Help for minor burns

Several years ago I worked for a metal plating business and worked around soldering irons. It was a frequent occurrence that workers – including myself – would get burns on our fingers and hands. As you may know getting burnt on the pad of your fingers is extremely painful and the pain can last for quite a while.


The standard treatment for these burns was  an immediate cold water flush and then  treating the area with Water-Jel. Water-Jel is a 2% Lidocaine gel which cools and soothes. I was pretty impressed with how well it worked. Now – it takes some time but after a pretty good finger burns the pain would decrease within 30-45 minutes and then gone within a couple hours. Please understand that when it comes to burns I am a total wuss and have never had any success with any cream or ointment.

I now maintain a supply of Water-Jel in my medical cabinet and use it whenever a family member receives a burn.

Figured I would pass this info on as burns just flat out suck and maybe it could help someone someday.

Anyone else use Water-Jel?



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  1. We had “Burn Jel”in the oil fields and it worked well. I have some but now I make my own gel for burns. I use 50% food grade Aleo vera gel and 50% Colloidal Silver.It also works great for wound and other injury’s. The best way to get Colloidal Silver is to get a unit and make it your self. Good Luck

  2. I found a source for aloe vera crystals you can include in your “Burn Kit”:
    Go to solutions-4-you and look for the aloe vera crystals page. Nurse Amy has a very good list of items for your medical kit; I’ve copied it and added to it from time to time. I was looking for some way to include 100% cold pressed aloe, and this stuff appears to be pretty good. Thanks, Garmo, I’ve also included your suggestion for Burn Jel and plan to purchase one. When I got burned from a canning accident (hint-you’d better know what you are doing when you use reusable plastic canning lids), I got prescription-strength Silver sulfadiazine to bring home. It’s worth to trouble to try and obtain some of it to keep in your kit.

  3. In your frig… good old plain yellow mustard applied right after recieving the burn is the best on the market. Please check it out.

  4. We have used the burn gel from Emer. Ess. and it works well. Thanks for reminding me-to order more. We also use aloevera directly from a piece of the plant and that helps immensely. Never tried mustard -will next time-thanks everyone. Arlene

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