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Special thanks to Kenny over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away for publishing this and for sharing it.

The use of drone technology within the borders of the United States is becoming more and more concerning. In my own opinion the there is a serious privacy issue being raised in addition to the disconnect between the person on the trigger end of an armed drone and the human life in the video monitor. Real life is beginning to look like a video game and it is getting far too easy for someone to simply push a button and snuff out a human life. 

The constant desensitizing of society is heading us in a direction where a human life is just not valued the same as it used to be. I am unaware if we have any armed drones flying within the United States borders, at least armed lethally. If not – I believe it is just a matter time.

Technology increasing as it does the use of drone technology is making the movie Terminator look more and more plausible.

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3 thoughts on “Guide to drone designs…..”

  1. Rourke I accidentally deleted mail with the site you recomended to stock up my antibiotics supplies??? What was that sight again please?

  2. Although I am normally a very strict Constitutional advocate, I actually supported the drone strike on Anwar Al-Awiaki. I am vehemently opposed to unfettered Moslem expansion and the heinous crimes they plan and perpetrate against Western nations. Consequently, I support killing the TERRORISTS wherever they’re hiding ABROAD. I am against using drones within US borders. In foreign countries, we don’t always have the assets or support structure to raid terrorist havens. That CANNOT be said here. If LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel obtain information on criminals, they can get the proper warrants and move on the suspects. I believe there should be clearly defined laws that prohibit ANY DRONE STRIKES on American soil. We have already witnessed the Obama Administration ALTERING THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELANDS SECURITY’S FOCUS FROM HUNTING FROM ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS TO CHRISTIAN MILITARY VETERANS WITH STRONG REVERENCE TO THE BIBLE, CONSTITUTION AND FLAG. Who would have ever predicted this, that previously admirable and honorable service and allegiance would be considered criminal? I fear it is only a matter of time before DHS is putting a Hellfire missile into my humble abode, or rocketing my SUV on the turnpike. I feel we need to elect leaders that prohibit the use of drones in the United States. Or, at the very least, clearly define that only law enforcement is authorized to use drones for reconnaissance and information gathering reasons. NO MILITARY, NO CIA AND NO AIRSTRIKES!


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