Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mothers Day!

If your mother is still alive take advantage of this time. Call her, see her, and tell her that you love her. Regardless of any fights or issues that may have created barriers in the relationship know that she is the only mother you will ever have and some day the opportunity will not be there.

My mother has passed and I woke up this morning in prayer with a hope she could hear me. I love you mom!




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  • 4


  1. Bitter sweet day:Mother passed (cancer 27/Feb/2015), she is in the glory of God & no longer in pain. Mothers…definately a: personal,national, world treasure. Love & miss you Mom. Happy Mothers day to all still here.

  2. Rourke and Bull- yes I believe our Mothers can hear our prayers in heaven.
    The words and photo are beautiful Roueke.
    I had a very blessed and thoughtful Mothers day from my two adult children and grand children.
    We are getting some much needed rain -at least. Arlene

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