How the California Drought Will Affect our Food Prices and Availability

by Arlene 

The  drought in California is the WORST it’s been in 500 years. The Weather Channel will be offering a special program soon entitled Cracked : The Soil in California.


Stock up now on the items that are produced primarily in California. as soon they may be extremely cost prohibitive or non-existent. California produces approximately 3/4 of all vegetables, nuts and fruits grown in the USA.


In California the following crops are grown:

  • Celery
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Pomegranates
  • clingstone peaches
  • artichokes
  • black  and green olives
  • apricots
  • plums
  • prunes
  • figs
  • brussel sprouts
  • tangerines
  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • cantaloupe and honeydew melons
  • lettuce
  • persimmons
  • strawberries
  • spinach

One company alone processes 6 MILLION pounds of carrots per DAY [True…..I verified that incredible number – Rourke]. The Modesto area of California is known as the WORLDS basket of celery. California wines will also be unavailable.


Recently we have purchased apricot jam, mango jam, dried celery, olives, almonds, raisins, dried apricots (we cannot find canned anywhere), apricot tea, mango tea, canned artichokes and canned and freeze dried spinach.


Calif. is the largest producer of dairy in our nation. California has 1.75 million dairy cows.


National Geographic magazine is doing a ten issue report on Food Scarcity and the relationship with changing climate. I recommend everyone read these excellent articles.


Parts of Texas and Oklahoma are in a worse drought then during the Dust Bowl era. The mainstream media isn’t showing this but Fox News did – hundreds of California residents waiting on extremely long lines for hours to get a gallon or two of drinking water. Many farm laborers are out of work now and more will be. Small town stores are closing. Where will these people move?


Beekeepers will no longer be trucking millions of bees to pollinate the almond groves which are now fields of dust. The dramatic weather and climate changes are now creating many areas of disasters. Spring wheat planting is being postponed due to flooding and hail in the Dakotas and Texas.


I highly recommend the book THE RESILIENT GARDENER – food production and self-reliance in uncertain times. Written by Carol Deppe, this is an excellent resource with practical information to help us all deal with these uncertain times.


Eventually there may be an exodus of millions of people from California seeking water and literally seeking greener pastures. The cumulative effect from the California drought will affect the US and the world for years to come.


[From Rourke: Although the drought in California is incredibly bad let’s hope it is short lived and does reach the critical disastrous levels of which Arlene speaks of.]


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4 thoughts on “How the California Drought Will Affect our Food Prices and Availability”

  1. I believe that California was historically more desert than farmland.

    The last few decades may have been abnormally wet, rather than being abnormally dry as it seems now. If that is true, then we may have a lot to do to be able to feed our increasing population in the future.

    As noted in the article, prepare to grow your own food. Then, learn to can and preserve food for future use. We buy 50 pound boxes of potatoes, can 3/4 of the box and use the balance fresh. We don’t waste any by not using it fast enough before they go bad. Just one of the many things we’ve learned to do in the last few years.

    Get what you need now to be ready for the future, while everything is still available.

  2. A little info on California.In the years from 1862 thru 1864 the coast of calif. had a very bad dry spell. No rain to speak of and hardily any feed for the cattle. The large Rancho’s along the central coast had to kill off all there herds as there was no feed. Rancho Arroyo Grande killed off 15,000 head of cattle and sold the hides to the Yankee traders and cut out the tongues to salt and dry. (the tongue was the only part of the cow that didn’t loose it’s fat)
    Drought’s have been going on for decades. CM needs to check out the history of California when Fremont traveled thru the San Joaquin Valley it was a swamp. Thru the decades the water table has been suck down to almost nothing. Where I grew up our old pump base is sticking out of the ground more than 5ft.The valley floor has dropped that much or more. Soon we will see major food production drop and higher prices at the store’s near you due to water shortages.

    A good book if you can find it is: According To Madge Early Times in South San Luis Obispo County and Arroyo Grande.

  3. Good article and comments. I moved from CA a year ago and was aware even then and have incorporated that knowledge into my preps.

  4. Just when I start losing my super prepper mojo – an article like this comes up and starts me getting motivated again.


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