Guns, guns and more guns…..

If you read any gun magazines or visit gun shops you may have noticed just an unprecedented number of new firearms coming out. Pistol’s… rifles….shotguns……”oh my!” .

Over the past couple of years I dream with every issue of Guns & Ammo or Handguns Magazine. So many new models that I would love to have…if I only would win the lottery.

Regardless of all the new eye candy coming out there is one gun that if I could snap my fingers I would have sitting in my gun safe.

That gun is the Springfield M1A……

My dream gun might be a bit conservative in nature. A M1 Garand would run a very close second. Always loved the Colt Python .357 Magnum.

So – if you could choose one gun  – just to own with no strings attached – what would it be?


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  1. Really good choice, Rourke (IMHO anyway).

    Add a Voodoo cheek rest, a Konus 7282 scope (be sure to locktite your rings as the M1A tends to shake them loose), a surplus leather sling (genuine GI), and a match grade barrel and it would look exactly like the one I have standing next to my GOOD bag.

    It’s a dressed up version of what I carried 30+++ years ago while in the employ of Uncle Sam.

    I use the Israeli 25-round mags. You may have to replace the mag retainer spring with a heavier version (I haven’t yet, but keep a spare just in case), but that extra 5 rounds can come in handy.

    Also, pay the extra money and get a Springfield – the Norinco copies from China are generally crap.

    Happy shooting.

  2. i would say something like an ar variant but after much research ive been thinking that the ptr 91 or hk g3. much like the m14 the 308 round is the same but the ptr and hk both accept the very very cheap (for now) magazines from the g3 which you can get for less than 5 bucks most places and some for as cheep as a dollar!! that is simply amazing when a mag for any ar variant is around 30 bucks at least. dont get me wrong the m1A1 is an awesome weapon with a ton of history to back it up and its just a beautiful gun but when the stuff hits the fan id rather something with a synthetic stock and cheap readily available mags (if you stocked up on them while they are basically being given away). i know the old arguement of 556 v 308 but lets be honest when the shit hits the fan your gonna want something that has maximum penetration and wont (or shouldnt) need several follow up shots. again dont get me wrong the ars are a great rifle and i would love to have one or several with all the cool optics and lights and bells and whilstles, but again lets be honest, will you NEED all that?? or a better question might be what can that money be better spent on now such as more ammo or food or water whatever… the point is in a WROL situation i believe the bigger the better. thoughts anyone??

    • I didn’t think about an HK 91 or 93 – awesome guns.

      An older Steyr SSG bolt action would be nice too.

      Thanks – Rourke

  3. I am with you. I have always wanted a M1A. I was all set to buy one about 7-8 years ago, but when I went in the gun store I spotted a M1 Garand and bought that instead. I still want the M1A, but they are a little pricey and I have twin boys that will be heading off to college in about a year.

  4. While I love the M1a and mine is a Super match variant with illuminated recticle scope, I would have to say that my one gun choice would have to be in a smaller package and a different caliber. M4 variant in 6.5 Grendel. Better knock down than both 5.56 and 6.8. Too bad the setup is so expensive….

  5. My dream weapon system would be a Browning M2. That was my baby in Iraq, and there is nothing I have fired that even comes close to the power trip you feel when you hold that butterfly down. I am assuming that we are getting an unlimited supply of ammo because at $5 a round I couldn’t even afford to sight it in.

  6. Win the lotto : definetly a mini-gun mounted to my hummer bug out vehicle.
    Something in reality will actually back -ups to my ars n glocks.

  7. If I could have any gun just for the fun of it, it would a “replica” LeMat Revolver. The original blackpowder revolver fired nine .42cal balls and a single 20ga load. I want a modern smokeless revolver that fires nine 357mag and a 20guage. It would be massive and not a true replica, but how cool would that be at the range!

  8. I own a Springfield Armory M1A Socom. I have about 4000 rounds through it and it will always be my go to weapon. You just can’t get a better and more versatile weapon. It shoots every time you pull the trigger and takes any type of 308 round. It is equipped with a Burris Scout Scope, Vortex Flash Hider and black stock with rubber shoulder pad. Get one.

  9. You asked “So – if you could choose one gun – just to own with no strings attached – what would it be?”

    My answer is, any and all that I choose no strings attatched. The problem is we can’t choose “any” gun with no strings attatched.

