Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


My second favorite holiday of the year – Thanksgiving for me is all about family. Growing up I remember many Thanksgiving’s spent traveling to see Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Others were spent at home. As a child I cherished waking up and seeing my mother preparing THE MEAL. A huge turkey would be sitting on the counter while she mixed up the stuffing and crammed it into the turkey. She would have corn, real mashed potatoes (no boxed crap), apple and pumpkin pie. She would even have that terrible tasting stuff that was shaped like a can – cranberry sauce (yuck!). 


Throughout the day the smell of that turkey would penetrate every nook and cranny throughout the house. I would watch parades on TV along with football. But most of all what I remember is just everyone being together.


I miss that. Both my parents are gone. Families are spread from Massachusetts down to Georgia. And from now and forever every Thanksgiving I will remember back to what it was like as a child…..and hope that my own kids will have similar memories.


Be safe and have a wonderful day!

 – Rourke


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  1. Thx Rourke, I have many similar memories growing up. When I was a kid I too hated the can shaped cranberry sauce too. My Great Grandparents lived into their 90s. I still remember they used to come stay for a couple of days and it seemed they always brought their own minibar. Maybe the self pickling is why they lived so long. I remember my grandma going through the list of foods she loved, but couldn’t eat anymore because it upset her stomach. The older I get the more I sympathize with her. Funny how I’ve even come to like having a taste of the can shaped cranberry sauce. Happy Thanks Giving all.

  2. Rourke and all the MSO peeps.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you for such a great resource in these uncertain times…Hopefully we have many more of these turkey days ahead of us…

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to your family and all of the preparation community at ModernSurvivalOnline. As mentioned in a previous post, I believe we all have something to be grateful for, even if times are tough right now. I share similar memories from my youth. Our meal was timed after the local high school football game, a rivalry between neighboring towns that precedes my birth, or even my parents moving into the area. Although my parents are still living (Thank God!), there are many relatives who will watch our meal from Heaven. We tried to convince my mother not to cook this year. She has weathered cancer, heart stents and recent back surgery. I think she wants to make this effort one last time. We are fortunate that my sister is an avid photographer and has recorded these holiday gatherings on film. Most memorable is a picture that we expanded and framed, from Thanksgiving in 1983. I was a paratrooper in the 82ND Airborne at the time, just returning from deployment in Grenada. My family was elated that I returned unharmed, as not all of my friends and comrades made out so well. I will close with a prayer for all our servicemen/women and their families, separated this holiday by war, ocean or just miles. God Bless & Protect Them. Please bring them home safe. May we all be thankful for their efforts and sacrifices in “Keeping The Wolf Away From The Door”. Amen.

  4. Dear Rourke and everyone-Happy Thanksgiving.Thanks for sharing Rourke. Yes I like having family and friends
    over for the sacred day and meal -saying a beautiful grace-taking a walk after the farm chores are done and just being grateful …prepping and shopping etc we put aside to simply be . (we always boycott shopping on any major holiday(and pre holiday ) to honor the employees and send a message of NO to stores )Of course the farm animals and the birds and wildlife get extra treats to munch on also. Arlene
    I like to read a Thanksgiving story to the little children .

  5. An odd, but very good Thanksgiving Day. I hope everyone’s was as much fun, and as rewarding.

    My actual family were all elsewhere, for various reasons. A pair of old friends, and their daughter, who just moved to my general area, and are still living in a motel, looking for work and a place to live (well, 1 good job found and begun, 1 pending) and ‘real’ housing, came over to share the holiday. A ‘healthy’ breakfast (with spinach!!) had seconds and thirds taken by a 9-year-old. 🙂

    Smoke alarms WERE set off when SOMEONE (me) turned on the broiler, before dinner, instead of turning off the oven, and we lost the roasted sweet potato ‘fries’. Hilarity ensued. The same 9-year old discovered that roasted fresh beets were like ‘veggie candy’. We all had enough to eat that naps were universally-enjoyed. I got to pack up enough leftovers to feed my friends well for a few days.

    Feeling very thankful the company of good friends, and the opportunity to “pay forward” the help I was given when I was having difficult times. A very good day.

    • Thanks Wyzrd –

      Sounds like an interesting day. More eventful than mine. Spent the day lounging for the most part and catching up on some reading. Last night heard a bunch of coyotes not too far from my bug out location on two side of us. Pretty cool.

      Take care – Rourke

  6. May you always have a sound roof to keep out the rain,
    May you always have stout walls to keep out the wind,
    May you always have a warm stove to keep out the chill,
    May you always have a pot of porridge to keep hunger away,
    May you always have good friends to enjoy your days.

    An old Irish blessing my Grandaddy taught me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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