Why I prepare…….from Beckie


by Beckie Barnhart


  Gee someone other than my family is posting this question to me, why do I prepare?  With the Internet allowing access to so much information and news, things start to jump out at you, devastating weather, sun spots, planet x, polar shifts, earthquakes, volcanoes and the ring of fire.  Add to that the price of gold jumping leaps and bounds, the economy across the world, need I say more.


The first reason I prepare is to provide for my family, my immediate family, as I wish there was a way to prepare for extended family, but alas I did not win the mega million drawing and funds allow for only those closest to us, which would be our children and grandchildren.  These choices are not easy for anyone, but rather have to be made to ensure that supplies last as long as needed till things return to normal or as close as we can get to that.


As a type B personality, I am rather laid back, but highly organized, which is a benefit for prepping and preparing, list and more list, laid out plans and executing them falls into my realm of life without much effort, and as the so called head prepper of the family, I know most of the time what is needed on a trip to the store and where the best prices are on that item.  I love to research and the Internet and I have become very close friends on our many Google searches, which real does safe time and gas in the long run.


Another reason I prepare is my OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder).  To trust someone else in preparing would be hard, as this disorder (which does get worse with age) would stop me from eating food that someone else canned, due to my not having the knowledge of how they canned, clean hands, sterile jars, ect, this is the obsessive end of the spectrum.  The compulsive end allows me to focus on the task at hand, preparing for all of us, and helps me to push back some of the obsessive traits to a degree.


The time and cost involved that allows my husband and I to be the ones preparing, as our children are struggling more than we did at their age, and since they have little ones underfoot, it made more sense to step up and secure their futures, plus it took our adult children a little while to really grasp the state of the world, and the fact that things might change in a blink of an eye, and that would have been wasted time if someone had not already started to prepare.


The last reason I prepare is so I am ready when needed, and knowing that if something were to happen to my husband or I, our children have the plan and both them and our grandchildren will have what is needed to go on, to hopefully be the generation that brings the right changes to our world.


Changes are coming, how they arrive is an unknown factor here, but so many people feel it, some that feel it, push it aside, while others are not sure what to do, and a few are starting to see the light and their preparing has begun.  One of the things I love in life is to teach people, in whatever area they need help with, so this allows me to assist others to prepare, and give them a chance at surviving whatever comes our way.


On that I will leave this with the following message: Preparing does not just mean stockpiling food, water, guns, ammo, and medication.  These items might never be needed; preparing is on the mental level as well, for we do not ever know what tomorrow brings.  You could lose your job, your home, or a loved one, changes happen daily, as life does not stand still, and we never get to go back and repeat a day lost, cherish what you have today with love and thanks, yet prepare mentally for a time when things might not be this way.


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  1. Beckie,

    I really agreed with what you wrote in the last paragraph. Preparedness is not just about “stuff”, it’s a frame of mind. Life will happen, it might not be a huge cataclysm but emergency for you and your family most assuredly will happen. Weather it be the family car needing major repair or an EMP, bad things will happen in life. So enjoy the here and now and those you love.

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