Hitting the Heart of the Political debates in the United States

by Silence Dogood

These elections skirt the real issues, preferring to discuss things that cannot be resolved or are just talking points aimed at harming the opposition. Most election issues are coming from a political toolbox of nonsense; they are conundrums, and red herrings not what the people really want answered. They are largely hand picked factoid, and moral teasers, made out of issues with a pinch of moral stain, and a mix of Red Herring that is better suited for philosophers or our local government and the judicial system to figure out and not for our Federal Government. They are taking on issues that do not concern them. They are trying to become a dictatorship on purpose.

I admire how current administrations tell us how these think tank issues are the utmost concerns of ever citizens, when clearly they are not. Then, as if by magic, suddenly our local branch governments are asked to make these political issues their utmost priority, and again as if by magic, the over night artificial issues becomes real to us all at the local level too. This is a trick of “Manufactured Consent,” as Noam Chomsky once put it is how modern government policy becomes fact.

The countries’ true problems are ones that are never talked about in public; the most important topics for any nation in trouble is a way of simply shining light on the hidden government within. Starting with one of the biggest issue facing our nation today, which is, ridding the government of any outside foreign influences, and inside corruption? (I have touch more on this in my article “How to truly make America Great again”)

However, most elections are simply sideshow full of rabbits in hats, which are used to divide a nation into easily controllable factions. Using talking points designed to skirt the bigger national problems, like our sovereignty as a nation. These politicians use twisted moral dilemmas to confuse and divide us into smaller, and smaller more manageable groups, arguing amongst ourselves and making our control that much easier for the campaigners.

All elections use these false issues to keep us from getting at the more important questions. We are often to busy fighting amongst our selves, to notice their deceptive talking points. We are being played by these politicians, and their conundrums that even seasoned philosophers avoid and have no concrete solution in the end for them.

Edward Bernays, The Grandfather of Modern Public Relations, and Mass Mind Control

It is really quite clever when you think about it. Using moral questions that are usually written in bold letters on every front-page media outlet, all the while distracting us from the real problems of the nation, a simple black veil of printers ink held across our eyes to hide the truth from us.

Designer lies too, they are hand picked in think tanks, creating issues never to be solved, and frankly are never intended to be resolved. This is the way of dividing the people into smaller, and smaller groups easily controllable groups, we are played all the time like one of those YouTube videos of a cat chasing a laser beam on the carpet, we seem to fall for it every time. I think we the people have become NUMB, and that is exactly how they want us. Fat Dumb and stupid.

Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat, and knowing your rights.

Quite often, political issues, during Federal elections bob about like a Macy’s Day parade floats, and both should not even be brought up in a Federal Campaign in the first place. Much like the floats the topics are usually over inflated ideas and much smaller then they appear in reality. Both are cumbersome and both full of nothing but gas.

Why do our Federal governments interfere with moral choices of a nation, anyway? They now scream racism everywhere they go, yet do not seem to understand the meaning of the word anymore. They are waving things at us like, Rasism, Gay rights, abortion, and changing marital laws simply to divide us into smaller and smaller, groups… easier to control during an election, which is why they do it, not because of some sense of civic duty.

What about, the big taboo of mixing religion with politics, a huge human rights, and constitutional no-no, I’ll say it is. Yet, it seems to have infiltrated the current debates somehow. What is this, mixing of church and state? Are we now a new wave dictatorship using a religious doctrine, to govern us? (Whatever happened to The Separation of Church and State?) Hell, even that failed concept was struck down, in 1166 by the signing of the “Magna Carta” when it was decided that the two should always remain separate forevermore.

Besides these tactics, they use a ploy of pissing off the moral majority with moral content, and if this doesn’t seem to be work well enough anymore, by getting the required rise out of its electorate. They simply up the anti, like suggesting a rampant rise in Homosexual activities is coming to your world soon, or that mass shootings and Gun crimes are out of control, or the sale of fetal body parts from aborted fetuses is on the rise in the black market. Either way they promise ways to stem this heinous issue, while always reminding us on the national news in big bold letters. Then suddenly it seems to be everywhere we look, a problem that never was, suddenly is…

How odd?

Yet, with a little research, anyone can see that the opposite is usually true. Like the LBGT community only makes up less then 2.8% of the entire world’s population, and that violent crime has actually dropped to its lowest in forty years according to the FBI, and In addition to this, the sale of fetal body parts may have been a little over stated originally, and it is not quite a new epidemic. So relax the “end of days” is not coming just yet.