    I do like your choice of an M1A. In a time long ago and far away my M14 was my best friend.

  10. I would go for the M-1 Garand. I like the stopping power of the .30-06 and I can put up with the 8 round internal clip. The only thing I dislike is the empty “PING” of the clip being ejected. My other choices would be the .45 Auto Colt (I had a Gold Cup for a while) and a Ruger 10/22. I also think that a good prepper should have a bow with broadhead arrows and know how to use them. After all, there are times where you might want to shoot something without making any noise.

  11. The M1A is an excellent choice. I use the SOCOMII and its great. When I was active I always pick my M14. The AK47 is like the M14, it doesn’t care what you do to it and it always comes up firing. The only draw back is mounting optics. The regular M!A uses a side mount that tends to shoot lose. The regular SOCOMII the rail is to far forward so you have to extend the rail or buy really expensive optics with at least 6″ eye relief. The real answer for optics mounting is the SOCOMII extended rail from the factory. So if you buy an M!A I recommend that you first decide it you are going to use optics. If so go with the SOCOMII extended rail.

    If I had it to do over though I would buy 2 M!A standard models. The SOCOMII looks cool, but the fore arm really wares on your hand when you are carrying it all day. As for the optics mounts I really wist someone would come out with a bridge that connects in the dove tail of the stripper clip receiver.

    In my book Rourke it the best money can buy. Just make sure the person carrying the M!A can handle the extra weight of the weapon and ammo. 250 rounds is almost 15 pounds and that’s nothing to shoot thru in a firefight.

  12. Rourke,

    I bit the bullet and bought an M1A a few years ago. I really like it. Years ago I was in high school Army ROTC and we got to fire M-14s live. Ever since then I have loved it and it is a great gun. Mine is just a standard model. I couldn’t afford and didn’t dare risk spending any more for a match grade.

    Take Care Rourke –


  13. I recently got to shoot a SCAR (I think that’s what the guy called it), a Galil, an AR15, and a Mosin Nagant. All sweet shooting guns–the Nagant has a lot of kick to it. But, if I could just snap my fingers and have a gun, it would be a 1911. Heck, I might even snap twice and hope for 2. Everybody will laugh and tell me how bad they are, but I might even hope for a Hi-point 40cal carbine.

  14. The M1A isa wonderful battle rifle and I’d give my eye teeth for a loaded model. It would compliment my Benelli MR-1, Kel tec SU-16c, and DPMS LR308 carbine perfectly. My Springfield XD .45 Tactical is my main love but my Remington R-1 Enhanced is my mistress.

    I’ll take a M2 in a naval dual mount or a new FNH M3 for fighting off the hoardes…

  15. I love the ergonomics of the M1A. They however seem to be the gun that is always just out of my reach. Over the past 10 years or so their prices have consistently risen, first past what I could afford and more recently beyond what I am willing to pay. The guns are so darn expensive and really they aren’t 1.75 times the gun an FN-FAL or an HK/ PTR 91 type are. To compound things even after you buy it mags and spare parts are darn expensive also.

    I am still not entirely sure that I will end up buying a semi auto .308 anyway but it would likely be a PTR-91 with mags and parts I can afford to pay for.

  16. I think the M14/M1A is a really solid choice. They are pretty expensive, and damn heavy from what I have seen in the gun shops. Right now, I am lusting after a Ruger Mini-30 tactical. Adequate power for dropping white tail, more “grey man” because every anti-gunner won’t instantly recognize it as “evil”. The tactical model has a threaded muzzle, so I can add a muzzle break. The ATI stocks have a side folder, so duffel bag carry is feasible. Now, if could only find one of the damn things, I’d be set.

  17. As far as the M1 Garand’s Ping. You can buy a Halbrook devise, and the enbloc wont fly out until you push the button, and you can reload a partly loaded enbloc, and single load also.

    The M1a is the best battle rifle, period. They are lighter than most of the other 30 caliber battle rifles.

    A ruger 10/22 will malfunction, and have more stoppages than any of the 30 caliber battle rifles.

  18. RE: Unknown Soldier: I assume when you were talking about the .30 cal 10/22, I assume you were replying to my Mini 30 comment. After a little more research, I have found you may be right. Thanks for the input. I will probably have to look for something else.

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