your activity, position, threats, and threat area, among other factors. Then, look for body armor that will be meeting your personal protection needs. There are a lot of abundant marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, where you will most surely find body armor you’re looking for. Of course, brand name products such as the Stealth Carrier System from are of better quality and will supply better protection features. Don’t forget to check the level of protection featured by a product and ensure that the seller has the best feedback from other people that have dealt with him or her. Oh, one last thing! – don’t forget to choose the right size for you to get the best protection possible, while not compromising your comfort and mobility.


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4 thoughts on “How to Buy Body Armor on the Internet”

  1. How about don’t buy expired/old soft body armor, that will no longer work?
    This article bothered me so much I have to say “Go to wikipedia and really learn about body armor” There is so much more that you need to know than this article goes into.
    Purchasing is the easy part. Would you bet your life on the above information?
    Regards, D.

  2. Aside from buying hard plates from a reputable buyer with a return policy, I do not think buying body armor from ebay or Amazon is a good idea. It’s doable if no other alternative exists, but IMHO it is worth the extra money to get it from an actual company. Again, ceramic/steel plates can be inspected, and the ceramic plates I have come in contact with all were covered in a thin nylon/kevlar material vacuum sealed (for lack of a better term) to the plate with a sticker/patch showing the mfg/date of mfg/ protection level given by NIJ. Honestly, I would never buy “new” or used kevlar off ebay or Amazon. Too many unknowns and one cannot inspect the product before purchase. Eat at home a little more and buy something you KNOW is going to work. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t work the first time…is the outcome worth the $100 in savings? I don’t buy anything I need to work the first time, every time from an unverified source. Others may feel different on here, but kevlar MUST be inspected (i.e. visually/felt/smelt/date of mfg. established) before purchasing used. It is VERY susceptible to sunlight, sweat, age and plain old wear and tear. YMMV

  3. For those that are searching for Body Armour that is used by Public & Private Law Enforcement, I would suggest going to & doing some online research there. I am currently looking at their catalog sent to my home, they have 3 types ranging from $359.00 to $599.00 + S&H, & I would also Recommend that you look into Survival Armour L7 Ballistic Insert’s. If you goto their on-line Quater Master store they have a complete list of ROUNDS that they’ve Threat tested for.

    & to the author I say If you do not like china’s selling practices that is your Problem, But I bought my Body Armour from & had it shipped in from a Manufacturer in Africa ! I got it Cheaper then one made here in the USA & I been Shot 2 times & it still works just fine. It just means I did my homework before buying just any kind of Body Armour !

    I would suggest anyone interested in Body Armour Follow the advice of Jesse James above me & look for things like NIJ rating & Approved by DEA or NSA or DOJ Etc. as these are the types of Body Armour being sold to the FED’s & everybody else.

  4. I would add one other comment, especially to those who have never worn body armor for any length of time. Buy armor that you will wear!!! big steel plates that will stop a .50 are not much use if they are hanging on a hook. Weight is a very big factor in BA, if it is light it is expensive. If it is cheap it is heavy! If you buy armor, wear it for at least a full day. If you find that you don’t get along with the experience you may want to trade to a lighter less effective vest that you are actually prepared to wear day in day out. Just owning it will not protect you, you have to really live with it. Everything in life is a compromise, keep this in mind. Regards, D.


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