Educating the Voters

Again, these are moral dilemmas. I am sure “we the people,” can sort these moral issues out for ourselves at the state level, without Presidential interference, this is what are courts systems are for. People seem a bit confused over the duties of the Federal Government too. I believe it is because we are no longer taught government, or law, and business in our schools anymore. It is not the Federal Governments roll to rule the people with an iron fist; anymore then, it is acceptable to give human rights to a corporation making them a legal entity. This is just chipping away, and chipping away a little more of your freedoms with each new Federal Statue, and Bill clarification…

You cannot write laws, giving a person more freedoms that you already have; these new amendments are what restrict our freedoms in the long haul. Every time a new definition of Rights is written down, it merely quantifies the concept, thus binding the courts hands, and forcing them to rule against your inalienable rights by definition. This is why we have Judges, to use the common law system of man, and see the human aspect of the perpetrators act, by seeing the REASON behind the act, and/or the INTENT of the perpetrator at the time of the act. Our forefathers lived through the cumbersome parliamentary system of England and knew when it comes to law, simple is always better; WE DO NOT NEED MORE LAWS.

What, is really going on this election?

  • Licensed Rights: When a government feels it should license something as a privilege; something that use to be an inalienable Right. Then sells it back to you, at a fee. Well… make no mistake about it folks; you are on the proverbial slippery slope, and at the doorsteps of a dictatorship. You doubt this do you?

We the citizens must make up our own minds about certain issues especially of religion, and what rights need to be licensed by our government (Marriage Licenses, Pet licenses, Gun licenses, REALLY). All licenses can be easily done away with, by implementing free certifications, even driving certificates of proficiency, with no fees attached. This is the proper framework of a free government.

There is absolutely no need to charge a fee to a citizen for any license; we are quite capable of running government without extra fees. This is theft as taxes are theft of the nation’s wealth. These issues are for us to decide personally, not for government, and a few men’s policies, and at the very most, they need to be solved by voting at local levels, not handle Federally, or by blanket Federal government dictating how it should be. The Federal Government should not be dictating anything to the people of a republic at all.

Religion, morality, Business practices, Use of local Energy, and state owned property rights should not be controlled by a Federal policy, governing an entire nation. Why, you ask, well if you must know that is the definition of a “monarchy” or in our case a fascist Plutocracy. Moreover, these same elites are bent on a globally controlled government, no longer do they merely want to own a nation.

That is not good enough for them. They want control of world issues between nations, controlling international trade agreements, as in the TPP proposal, or a union group of nations such as the coming new NAFTA agenda. These are new world government ideas that they will hand out our God given rights. Packaged as privileges, and for sale to those who can afford them most, this is slavery. Using taxes and your licensed human rights, as shackles to control you, rights that your fathers fought for, and inherent rights to all men, they are not for sale.

  • Factory Workers: Our failing Education system; I guess tyrants would not want to teach, a proper definition of a dictatorship in our schools. That would interfere with corporate agenda, of creating factory workers for the future and suppressing any wide-eyed critical thinking citizens.

Our Federal Government should be nothing more then a garden arbor, a lattice in which the nation can grow, and blossom, into a strong, and healthy nation. A free government barely should support the boney structure of a nation, and nothing more than then that. A bare bones government will do this, nicely. Certainly not the form of weed control we have now for the nation’s growth. Our Government is not here to control your rights by spraying the people down with legislative Bills miles high, or using Presidential executive orders for some form herbicide to stifle our dissent and ultimately rid the nation of those annoying inalienable human rights in their way.

Politically Correctness is the Desecration of Freedom of Speech

PC speech is really just a covert suppression of free speech.

For the sake of this article, I must Digress for a moment, and qualify some of the coming verbiage. For instance, can those of you PC people out there, please RELAX for a moment, and consider that the words “Woman, Man, Black, or White, Radical Islamic, etc., etc., etc.,” are not magical trigger words of racism or hidden crimes waiting to happen, they are just a WORDs without intent…

Oh and while I am at it, using the term Man still includes Woman in the English language and it always has, as in the old English term “Man” being subdivided into two categories; (wepman and wifman) or (wereman and woman) though some debate the latter, (do your own research).

So, when I am using the term MAN in this article it is not anti-feminist, it is just a word meaning all humans. The phrase Man includes the entire human race (Men and Women), and too many of us writer types like myself still believe it has a certain sense of poetry in its verbiage.

The Party That Never Was: What is a Libertarian, Anyway?

This a good question. Not the party line but a true libertarian is much different then Gary Johnson.

