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  1. Never disclosed this but now we’re close to SHTF. DON’T carry your cell after collapse. My opinion … the men following your signal are coming to interrogate, jail u, or kill you. Carry old analog cell with battery out in farraday bag…911 will always work. Wear a waist belt. Torniquet n buckle is a weapon when you grind a very sharp serrated knife under the buckle edge. Large enough for 2 finger hold inside buckle. Know arterial points of the body. Keep fighting after slash of artery … your opponent will bleed out n weaken … his weapons are now yours so strip him. 15 lbs of pressure on correct point … side of head will induce brain damage. If you know any x cons … these guys can make anything out of nothing … worth the interview and take him out for a great meal. Improvisation and keeping the faith while keeping a straight sense of purpose are your best bet. Stay straight alert… no drugs or booze ever. If you’re up against a merc it’s likely he’s juicing and popping dexadrine like its rock candy. Take his squads drugs away … they’ll kill each other in a day. LOL.

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