Why I Prepare? … from Ben

Why do I prepare?


That is a tricky question isn’t it? Everyone has their reasons and most of those reasons don’t make sense to others.


The reason I prep:


Well for most of my life I did not know it was prepping. I thought as I grew up that it was called preserving the garden harvest so we had food to eat in the winter.  When I got older and got out on my own I really missed having real and healthy canned foods. Living for years in the cities and all around the world I never had much of a chance to stock up on anything.  I never really felt quite right knowing that I had to go to the store every week because of limited freezer and fridge space. Now I am back home on the farm and able to garden, raise my own stock and harvest ripe organic foods. I feel much better, but why do I prep?  I do it because I have a daughter, a close family and some friends that I would love to still have around if something happens. I would love to see my own grandkids some day and be able to feed them good healthy food and for them to be safe.


The world seems to be a not so good place to be out there wandering around and sight seeing any more, countries collapsing, economies failing, shortages, GMO foods, large corporations producing most of our foods and I wonder what’s in them. I would rather know my foods, from birth to grill, from seed to can or dehydrator. Store enough so that I do not have to worry if my child will ever have to go hungry. To teach my friends how to do all the things required to run a farm to be self sufficient. To have everything possible in book format so that all of us can learn many trades. But probably most of all because when its all said and done and the sun is setting I can sit back after finishing my salad and steak with baked potato and sip my home brewed beer and say, “It just don’t get no better than this!”  No matter what is happening in the rest of the world,  I just want to protect my little corner so that my grandkids will be able to grow up in the land of the free with plenty of choices, food and security.


How does one prepare?  First there is food storage, both commercial and homemade, canning, drying and freezing. Lots and lots of books and written notes, learning many trades even if only the basics that way with books on the subject you will be able to do things and make things work that so many others will have no clue how to do or the skills to achieve. Materials – this is everything from actual material for clothing to quilts, thread for sewing and sewing machines, solar to power your batteries to run said machines, to cast iron for future forgings and steel. The list is limitless if one chooses to consider that depending on what happens you might be on your own till you build your civilization back up from what you have. I have never really liked waiting on someone else to come up with the idea or plan that my life would hang on. Each person has their own reasons for what they gather, store and learn, hopefully in the end each of us will be over prepared and not have to live through some of the scenarios that are being tossed around out there. But if it turns out to be something really, really bad that happens I just hope that all of us are prepared with what we have and that we are able to defend it when needed and still civil enough to share when its time to start rebuilding…. God bless.


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  1. Ben is quite a few steps ahead of me in some ways in this journey. I was never pushed into helping in the garden as I was growing up, and the garden was something that was my dad’s domain. Mom never really got her hands dirty ‘outside’ the house. I remember as a child that mom had a water bath canner, but we never had home canned goods. everything was in metal cans and on rare occasions when the garden did produce, it was small amounts. Now that I want to do this, I live in Deed restricted, CCR hell and I’m not only having to be stealthy about my HAM radio antenna, I’m having a difficult time trying to find a place to even put a postage stamp sized garden. not to mention the only vegetables my dear wife will eat are corn and peas, unless they are hidden ‘in’ or under something else.

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