The main beliefs are from our Constitution:

  • As long as a person is not infringing on another human beings rights, they are within their own right to do what ever they please in life, and to be free of harassment by any other.
  • If there is no victim there is, no crime.
  • Inalienable rights cannot be taken nor can they be given by another.
  • Man has the right to property, and cannot be liberated from this property without due process of law.
  • Man has the right to defend him/her self, their loved ones, and their property, by whatever force necessary to subvert the offense.
  • the Rights of all MEN also include the following:
  • the right to self-determination
  • to liberty
  • to due process of law
  • to freedom of movement
  • to freedom of thought
  • to freedom of religion
  • to freedom of expression
  • to peacefully assemble
  • the freedom of association (source)
  • and many more

These are, inalienable rights, and truly, they need not be written down for that same reason. They are inalienable… and the forefathers couldn’t resist.

You can fool all of the people all of the time

It is now, gotten to the point in America, were as long as someone from the government can point to an enemy (of any kind) they can do and say what they want to us, because the media tells everyone of us its okay, and we sop it up like doe eyed Schoolgirls at our first prom. We all know where that can lead.

Remember Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or the Cuban missile crisis where suddenly Cubans were found everywhere one looked, and then the drug epidemic of the seventies, followed by the CIA caught aiding the Contras in selling drugs in America to support an illegal war in Columbia. Then the three strikes your out, policies of the Reagan Administration that ended up fueling the private prison system we have today.

Then the terrorist called Al Qaeda a CIA code name for the files on terrorists, who then turned out to be the CIA funded terror group, ever since the Russian- Afghan Wars. They who then morphed into ISIS and other groups we have today. Its as if they change the name to make it appear things are also changing, whether they are or not.

The recent political campaign has focused on Immigration, and government corruption and suddenly the borders of many countries have flung wide open, with many refugees fleeing troubled nations for their safety, but has also brought many other sorts of other riff raff to their countries. I have no doubt one day we will also find out has been a CIA covert project.

So, what’s next I wonder, as the wheels on the political bus go round and round…

The Enemy Within

Radical Islam: Are Americans or Europeans “really” angry with ALL Muslims, or are we simply angry with our governments that encourage this disconnect from humanity. Are these governments using inequality, and racism to fuel their agenda of more government control, another means to an end. They have been caught funding these crimes and “outright lying” to us about radical Islam. We the alternative media have proven that these governments have been funding terrorist groups (like Al-Qaeda aka ISIS) for many years, even before the Russian-Afghan wars. They have relentlessly pushed this fear of terrorism on us as a “threat” for two decades now. Even though we know it is a lie, they continue with their message, funding and aiding their attacks even. This alone should be a clue to anyone on whether they plan to move their new world order agenda forward or not.·

Just Slight of Hand: Are these current WORLD political issues the root-cause of our troubles in these countries or are they simply used against us during elections, just to distract us from the more pressing concerns?

Funding Terrorism: “They,” your government claims we should give up our rights and freedoms so they can protect us from this manufactured war on terror, and yet… they are caught again and again funding these same armies of terrorists, such as in Syria.

Taxes are theft: Are you (the average citizen) not firmly against corporate tax loopholes that only help Big Business get better tax breaks then you can ever hope to see for yourself? Are we not tired of listening to their dictation of corporate regulations regarding the nations commerce, that we can only surmise are designed as a way of sending our jobs over seas, and at the same time are crushing our economies?

More On Taxes: Or perhaps we the people are simply tired of TAXES all together, the government seems intent on maintaining this out of control spending habit, with more taxes from an equally out of control group of sociopaths, standing at the congressional helm of this Titanic we find ourselves sailing away on, using us as their “Sugar Daddies”. The ship has come in; the American people will not even be able to pay the interest on the nations debt next year. We are in default.

Immigration issues: do we really think that groups of WELL-INTENDED immigrants wanting to become citizens are bad for our nation or its economy? Were we not once ourselves, immigrants, and were our ancestors also considered bad for the nation? Alternatively, are we racist or simply pissed off about the handouts of our tax money to non-citizens, when so many veterans and seniors go unnoticed?

More On immigration Issues: Destroying the Infrastructure, perhaps, we are simply against the obvious Military aged criminals, rapists, and mental defectives that are being purposely allowed in and used as pawns by the administration to help bring down a still functioning system. A system, hanging on by its finger tips, but that stands in the way of those who seek total control over these nations.

Who Started This Middle East Conflict anyway: What government policies, created this mass exodus from the Middle East. Moreover, what nation just started bombing Libya earlier this month of August, and forgot to tell its congress and its own citizens?

Isn’t that illegal?

