HIPERFIRE releases new AR trigger – the EDT

Looking for a great trigger for your AR that won’t break the bank? The new HIPERFIRE EDT trigger just might be the answer.

Designed for LE department approval, low cost high performance OEM trigger upgrades, NRA sponsored long range marksmanship shooters, home defense, etc. The single stage trigger is unique, sporting user-adjustable trigger weights of 4½+ and 5½+ lbs without compromising MIL-spec hammer fall energy. And, it locks up faster than stock triggers.

It’s still a HIPERTOUCH® fire-control for the AR15 and derivative platforms featuring only a hint of creep, a smooth flat stroke, with an equally smooth and very positive reset that users have come to appreciate.

MSRP is $89.
Visit www.hiperfire.com for more information.

What Is The EDT (now EDT Sharp Shooter)?


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