Gun control efforts are not over

Yesterday there was another terrible shooting involving multiple victims in a public place. Three people dead including the shooter at a mall in Maryland. On January 9th a student was shot in a high school in Tennessee. On January 13th a 71 year old ex-cop shot a man for texting in a movie theater. The next day a student at a Middle School shot two of his classmates with a shotgun. On the same day a student was shot near Albany High School in Georgia.

2013 no doubt will bring back many memories of mass shootings.

Many of these are making the national news – some are not. Point is these events are “ammunition” for the gun control crowd. Although there may not be a huge push in Congress for anti-gun legislation – it is not a matter of “if” but more a matter of “when”. 

I continue to remind people to remember back when you could not buy a PMAG AR magazine for less than $40-$50 and the availability of ammunition was pretty much non-existent. The target items of the anti-gun crowd are largely available and pricing is almost back to normal. Take advantage of it and continue to put back ammunition, magazines, and firearms as someday all you have might be all you will ever have.


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  1. SMH…when will the sheeple realize that gun control is NOT the answer? Why not more focus on getting guns out of criminals hands? Never mind…I know the answer to that…

  2. Saw a posting recently that is just plain crazy common sense. Drunk driver kills someone but we don’t blame the alcohol. A bomber kill somsone(s), we don’t blame the bomb. Someone kills someone with a knife, we don’t blame the knife.

    Why is it that guns are the only thing that are blamed rather than the person behind the gun ?? Because it’s the only way to help keep the masses from rising up against the powers that be when things get too bad !!

  3. Unfortunately, no one wants to talk about the degradation of our society. People have no value of life anymore. I don’t know what the route cause is, movies, video games, lack of religious values or a combination of everything. I am just afraid that as things keep spiraling down, no one will be safe anywhere. Here where I live in central Florida, there is at least one killing a night and armed home invasions almost every day. Somehow, we need to get people reengaged with society as a whole. I don’t know if people really believe that gun control is the solution or just an easy answer that will not solve the problem. Taking guns away will not stop a psycho from building a few pipe bombs with kitchen matches and tossing them in a school or mall. I will say that we gun owners as a whole need to take better responsibility for our actions. How many friends do you have, that leave their guns unsecured around the house. Everyone wants to think that my kid would not do something like this, but it happens and by giving them unsupervised access to weapons is just asking for trouble. All of our firearms, except our EDC weapons, are secured in a vault and the only ones with access is my wife and I. When we are not carrying, our EDC is secured as well.

  4. These days, when people can be arrested for having a fired shell, as is the case in DC, I think, only proves the lunatics are in control ov the asylum.

    Get ammo. Know how to use your firearms to protect your family.

    GET TRAINING! It is cheap versus any potential mistake.

    If you are in a unfriendly state, I highly recommend voting with your feet. I did. I think it is not smart to support those that do not value our rights. There are places that have the same values you do.

  5. good advice on the gun/ammo situation. . . . stock up on cheap pump guns, if you can. . . they may be worth their weight in gold later. . . .

  6. I am in concurrence with most of the opinions here! I have a bad feeling we are about to step from the cooking pot into the fire. We are one Supreme Court Justice away from tipping the balance of power to the Left. Hiding behind the our God Given Rights, as stated so eloquently in the 2nd Amendment, will no longer be an option when Barry makes the next appointment. Where the federal government has failed (thus far) at stealing our Right To Keep And Bear Arms, many states are fulfilling their tyrannical goals at disarming us. THE FUTURE DOES NOT LOOK GOOD, FOLKS! I am not so paranoid to believe that Uncle Sam is behind ALL of these horrific mass shootings. However, when you research into Aurora or Sandy Hook, some things don’t add up. The Gun Grabbers take us to be stupid, that we won’t notice. Or, that we will always believe what we see on the news. Rourke’s advice, is sound (as always)! Buy guns, purchase ammo while they are available and affordable. Find a private seller, if you can. Don’t keep them all in one place! Most important (to me, anyway), DON’T FORGET HOW WE GAINED THESE LIBERTIES AND DEFENDED THEM OVER THE YEARS! GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

  7. I agree 100% . We still cant find any cheap 22 LR ammo and the good stuff is priced high and limited to 2 boxes pre visit when it is in stock and its out of stock more than it is in .
    Robert W

  8. There is bulk premium .22 available and in 5000 round case quantities with no purchase restriction. Look for ammunition warehouses with ancillary sales points such as AMMO ZONE in Flippin, AR. Who knows, if you call them, they may even ship to you.

    Panhandle Rancher
    (I have no connection to AMMO ZONE)

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