Living in Fear: We have always been made to live in fear by our past governments. The British are coming 1776, the Germans are coming1914 and 1945, the Japanese are coming 1947, the Russians are coming 1954, someone is always coming to get us… The Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Falklands, The Contras, the Oil Crisis 1970s, The energy Crisis 1980s and on, The Market Crash 2008, The Dollar Crash coming to a country near you soon, The next fabricated crisis like an Asteroid is coming, etc., etc., etc.. Do we want to live in fear all the time as other nations do? Nations who are encouraged to inform on each other like some Nazi, Stasi or Big Brother style Government of fascism. Each of us ratting out our neighbors and friends who just want to have a vegetable garden in their front yard, I mean really…

Doesn’t this simply make us more dependent on those Jack-booted thugs that want to control us?

Privacy Issues: Do you want your government standing in your bedroom, telling you what to wear, what to do, and what to think? Is this morality or is this tyranny, if morality is dictated by the government then where does the power to say what goes on between two consenting adults come from?

What type of Government are we today: If you think you would want a socialist, or fusion blend (Capitalist, socialist, and Oligarchy) to make these kinds of decisions for you. Let us examine these coming governments such as Fascism, Islamic sharia law, socialism, and communism or even the current pseudo capitalism and corporatism. Would you be willing, to allow any of these hypothetical governments to choose your wives and daughters clothing for them.

How about having a top down religious government tell you what God to worship, or whether you can chose other religion besides your family religion. Maybe they dictate how you can live your life, under their rule or whom you may speak to. Maybe even decide the person you should marry, or perhaps dictate the career you will follow, and the food that you eat. Then they even dictate what books you can read. Is that a fair and impartial government; a kind of government you want for your children, and your children’s children?

Surveillance of the People: Our current government wants to watch over everyone’s shoulder, every second of everyday, and replay your past movements whenever you pop up as an interest to them. So, if you make a wrong move at least in their bureaucratic minds, they will send you to some re-education camp hidden away in some dark under ground facility, as if you are in one of those 1984 Orwellian, new world order kind of worlds… I think not.

Death to our Constitution: Are we willing to allow our Constitution to die for them? On the other hand, should we use and let this great document do, its voodoo, that it do, so well. Guaranteeing each and everyone’s liberty and ensuring justice for all, by guiding us in the only way that can, guarantee free society. This magnificent document can solve todays problems fairly, and honestly, while taking us in the direction that we started from.

My advice is we can let it work its magic, and mean while ending this madness of government over-reach, or we can end the American experience here and now. The authors of our constitution have already done the legwork for us, it is beautifully written a legal master piece, which will always be pertinent today as it was back those many years before. (It is only bankers and lawyers, which want to rewrite such a perfect instrument.)

Insurance: Don’t even get me started on the nations insurance scam either. Who needs insurance once we take back the court systems, and its over bloated insurance awards as well as the frivolous lawsuits that will be no more. Besides as a truly free citizen, it is your responsibility, and yours alone for of any of your own actions. Insurance unfortunately creates irresponsible citizens that try to get away with harming other people with the scapegoat of insurance laws. No more escaping responsibilities of your own actions, I propose a limiting insurance code written for the nation allowing only extenuating circumstances being covered by insurance claims, and no longer will it be a mandatory requirement for the people to have insurance of any kind. This insurance scam was also part of the money cabal.

Guaranteed Income: It is possible to design a guaranteed income also for all citizens such as Iceland is implementing this year. Where every man woman and child is given a guaranteed income to support himself or herself, thus eliminating the entire welfare system currently in place in the united States. That is over 20 different welfare departments no longer need for the nations welfare, and unemployment insurance gone forever. This will aid in the reduction of property crimes I am sure, by reducing the stress of poverty.

Crime and punishment: Real justice should hold the perpetrator responsible for the crimes. Not insurance companies, or prison systems. If a man steals a car, he should work off the debt of that car and pay it directly to the victim. That is proper justice. No more private prisons and no more allowing of criminals to skirt monetary debts to society, either, whenever possible the criminal’s debt must be paid back to the victim by working off the said debt, within the prison system, or during a probational contingency. Again, this will reduce strain on the tax system, and I bet it will reduce crime also.

These should be the election issues around the world not some factoids used to cloud real issues. End the theft of your rights. End governments selling those same stolen rights back to us as privileges, and as licenses, and end national debates about local issues while you are at it.

Even if you personally do not agree with the choices of your neighbors (Other sovereign citizens) in a free nation if they are not harming anyone there is no crime. If what they make or what they wear, or what they do, or what they say offends you, and as long as it is NOT affecting you or your rights, or anyone else’s around you… Well then, you have to let it go people.

Remember, no victim no crime.

This is what real freedom is all about, this is essential to a free society, in order to maintain a free world, and whether you like it or not these are Inalienable rights for everyone not just you.

Authored by Silence Dogood

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