Guest Post: Why Prepare?


 Why Prepare?

by Tim


  Ironically, I was pondering that question while at work a few weeks ago.  It was about 1:30 in the afternoon and storm clouds started rolling in to the Dallas area.  I heard the sirens go off just before I was asked to come into the building that I was doing work at.  They were going into lock down and this was my only chance to be safe in the building.  I went into the windowless conference room and watched several tornado’s burn a path directly toward my house.  I noted that my son’s school was well out of the line of the storm, and my eldest had already checked in.  The important stuff checked off the list, I settled down to watch what would happen.


     As luck would have it, the tornado’s bounced just before hitting my subdivision and my stuff was spared.  The drive home was heart breaking though.  The number of lives that were affected, and the property damage broke my heart.  I got to my house and did a quick once over of my property and found that not only had the worst of it passed me by, but my garden was untouched.  Power was still on and according to the news, the schools were letting out so my youngest would be home soon.  


     The phone started ringing.  First my family from out of state called to make sure we were safe.  Then came my friends here locally.  Most were not directly effected, a couple of them had lost power and some wind damage.  When the bus pulled up, my son bounded off, he wanted to be sure everyone was safe too.  My eldest showed up a few minutes later from work, with the same concerns.  When they heard that some friends a mile or two away had lost power and had trees down, they grabbed a single butane burner, a coffee pot and the chain saw, to go help.  Knowing that they wouldn’t have power by morning and insisted that they would need fresh brewed java.  They came back around 8 as the sun was setting, with news as to where the aid station was being set up.  We grabbed a couple cases of canned goods and water and ran them up.  


     As I was getting ready for bed that night, my phone went off again.  A neighbor of my friends wanted to thank my boys for coming over and cleaning up their yard after they were done at my friends.  They are older and couldn’t have done the work themselves. By now I was an extremely proud dad.  The shocker was what came next.  My sons 5th hour teacher called me just before 11:00pm.  He wanted to tell me what had happened at school that day when they went into lock down.  It seems that as the herded the kids into the hallway in a semi panicked state, my son acted as if it were another day in the park.  He was asked why he was so casual about the dangers around him.  His response was “If the storm hits us and I die, I go to heaven.  If it destroys our house, we’ll make our way the way folks used to in the old days.  As long as my family is safe, I don’t have anything to fear.”


     All of the food, water, energy, and knowledge that I had stocked away, all the trips to the woods and the range, all the things I had done with them for the last few years, showed their worth.  Why do I prep?  So that my kids can know that in any situation “If I die I go to heaven.  As long is my family is safe I have nothing to fear”.  They had no hesitation to several hours of hard labor for no pay for others in need, and tracked down where to take goods to those who had lost everything.  Their priorities were right, because they knew that we could endure anything together.


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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Why Prepare?”

  1. Wonderful story, Tim. I like that you were not afraid to mention faith as a strength and attribute to your plan. It is not a very Christian thing to say, but I truly loathe the Main Stream Media’s efforts to take God away from American culture. Our family of 4 has been “prepping” for a little over a year, but we have yet to do any drills or practice our plans. I just want to start with something simple, like dawning our rucksacks and walking a mile. For whatever reason, we have not completed this simple task. Realistically, this type of drill is not very productive. We plan on bugging in. But, in my opinion, it would be a good way to take our effort to the next level. We have purchased food, water and medical supplies. We bought guns and ammo. But, the only real training for disaster we have done has been on the rifle / pistol range. As I watch the banking situation in Europe unfold, I get a bad feeling that we are running out of time. I have so much that I want to do before the storm comes. Thanks for your inspirational article.

  2. Wow thanks for sharing. A lumpmis in my throat and tears in my eyes- what a fine ex. you have set and what
    truly caring soms you have. God bless. prayers for all who lost homes … Arlene
    PSOur state was ravaged with Hurricane Irene last year and we are all helping folks to still put the pieces back together but people of faith will always survive and thrive.

  3. What a wonderful story! You must be so proud of your sons! God bless you and your family for your willingness and ability to help others and be an example.

  4. wow…very nice story. you have definetely raised your boys the right way. they can now be proud of themselves for how well they reacted to this emergency and can be an example for their peers to follow. of course, being a proud dad is extremely important too.


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